Mayor Kevin Johnson address the assembled media, via a teleconference, to address what he is doing to keep the Sacramento Kings and the NBA in Sacramento.  He talks about 3 different scenarios, the promises he has made to the NBA owners and that he wants the Kings to stay in Sacramento.  He then takes questions from the media.

Comments (4)
  1. woodgrain says:

    Let these losers GO! Get the money back with interest from the Mafools and tell them to take their drama and leave. We can get a better team from any sport that would be more entertaining then them. Do you want to here them complain about the arena or their pay? I don’t.

    1. Norman Travis says:

      If you feel that way why don’t you leave Sacto. also. You must be a loser !

  2. Bruce Wayne says:

    Hey Kevin, I did not think you had it in you. You scare me some. The sorry way you handled your affairs in Oak Park, and the complaints against you trouble me. That you could pull off a coup with David Stern makes me how dangerous you could become.

    Good job this time. But I’ll be watching you.

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