SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protesters who spent the night in an administrative building at Sacramento State to protest budget cuts to the CSU system are still there despite getting an audience with the school’s president this morning.

The demonstration began Wednesday when students protested inside the administration building at Sacramento State University, one of 23 CSU campuses where demonstrators held rallies, marches and teach-ins.

CSUS President Alexander Gonzales talked for about half-an-hour with the 18 students who had refused to leave the building.

Later in the morning, they were joined by dozens more.

Dozens of students and faculty peacefully occupied the structure as part of a statewide protest Wednesday afternoon that saw as many as 10,000 people demonstrating on all 23 CSU campuses.

About 1,000 marched at Sacramento State at the height of the protest.

Students continued to sit in the administration building Wednesday night to issue their demands, which include the resignation of the chancellor of the California State University system, a cut to the president’s car and housing allowance and maintaining a democratically run university.

Next semester, students will pay another 10 percent for classes as Sacramento State faces a potential $27 million deficit.

Comments (19)
  1. CWHATIMEAN says:

    why don’t the over paid teachers take a pay and pension cut so it’s not on the backs of the students? Have the teacher unions give something back. just a thought

  2. starving says:

    Overpaid? Teachers? You must be kidding?

    1. Kara Morris-Chase says:

      Wow, I missed the memo that my husband is rich. Who knew? Well, I guess he will have to keep working like he planned until he’s 65 inspite of our new wealth. Teachers are so under paid it’s sad. We know of several who work second jobs, lost homes. They retire with no benefits and about 60 percent of their highest pay which isn’t much. Plus they do not pay into Social Security so they don’t receive that. Well, time to head off to Target and look for those orange clearance tags.

      1. KaraIsACrook says:

        Are you kidding. You are not forced to pay into the social security scam and you get a guaranteed 60% retirement pension for life. Your head is so far up your azz youo have no idea how good you have it.

      2. Kara Morris-Chase says:

        Let’s start with nothing is guaranteed! It’s based on how long you have teacher plus years of education. That you have paid for out of pocket so that you can become a more successful teacher. So it can go as low as 35-40 % When the teacher dies their penstion does not go to their spouses. Teachers do have it good. They love their jobs. The love believing inn children and helping them on their path. Even though most kids come with such sadness now. But, I’m sure you don’t care about parents who kill themselves, poverty, illnesses in families. Your just a nasty, selffish jerk who has never cared or went out of his way to another human being.

    2. TeachersRAJoke says:

      Teacher’s ake too much money for a part time job. They get the summers off and drive by any school at 4pm. Ghost town baby!! To top it off, they suck at their job. Our children are dumbed down by their lack of ability to teach. Voucher time. Let the best school win!!

      1. Wyliecoyote says:

        Since this is such a great job, why do you not go into the over paid field of education? Please, lots of education and terrible pay and you have watch and baby sit kids whose parents expect the Schools to raise them. I’ve never met a rich well to do teacher, have any of you? How about CEO’s, bankers or investors? Do they work as hard? Do they deserve the tax breaks? Get real, you do not need any critical thinking skills to figure out common sense observations.

      2. C'estMoi says:

        It’s very obvious that you did have poor teachers when you were in school, and I’m sorry you didn’t get the education you needed to be able to read and write well. This story is about a university, which is a really big school where the kids who graduate from high school go. They don’t take vouchers.

      3. hehyeah says:

        Because essays and tests just magically grade themselves, they don’t teach with lesson plans, they don’t have to attend meetings at all. School break is just something to prevent them from going crazy. I would like to see you grading 150 essays, five pages each.

  3. dale may says:

    Governor Brown, please cut the Water Board and DTSC.
    You will save hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
    They do not protect the environment.
    All they do is put small businesses out of business and let large corps do whatever the want.
    Please, please, please get rid of them.
    They are evil. No Joke.

  4. Jeremy Busto says:

    I propose cutting the salaries and pensions of the deans, chancellors, vice presidents and presidents of UC and CSU: 10% for those earning six-digits ($150K or greater) and 20% for seven-digits. Also, end subsidized tuition for illegal immigrants.

    1. Wyliecoyote says:

      Now you are talking about cutting the fat due to poor leadership where is it most appropriate. Teachers are not the leaders nor should take the fall when things are doing poorly. Top heavy management? the Captain of the ship? More pay, more risk loosing your jobs when it does not do well and perform.

  5. sacstyle says:

    I propose cutting all aid to illegal aliens. That will solve most of the problems.

    1. ItBogglesMyMind says:

      Yeah, having a bunch of uneducated immigrants is just what this country needs! Prevent them from getting ahead and being productive members of society, that’ll show those brown people right?

      1. dawoodmon says:

        i agree with sacstyle to a degree. it is ridiculous that the california tazpayer is supporting the “mexican college fund”. wrap your boggled mind around this;
        i do not agree with educating people that are knowingly here illegally, their children, reletives from “the old country”, etc. might as well just open the borders up. they were here first, that kind of bs really irks me. the statement you made above must come from your intensley sharp educated boggled mind.

        who will pay for all of the educating needs for the illegal population in your utopic world? me? my neighbor? my gramma? the above statement was made by the kind of people that think we (america) are the great saviors of the world. if u think about it, thats the big part of our nations problems- EDUCATED PEOPLE THINK WE ARE HERE TO MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. its not. sorry.

        so let me tell u something, it cost money to get a degree, if not, we’d all have one. illegals can start being productive by coming in “the front door” instead of sneaking in the back. they cant be to productive sneaking around, using stolen social security numbers, and generally being dishonest. thats right, i said it. their are plenty of taxpayer funded programs to help with a road to citizenship getting a degree does not make a person “productive to society”, dignity, honor, honesty, and a sense of purpose make a person productive to society. you want us to educate the mexican population? send your money there and help as many as you’d like.

  6. John says:

    I just want to point out that this protest was not about teachers being overpaid, it has been a protest about the inequality of the burden from the budget cuts. In fact this protest was for the students as well as for the teachers. Points identified were that the administrator’s expense accounts increase, while teachers salaries have been decreasing, class sizes increaseing, and all the while having tuition skyrocket each semister.

  7. just me says:

    Print more money and stop the economy terrorism.

  8. Rick says:

    This is about students “NOT” wanting to pay for their educational pursuits. Somehow they believe they are entitled to a higher education and that the taxpayers should foot the bill. This just in kiddies, pay your own way! If you can’t afford it just remember that America needs ditch diggers too.

  9. Protester Sheena says:

    Thank you, John.
    People don’t know how to read or do their research.
    Teachers were protesting WITH US yesterday because way too many are losing their jobs next fall. Get your facts straight.

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