keyframe23 Davis Police Issue Arrest and Citation Numbers For Picnic DayDAVIS, Calif. (CBS13) – Statistics are out on the number of arrests and citations after this year’s UC Davis Picnic Day. 

The Davis Police department released the stats this afternoon but declined to issue an opinion about whether this year’s Picnic Day was better or worse than last year’s violence-marred event.  However, they went on to say the “department’s over all sense of things is that there were fewer crimes of violence (reported and not reported) than during Picnic Day 2010.

Davis Police officers teamed with the California Highway Patrol, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department; the Woodland, West Sacramento, and Winters Police Departments; University of California Police Departments; California State University Police Departments; California Department of Fish and Game; and the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to enforce laws and city ordinances.

The following are preliminary enforcement statistics where 52 physical arrests were made:

• 30 arrests for Public Intoxication [647(f) of the California Penal Code]
• 6 arrests for Public Intoxication where the suspect resisted arrest [647(f) and 148(a) PC]
• 1 arrest for Felony Assault/Resisting Arrest
• 9 arrests for DUI – One of those arrests involved a motorcyclist who crashed into the side of a Unitrans sustaining minor injuries.
• 3 arrests for Fighting [415(a) PC] – Two of those suspects resisted arrest, adding additional charges of 148(a) PC.
• 1 arrest for Cocaine Possession
• 1 arrest for Domestic Violence
• 1 arrest for an outstanding arrest warrant

The following are preliminary enforcement statistics where 198 citations were issued:

• 122 citations for Open Container of Alcohol in a Public Place – 116 of those tickets were issued in the “Safety Enhancement Zone”.
• 35 citations for Minor in Possession of Alcohol
• 17 citations for Urinating in Public
• 4 citations Open Container of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle
• 3 citations for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor
• 2 citations for Littering.
• 10 citations for violating the City’s Noise Ordinance
• 4 citations for Marijuana Possession
• 1 citation for violating the City’s Public Smoking Ordinance

Officers from the California Highway Patrol issued 61 tickets for various vehicle code violations and impounded 9 vehicles.

The Davis Police department says they are going to conduct further analysis of the day and get input from community members before issuing any kind of statement or conclusions about the safety of UC Davis Picnic days.

Comments (16)
  1. Casey Orndorf says:

    I think I’d want to see prior stats before I run anything up the flag pole over this. UCD put up a big effort to discourage shenanigans, so raw uncorrellated numbers are meaningless. A comparison, meanwhile, would show whether or not the steps taken are working. It’s something to keep an eye on, but for now, that should be it.

    1. Redneckwriter says:

      Wether the numbers are higher or lower are debatable for comparison purposes. There were more officers on duty this year then the previous years, so you could say that the numbers are skewed because of that.

  2. Mike Hawk says:

    wow! what a waste of resources!

  3. randy says:

    Why is furnishing alcohol to a minor only a citation?

  4. Lance de Cesare says:

    Wow! My picnics are REAL boring compared to this!! I wonder what the numbers are during the PEGAN Festival!

    1. Debra says:

      The Whole Earth is WAY better!!!

      1. Debra says:

        Davis needs to pull their head’s outta their butts. I am SO happy I moved out of Davis after 8 years. Oh and the cops are d**** in Davis!

      2. Big says:

        Yeah Davis is the dumps. Extreme liberalism has destroyed the town. Picnic Day is now considered on the same level as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans – an excuse to just get stoned on anything available and behave badly.

  5. Aaron says:

    Extreme liberalism? Behaving badly? Shall we compare the bad things liberals do to the bad things conservatives do? That would be great fun!

    1. slim says:

      Lets start with our leader.

  6. betty says:


  7. Jennifer Medina says:

    Of course Davis PD leaves out the part that the motorcyclist was actually side swiped by the bus and did sustain injuries. However, due to the fact that paramedics were NEVER called nor any medical attention given to the motorcyclist they (since they are cops and not doctors) cannot possibly know if his injuries were minor or not! Dumping him off in front of a grocery store to be picked up without any of his personal belongings, around midnight after keeping him handcuffed for over five hours with zero medical attention isn’t mentioned either. It took the simpletons that long to have to be told (cuz I guess they missed that part at the Toys R Us Academy they apparently went to before joining Davis PD) that the motorcyclist needced to be medically cleared before being booked which they obviouisly didn’t nor were going to do.

    1. Debra says:

      Wow, just plain BAD!!! Shame on the Davis PD…oh boo hoo for them, if they gripe about it. I am horribly sorry for that motorcyclist.

      1. Jennifer Medina says:

        Thanks Debra I appreciate your comment. He’s a good kid (yes I know everyone says that) but if you believe everyone that gets arrested is bad then you must also believe that one bad cop makes all cops bad etc. etc. etc. They have not heard the last of this nor has Unitrans. Its ironic to me that in a town where liberalism is appauled and celebrated, that it’s permissable for the people sworn to serve and protect in this same town be cruel, abusive and so quickly violate a young mans basic rights as a human being.

      2. Debra says:

        That’s why activism can be so important. If you have people stand up and get together and say no more or this is not acceptable than sometimes something gets done about it. Jennifer I know all to well about being arrested by Davis PD. My husband and I had a terrible experience with them in 2005. If we would have had a lawyer our case would have been dismissed but because we’re not rich we got the stick. Mean woman cop and illegal search. I tell you for a couple years I glared at any cop in Davis I saw. There was also a male cop that is a hound dog and a super jerk. My husband says “There nothing better than a good cop and nothing worse!”
        Boy we’re getting our peace said 🙂

  8. jack Hoff says:

    so ridiculous that list of citations is! im surprised that nobody was cited for jaywalking also!

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