School Project At Rocklin High School Raises Eyebrows

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Some say a seven minute long video made for a class project at Rocklin High School is creative, but others call it horrifying.

The video was a class project which was approved by at least one teacher which is supposed to recreate a video game, but some parents say it looks more like Columbine.

“That just blows me away,” says one Rocklin High School parent.

The video, which is still online, is a media arts project apparently recreating scenes from the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.  But instead of soldiers, they’re simulating blowing up students on their campus.

“I don’t know what they’re trying to recreate actually, I do know they’re shooting people, which you know is probably not the best thing,” one parent explains.

Rocklin High School Principal, Mike Garrison, said he wasn’t made aware of the project until the bomb was dropped Thursday night.

“We’re using this as an educational moment for our students, and helping them try and understand the sensitivity and nature behind those types of things happening on a school campus,” said Garrison.

For students who know the teens involved, they say it was all in good fun.

“They were just trying to create a school project.  They weren’t meaning any sort of harm at all,” one student explains.

Garrison would not say whether anyone was being disciplined for the project, but he also said there wouldn’t be any other similar projects in the near future.


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