CERES (CBS13) – A man has been arrested after leading police on a chase through the Central Valley.

The chase started in Ceres around one this morning.

Police say the driver reached up to 100 miles an hour and went from Ceres to Modesto.

The driver allegedly crashed into two Ceres police cars during the chase. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Eventually, the suspect was taken into custody.

It’s unclear what charges he’ll face.

Comments (4)
  1. isaac diaz says:

    It was an good 39 min speed chase he was going up an down all day it was a red pick up truck this guy started at 60 mph hour an got to a hundred mph but yea it was crazy I thought I was going to get hit an all I wanted to go out for was my McDonald’s food I was hungry

    1. throttlehard says:

      Nice! [insert sarcasm].

  2. jake says:

    when these idiots refuse to stop they endanger everyone else’s life including the chp and police officers pursuing them…(Charge them all with FELONY ATTEMPTED MURDER, and throw away the key..

  3. christina says:

    my son is 51/50 he was not on his meds he was drunk and he led cops on a chase what is he looking at time

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