(CBS13) – Former Sacramento King Chris Webber says he’s trying to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Webber who is now a basketball analyst for TNT made the comments during TNT’s Inside Basketball show on Tuesday night.  Webber, along with another former Kings player, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were talking about the possible Kings move.

“I wouldn’t be myself if it weren’t for Sacramento. I didn’t want to go there. I tried to run away from there.  They still accepted me,” explained Webber. “I can’t imagine what Sacramento would be like without basketball and what basketball would be like without Sacramento.”

Webber, Smith and Barkley all said they believe Sacramento has the best fans in the NBA supporting the team whether they were winning or losing.  Webber says he’s working with some “connected” people to try and keep the Kings in the Capital City.

“I was talking to people here.  I know everyone thinks the team is gone.  But I’m doing all I can to keep the team there.   I may sound like a fool on national TV.  But I believe we can keep the team there,” said Webber.

Webber went on to say, his push to keep the team in Sacramento is “very selfish” saying he wouldn’t have a basketball home if the team leaves.

“I want to have a home in Sacramento where my team is.  I want to have a place where I can watch young guys come up.  For me, hopefully, it is not a lost cause,” Webber said. “I love Sacramento. Hopefully for the fans there, we get to keep the team.”

Chuck Barkley jokingly said he’s give Chris Webber $10-$15 million to buy the team.  He then went to place some of the blame on the Kings possible move directly on the Maloofs.

“I really like the Maloof brothers, I want to make that perfectly clear,” said Barkley. “But I’m very disappointed in them. I think they should have found a way to keep that team in Sacramento.”
Webber ended the segment by yelling “don’t let them leave!”.

Comments (14)
  1. Cinnamon says:

    Wow, I ❤ Chris Webber even more now!!!

    1. Chris Webber Jr. says:

      webber you dont even live in sacramento any more, he lives in atlanta. didnt webber shut down his club after a patron got killed, now its an eye sore. go figure web, concentrate on your day job.

  2. Not a Kings fan anymore says:

    Tired of the Games….. Go Already….

    The Kings already lost a great number of fans. Even if they stayed, which they won’t.

    So just go already. We are sick & tired of hearing about it.

    1. Baseball Season_Go Giants says:

      I agree, it’s like a divorce” if you want to leave, LEAVE, don’t just talk about it”
      Talk is cheap and my feelings are that the Maloofs had planned this long before the rumors started.
      So to the Maloofs, “Pay your debt to Sacramento, and just go”!
      My newsletters on game day specials and lower level seats go in the trash folder and on to deletion. The Maloofs have gotten their last penny from me!
      Sorry Kings, it’s just business.

  3. Phil says:

    Kings should stay, Maloof’s should leave…I would contribute tax dollars to buy the franchise away from the Maloof’s!

  4. Plain Facts says:

    “Now”, we can really be assured that they will move if Chris Webber (better known as “I don’t put any effort into anything”) is trying to help. Geez, could we have picked a better bum??

  5. Dell says:

    And your considerable efforts to keep the team in Sacramento, other than disparaging the heartfelt efforts of a former team member, are …?

  6. joe says:

    i really enjoy back than when chris webber ,divac, barry, jackson, biby and william , played together .great memories

  7. Toro loco says:

    Chris W,,,,plz DON’T Do It!!…. Save Sacramento from further humiliation. Your era with the Kings are the BEST memory Most King(even former ones) fan want to hold on to.

    It’s time to let them go… far, far away… to a distant land where no one will ever know

  8. MC57 says:

    Here;s a ideal how about We stop putting money in the pocket;s of the Mafools, If you have to see this joke. Go too your local watering hole, or invite your friends to your pad. Tell them too kiss your (A$$) and keep your hard earned dough. but of course We will be the (Fools) and go see this trainwreck at 80.00 bucks. a pop.

  9. Mary says:

    One word. WHY??”????

  10. Marjorie Wyatt says:

    I have heard enough, more than enough who wants a team in Sacramento that doesn’t want to be here..When is the begging going to stop, it’s pathetic, let them go..What is wrong with Sacramento, just accept the fact they want to move, let them go, and move on…..No arena since 2004, why now is it a concern.Remember the peoplle voted down paying for it, so what’s the point…Why all of this media coverage……

  11. Cal says:

    Please help us, Chris!

  12. JoJo says:

    What an amazing blog. Keep posting, and I am going to be here again next time. Thank you

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