ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Some say a seven minute long video made for a class project at Rocklin High School is creative, but others call it horrifying.

The video was a class project which was approved by at least one teacher which is supposed to recreate a video game, but some parents say it looks more like Columbine.

“That just blows me away,” says one Rocklin High School parent.

The video, which is still online, is a media arts project apparently recreating scenes from the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.  But instead of soldiers, they’re simulating blowing up students on their campus.

“I don’t know what they’re trying to recreate actually, I do know they’re shooting people, which you know is probably not the best thing,” one parent explains.

Rocklin High School Principal, Mike Garrison, said he wasn’t made aware of the project until the bomb was dropped Thursday night.

“We’re using this as an educational moment for our students, and helping them try and understand the sensitivity and nature behind those types of things happening on a school campus,” said Garrison.

For students who know the teens involved, they say it was all in good fun.

“They were just trying to create a school project.  They weren’t meaning any sort of harm at all,” one student explains.

Garrison would not say whether anyone was being disciplined for the project, but he also said there wouldn’t be any other similar projects in the near future.

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  1. realist says:

    Those kids wouldn’t think it was so funny if they’d actually ever been exposed to REAL violence.
    Criticize me all you want to, but there are reasons why I am raising my kids in Sac and not an overly sheltered suburb.
    This “project” is not funny. There is absolutely no legitimate reason kids should be reinacting a video game. These kids obviously do not understand the seriousness of it.
    If a student(s) did this at a high school in Sacramento, they’d be EXPELLED.

    1. AJ says:

      So what would you have them work on? What sort of activities do you do? Before you do them, be sure to ask all of us if we approve. It seems to me these kids have parents and it is their business not ours what types of activities they participate in. I feel very sad for you, that you somehow think you are better than everyone else.

      1. realist says:

        For a media arts project? There is a MULTITUDE of other non-violent options.
        What activities would I suggest? Create a television commercial. Create a radio commercial. Create a billboard. Put together a presentation advertising a food or product.
        There are plenty of other activities that do not involve simulating BLOWING UP their classmates.
        I love how you made a completely unrelated assumption that I think I am better than anyone else. Where exactly did I indicate or imply that I felt that way? Nowhere. I simply gave my opinion on the situation and said that I preferred to live and raise my kids in Sacramento, particularly because we tend to have a more realistic perspective when it comes to controversial situations like these.
        Then you say it is the parents’ business what types of activities the students participate in. If you read the article, not all of the parents were informed about the “school project”. It states in the 5th paragraph, clear as crystal, that one parent said, “I don’t know what they’re trying to recreate actually, I do know they’re shooting people, which you know is probably not the best thing.” The PARENTS don’t even know what’s going on.
        Get your facts straight before you come criticizing and making ignorant assumptions about me. I even answered your question and gave you alternate ideas of projects they could work on that do not involve explosives or simulated deaths. You feel sad for ME? Let your child be the one getting “blown up” in the “art project” and THEN see how you feel about it.

      2. @realist says:

        the parents interviewed had no relation to the kids in the video. I was in the video and everyone’s parents like the video

      3. WHO says:


  2. @realist says:

    explain to me why “There is absolutely no legitimate reason kids should be reinacting a video game.”?
    hahahah you are a joke

    1. realist says:

      Explain to me why they SHOULD.
      Video games are VIDEO GAMES. They are not reality, and should not be attempted to be made reality. You do not walk around in real life with AK-47 assault rifles, shooting recklessly and throwing grenades, killing people left and right. You do it at home when you get to your playstation or whatever video game console. So… Back to you, why exactly do you amend the reinactment of a video game which involves relentless killings? How exactly is this beneficial?
      Moreover, would you like it if it was YOUR child being blown up in this “project”? Nevermind, I don’t know why I asked that…. You sound like a child yourself.

      1. Morerealist. says:

        This video is not reality either…get a clue. Youre saying people in rocklin are sheltered? Have you been to the movies latly? Or seen the popular videos on Youtube?

    2. Me says:

      Put them all in jail. The parents and teachers should go to jail also. They are all idiots.

      Some people are just so stupid. Get a clue you morons.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was not a project and no teachers approved of it. Stupid news. Get your info right idiots. Find a real story you broke morons.

    1. KBC says:

      Broke morons?
      What does money have anything to do with this? ..It is obviously news if it was reported to CBS.
      I still can’t get over the “broke” part. It’s just irrelevant. But I guess if you’re from Rocklin or Roseville, everyone is broke to you.

      1. Unknown says:

        I completely agreed with your comment until I read the last line. Now you are stereotyping people from Rocklin?? How ignorant is that? Not everyone in Rocklin migrated here from the Bay Area and has money. Some were raised here for generations and generations!!

  4. Jill Wirt says:

    I am very good friends with all of these boys who made the video. They play the video game with each other outside of class and they thought it would be a good way to use their broadcasting knowledge to recreate some of the effects. They did not mean to offend anybody, they are all great kids! If people are saying it is bad to recreate these video games (when all of it was harmless and animated) then why are the REAL video games allowed? I wish people would not be so sensitive to this subject when these boys are in high school just trying to do something with their time.

  5. Parents arent used to technology these days says:

    No ones child was blown up! they were group members in our class and everything was staged with no weapons and no one getting hurt. Get a life ad let me know when your child gets hurt in the video. You can not use Motion, Photoshop, FinalCut Pro,soundtrack, garage band, and imovie in Creating a television commercial, Creating a radio commercial, Creating a billboard. Go watch Call Of duty and you will appreciate this video!

  6. Richard Roy Buss says:

    Let’s have them reenact something from history. They can reenact something from the Civil War with slavery as a theme, or perhaps the Crusades? Or maybe something about being alter boys, just leave out the molesting.

    I’m forty-two and I play this video game. They know the difference between a video game and real life.

  7. Shut up already says:

    These kids have the same right to make this video as you have the same right to say something about it. If it’s so bad why put it on the news? They didn’t mean anything bad by it and noone was hurt and no guns were used just special effects.

  8. Earnes says:

    I read all the comment and then i farted

  9. Barbara says:

    OH GAWD!
    Show them a picture of murder and they’ll all start murdering…..right? NO GUNS OH GAWD NO PICTURES OF GUNS! THEY’LL ALL START SHOOTING PEOPLE! RIGHT?
    Does ANYONE have an ounce of sense anymore? Did I read these are High School Students? There is nothing wrong with responsible firearm owning or use there is a REASON we have the right to own guns in America. I’ve noticed it’s been slow in the news latley but leave the teenagers alone Damnit

  10. Butterfly Wings says:

    Wow All I can say is that as usual people are jumping to all kinds of conclusions without having the facts! Not only does the media not get their facts straight, or even offer any, but the commentators are insulting each other for no reason. I have a question: Is the video game they are re-enacting allowed to be purchased by anyone under the age of 18? If yes then whether in “good taste” or not is a moot point. If no, then the parents should have been required to give permission.

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