Grant opened the Tuesday show but having a little fun with the freshly coiffed Carmichael Dave, who is quickly becoming Sacramento’s number one media personality – despite taking no interest in having a sharply ironed shirt.

Wednesday against the Lakers could quite possibly be the last NBA game played in Sacramento, so the phone lines stayed full of Kings fans talking about what the team means to them personally. Grant makes a plea to the listeners not to get carried on Wednesday evening amidst the sea of emotions.

Michael Wilbon of ESPN called to talk about what it would mean if the Kings leave Sacramento and how different things could have been had the team won an NBA title. Wilbon also thinks Lakers’ fans should be concerned about the team’s late season struggles, and offers some thoughts on the upcoming NBA labor dispute.

Grant then wrapped up by taking calls from Kings fans nervously anticipating tomorrow night’s game.

Comments (8)
  1. Daniel Jr Savala says:

    thank you so much Grant for all your passion for the game! I’m listening from Los Angeles and really hope I get a chance to hear you and jerry call this last game.

  2. Jeff O. says:

    Grant, you cannot be critical enough of the past city leaders and current city council that has brought nearly 3000 people to the brink of losing jobs, reduced charitable donations for our community, a significant loss of revenue for the great Sacramento area and a major reduction in the quality of life. The politics of this state and city are so bad, that those in the positions should be ashamed of themselves and step down now. The wake up call is here and ringing loud. It is time to understand that you have to invest a dollar to make 2 or 3, let alone 10 or 20. The city has to invest in the future economic growth to receive positive returns. We need the addition of 3000 jobs, not losing losing them. The sit in should be until the city council resigns and let’s Mayor Johnson get a deal done.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Lakers fans do not want the Kings to move to Southern California. Would the Yankees want the Red Sox to move to Manhattan? Would the 49ers want the Cowboys to move to San Jose? Seriously, what owner with any pride would do that?

  4. Ely says:

    Please thank the following for failing the region………
    Ray Trethaway
    Heather Fargo
    Angelique Ashby
    David Shore
    Sandy Sheedy
    Rob Kerth
    Steve Cohn
    Robert Fong
    Jimmy Yee
    Deborah Ortiz
    Lauren Hammond
    Jay Schenirer
    Darrel Steinberg
    Dave Jones
    Kevin McCarty
    Darrel Fong
    Robbie Waters
    Sam Pannell
    Bonnie Pannell
    Kevin Johnson
    Maloof Sports and Entertainment

    1. Stanley says:

      I would just add Grant Napear to that list because he has been the biggest blowhard. Hope I heard your last broadcast. Good luck in your new endeavors though. You were a decent announcer.

    2. Ted says:

      Thank this whole list of politicians that are still in public office collecting a paycheck for being a failure, and they get to collect a government pension on our tax dollars as well when they leave office. They never found a way to fund a new arena, and they never talked about cutting their own salaries to benefit the public goals. Three more daggers in the backs of Kings’ fans in Sacramento. To the Sacramento “lack of leadership” leaders, thanks for nothing.

  5. Ronald says:

    CBS 13 should hire Grant Napear as its sports anchor this tv station has not had a sports program on their daily news for at least ten years and it shows i do respect Grants professional effort as a broadcaster with or without the Sacramento Kings so KOVR CBS 13 needs to add Grant Napear to its news.

  6. patty says:

    love you Grant!!!!

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