MODESTO (CBS13) – Oh the things you can do with a Sharpie these days.

Modesto police are searching for a woman who robbed a gas station dressed as a man, complete with a fake beard she had drawn on her face.

The heist took place at about 9:30 Wednesday night at the Chevron on Fifth Street.  The thinly disguised woman showed the clerk a gun and demanded money from him.

“He was like ‘No, no it’s a real beard.’ I was like ‘No, it’s definitely a fake beard drawn on,’” said Rahda Sharma, the station’s owner.

Cops said the bearded bandit not only tried to look like a man, but she tried to sound tough, too, by deepening her voice.

She only got away with a small amount of cash before pedaling off on her getaway bike.

“We were upset of course, but it was also kind of like, wow, this is like the wildest thing probably we’ve seen here,” said Sharma.

It was a first, even for seasoned cops.

“I used to say that nothing would surprise me, but this, this has surprised me,” said Sgt. Rick Applegate of the Modesto Police Dept.

Even though it’s a pretty good disguise, it may be hard to scrub off the scruff.

“If anyone sees a woman that matches this description, that has some dark black marks on her face or it looks like she painted her face, there’s a pretty good chance that could be our suspect,” said Applegate.

Officers believe the woman may be local and likely has some signs of marker left on her face still. She’s described as about 5’5″ tall with dark eyes, and was wearing a dark knit cap and dark baggy clothing.

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  1. Michael Casey says:


  2. vance says:

    Its actually a man. He is disguised as a women disguised as a man and he pitches for the San Fransisco Giants. Really..

    1. Angela says:

      GO GIANTS!!!!

  3. Big D in the S A C says:

    Gaints suck and so does that dudes beard that HE paints on…go Lakers!!

    1. Angela says:

      GO GIANTS!!!! (Bearded man is HOT)

  4. dante of dar says:

    At least she did more work on her disguise than Boehner and Obama.

    1. Bogdonjuan says:

      HAHAHA that made my hemmoriod burst all over the clerks face

    2. Angela says:

      GO GIANTS!!!!!!

      1. nowbot says:

        Didn’t you guys have Barry Bonds on your team? Yikes…

  5. boitsten says:

    I love the giants and frisco…at most of the gay bars I can actually see the players up close, its amazing!!

  6. Gabrielle says:

    Haha damn and she’s still on the run?! Guess it worked…HAHA

  7. bob says:

    “A new poll shows that only 19 percent of Americans strongly approve of President Obama’s performance. The other 81 percent don’t own gas stations.”

  8. Sean Patriot says:

    Thats a woman? Yeah right

  9. Big Bro Katcha says:

    Desperate X lead to desperate measures by desperate peeps.
    Wacha gonna do when dey come for U?
    Use my sharpie to draw a spaceship to take me away

  10. CAsuxass says:

    My oh my. Living in California must be like living in Hell.

  11. E.Z.Louie says:

    The Land of Fruits and Nuts.

    1. Last Patriot Standing -- in Alta Loma, CA says:

      CA is the Granola state: Fruits, Flakes, and Nuts! I was born here in 1951, lived here until 10, moved to Illinois for five years, Michigan for two. When I moved back to the SF Bay area in 1967, I had gained enough high school units over the California kids, that I only needed two, California mandated courses to graduate by the middle of my junior year! Needless to say, my last year-and-a-half in high school were a total waste.

      After twenty-five years in management training (in both public and private sectors), I decided to use my 401K money to get an advanced degree and a teaching credential, and teach computer science in public high schools. What a wake-up call! I HAVE to belong to a union I despise (they use MY money to support the very liberal agenda that is tearing apart the country I love), they are dumbing down education so no one questions the “progressive” agenda of the left (because they no longer teach real economics or non-revisionist history), and if you dare speak out against them or their ideals, you become ‘the enemy’ – don’t count on any union help from that point forward. In fact, you can look to being targeted for reprisals, discrimination, and ostracism from that point forward.

      California USED to be a wonderful place to live . . . when I was a kid. Everyone respected one another, there were no crimes against property (graffiti, etc.), I didn’t know anyone from a “broken family” until I was in high school; moms stayed home – because the taxes and prices were low enough that dad’s income provided adequate income for a family’s wants and needs.

      Then along came LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ – which made us a welfare magnet; and Nixon’s EPA – which began the explosion of welfare and regulatory agencies in California: AFDC, Cal-Works, AQMD, CAL-OSHA, Coastal Commission, (ad nauseum!) . . . each fighting for an ever-enlarging piece of the taxpayer’s pie, and “baseline budgeting” growth to justify their existence. All of which stifles competition, drives out industry, drives up taxes and prices, while pandering to the entitlement mentality of the of the human debris such policies attract.

      California USED to be a wonderful place for kids and families and industrious entrepreneurs . . . but no longer. It’s now just a cesspool of waste, sin, and lies – a perfect breeding ground for people like Jerry Brown (if he were straight), and Barack Obama (if he cared about children).

  12. rwpatriot says:

    Have they questioned the bearded lady at a circus sideshow?

  13. Tagget says:

    “….before pedaling off on her getaway bike.”

    LOL.. that’s the funniest part of the story.

  14. lawd says:

    like someone couldnt catch her before she peddled away. Lmao!!

  15. Hank Warren says:

    Cops are too busy writing speeding tix to solve crimes. Paper-work, revenue-generating cops, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  16. Smashicus says:

    Another crack head.

  17. Ham Hung Lo says:

    She’s the dude playing a dude disguised as another dude

  18. scopedope says:

    Man, that’s one UGLY woman!

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