SACRAMENTO (CBS13) –The battle for the Kings moves from California to New York where the NBA Board of Governors is meeting today and according to one of the Kings owners…a move is still up in the air.

After years of political bickering and failed ballot measures to build a new arena, Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof may be seeking to move the team to Anaheim.  Now it seems the only thing stopping them from moving the franchise is a block by NBA owners.

The Maloofs are in New York making their pitch at the NBA Board of Governors meeting today.

CBS13’s Steve Large is in New York and spoke with George Maloof  outside the St. Regis Hotel where the meeting will take place.  George says the brothers are still unsure about filing for relocation.  He says the brothers are looking for direction from league owners and will they will present a case for staying and leaving Sacramento.  He says he doesn’t know what owners would support at this hour.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson — a former NBA All-Star — will make his case to keep the team in the Capital City.  Johnson will have 20 minutes to persuade the governors why the Kings should stay.

He brings with some very interesting facts.  For instance, the Kings have had the highest sell out percentage in the past 25 years at 76 percent.

“One, I want to build a case that Sacramento is a viable market, a viable NBA market. Number two, I want to show that we have a corporate base in this market to support an NBA team,” said Johnson. “Lastly, I want to tell the owners we are going to go forward with a new entertainment sports complex over the next couple years.”

Anaheim officials also will be in New York.

The Maloofs have until Monday to officially file for permission to relocate, and a vote would likely come within weeks of that request.

Today’s meeting come after what may have been the Kings last game in Sacramento.  They lost to the Lakers 116-108 in overtime.

“We’re proud of the way we represented this city and this area,” said Kings coach Paul Westphal, who got choked up in his postgame news conference. “We don’t know if we’ll continue doing that or playing somewhere else. We really felt it tonight. We know that through the ups and downs, these fans supported us. We think we’re ending one of those down times.

“I’m sorry to see the season end.”

Photo Gallery: Final Kings game of ’10-’11 season.

A standing-room only crowd packed things beyond the 17,317-seat capacity, clanking cow bells and roaring louder than they had in years. They brought handmade signs, painted their faces and cheered their loudest to will their beloved team back.

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  1. Mary Cecil says:

    Always been a Sac. Kings Fan, for over 20 years, now living in So. Ca, I watch them when ever they are on TV…Love the Kings. I agree with Chris Weber that Sac. needs an NBA team! They sure don’t need another one here in So. Ca. although if they make the move here I will certainly be supportive of them, not the owners, which I think have nothing but greed in their minds. I watch the last game last night, horrible that they (Maloof’s) were not there, at least I never saw a camera shot of them. I hope meeting goes in their favor today in NY. Go Kings!!!

  2. David J Rose says:

    The league has stacked the deck against small city teams. Without serious revenue sharing and a hard cap, the small city has little chance to compete.
    The Kings would like to become Sacramento’s biggest welfare mother and that is not acceptable.
    Too bad, good bye.

    1. CE H says:

      I’m wondering why we didn’t go for a multi-investor deal? No one seemed to have the money, so splitting the costs may have saved the Kings. I have a feeling it’s a little too late. I see why you are calling it welfare, but this scenario is the same in many cities. The cities and investors get together and shell out the money and the owners are off the hook. It doesn’t sound fair, but that’s life in the sports world, except for the Green Bay Packers.

  3. Carmichael Craig says:

    I’m thinking of staring a group…. “Throw the bums out” !!!!!!

    1. Juwann Oldham says:

      Don’t steal ideas from your mom!

  4. C.G. says:

    Personally, I would really like the kings to stay! But…I think the Maloofs need to step up to the plate, and lay the money down on THERE arena. I dont believe we should have to foot the bill to build it, and pay for parking and games. Make it work! To many smart people around not to get this done right!

    1. CE H says:

      I agree they should contribute. I still think the multi-investor deal would work better.

  5. Jim says:

    Don’t be “unsure”, be sure. It’s time the Mallof THUGS leave Sacramento and move to a great place like Anaheim, where they will be little ducks on a great big pond.

    Do you think Anaheim will put up with your BS? The answer is NO! and you can bet the Kings won’t be a big draw with the Lakers, Clippers and Disneyland
    having sellout crowds.

    George, you and your brothers are all a piece of $ht. GOODBYE!!!

  6. JOHN says:


  7. JOHN says:


  8. Lucas Williams says:

    The Maloofs should re-concider moving from Sacramento . The Kings are part of Sacramneto . Last night shows that this is really the best place for the players , the NBA fans, The Maloofs . And owner could only wish for all these things . If they stay . The arena will be built and this team will return to the glory days .

  9. Rusty Nail says:

    You people who don’t understand how come a new arena is needed are buffoons. Do me one favor and go to another city and visit their arena, hell just go to Oakland and visit the Oracle. It is NICE. Arco is pathetic. And as for the Maloofs building a new arena, why would they do that when there are other cities who want them to come and will provide them an arena? They don’t owe us SHAT, we need to show them we want this team here. And anyway, if the city builds an arena, then the CITY gets revenue from concerts, NCAA tourneys, the circus, monster truck rallys, etc.. Do you really want all that money going to the Maloofs? Stupid small minded ignorant people, you make me sick how dumb you are.

  10. Gabrielle says:

    You won’t have more loyal fans than here in SACRAMENTO, where you belong KINGS/MALOOFS! Start playing like a championship team and you will receive that championship arena! 🙂 26 years is a long time w/no changes, renovations….

  11. Nancy Duncan Daley says:

    The Maloof have committed, in previous arena conversations, to put their money down. So pay attention.

    The current building is falling apart. If you say it’s fine, you haven’t been there lately and you CERTAINLY haven’t been to a modern era arena. So pay attention.

    To those of you saying “let them leave”, let me tell you the loss to our economy is far greater and reaches farther than the 1000+ jobs in the arena. So pay attention, cause 1000 jobs isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

    Heather Fargo failed to lead the city to build a new arena. Period. When we needed our leaders to, you know, LEAD… they failed us.

    Had we built an arena, not only would the Maloofs signed a THIRTY YEAR lease, but we’d be in line to get NCAA tournament games and big conventions and concerts and all those things that BRING MONEY to our economy. Bringing money from elsewhere to here would have been a tremendous offset to our current economic situation courtesy of forces beyond our city borders. But again, the former elected officials failed to lead their constituents into the future. They were too concerned with the immediate (aka: getting re-elected and thus pandering to the naysayers. Thus failing to lead AND get re-elected).

    Quit your complaining and get involved. I’ve pledged $1000 ($200 for each member of my family plus one for good measure) to build a new arena.

    What have YOU done? Quit complaining and ACT. Get involved. Pledge your contribution. Attend a rally. Vote. Go to a city council meeting. If you want this city to be the kind with vision (like Anaheim does) and one of action (like Anaheim) then DO IT. Quit blaming everyone else and do it yourself.

    I have.

    Have you?

    1. CE H says:

      Yes, I’d like to see a Green Bay Packers scenario if they fail to get enough money from elsewhere.

  12. vlawde says:

    Nancy Duncan Daley says what I’ve thought all along, and says it much better than i ever could. The income generated by a new arena means more money spent in Sacramento. I also feels our local leaders have failed us

  13. Chris Webber says:

    Two of the former King’s all-stars have had businesse’s in Sacramento. They both failed. How are we gonna keep the Kings when we can’t support their restaurants.

    1. Rusty Nail says:

      Restaurants fail all the time, poser. FAIL on your part too.

      1. CE H says:

        Chris Webber’s restaurant will reopen in Roseville where there are more people willing to spend money. It didn’t fail.

  14. Joe says:

    Hate the Kings. I’m a Warriors fan. But will be sad to see them go. They provided much excitement and our games were always special. Hope they stick around and our rivalry continues. Don’t get me wrong, it was ALWAYS annoying seeing you fools come down with your “Arco South” signs and cowbells, but I knew I was in for a helluva game.

    While the Maloofs do much charity in the area, I believe they should be the primary $pon$ors to a new stadium in the City. The Kings deserve better.

  15. CE H says:

    While the Kings haven’t played their best, I think they have the most loyal fans. Why would anyone give that up – especially now that we have a good shot with another developer. I remember when the Kings used to play in the “barn” – the temporary building (the barn) before Arco was built.

    The building was always on fire with the fans going crazy for their Kings. I sat in cheap nosebleed seats, but it was always an exciting experience.

    I’ve wondered if several investors could get together and make this happen. We know the Maloofs are a little shaky with their money. If we get Chris Webber, the ICON group, Kevin Johnson, and another major sponsor together, we might get this done. It seemed as if everyone was not taking this seriously at first, but now it’s only several days before we know the outcome. We all knew there was financial strains, so why didn’t we go for a multi-investor groups long ago?
    ::sigh:: perhaps a little too late 😦

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