Greg Lukenbill, former Kings owner, comes on The Grant Napear Show to talk about the Kings situation next year.  Grant and Greg talk about past moves of the Kings to the Arco Arena and the factors that lead to a new arena along with other franchise news.

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  1. CE H says:

    Despite the angry and sad comments from fans, I think we all really want the Kings to stay. Like Grant Napear used to say about the Laker and Clipper games “it’s as quiet as the LA public library.” Even if the Maloofs get more corporate money, they won’t have the loyal fans the Kings have (or had). If we can get a new arena, the fans arrived are guaranteed. The corporate sponsorship isn’t – even in Anaheim. I can see it now – The Anaheim Royals brought to you by Disney on Ice! (I know, not funny.)
    Please stay Kings. You have been a large part of my life.

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