SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former Kings vice-president who was instrumental in bringing the team to Sacramento is part of the high-profile coalition working to prevent the team from leaving.

Nearly three decades ago, Greg Van Dusen said he felt like the most hated man in Kansas City when he worked to snag the Kings for Sacramento. Now he can’t let them go.

“We know how hard it was to build two arenas here, we know how hard it was to get a major league franchise and move it here, and we can’t lose it,” he said.

For more than a year, Van Dusen says a group of high-profile players has been meeting secretly to form strategies on how to keep the NBA franchise. The coalition includes former Kings star Chris Webber, the original Arco Arena architect, the arena’s structural engineer, a former Kings food and beverage vice president and a banker.

Now the big question is whether billionaire Ron Burkle will play ball with the Kings, as Mayor Kevin Johnson hinted at a meeting with the NBA board of governors last week.

“There’s been conversation,” Van Dusen said, but declined to provide more details.

If Burkle becomes involved in the effort, it would boost Sacramento’s chances of keeping the Kings, but the city would probably still have to pitch in for a new arena, Van Dusen added.

“Voters have indicated they’re not willing to tax themselves, right? But in other communities across the U.S. they are willing to tax others, so if you start looking at tourism taxes, whether its rental cars or airport fees or whatever it is,” he said.

Comments (8)
  1. sandy says:

    i want to help keep our sacramento kings here its where they belong we would be lost with out them i am 100% behind who ever is trying to keep our kings here even if it means filling out forms to keep them here they have been here for so long and they have alot of dedicated fans here myself as one so please keep our team here

  2. me says:

    The kings have always been a poor team, The Ma Loof’s have always been poor owners. As far as this push to keep the Kings here in Sacramento doesn’t make sence? Let them go down south, their game will not change, The Ma Looof’s will not change. Why try to keep them here? Let’s allow them to leave so we in Sacramento can pursue other sports. Theres more to life than just Basketball. Come on lets expand our horizons……

    1. Bob says:

      You are 100% correct….Kings get out…we dont want you and your lame owners here.

  3. joe black says:

    I totally agree let them go …Let Mad LOOP go

  4. Elliott the Cat says:

    The Magoof’s can never show there face in Sacramento again .

    If the Kings stay, Life could become dangerous for the Magoofs !

    Think about it, they only way the Kings will get Support, Is if the Magoof’s go !

    They would have to sell the team like there other dads business they ran in to the ground.

  5. Nor Cal Mike says:

    All of the comments are the hallmarks of people who simply quit in life. Your not fighters and your comments are pathetic! When the Kings were in the playoffs the City of Sacramento was relevant and in the national conversation. The Kings do more good for Sacramento then any other entity in the history of the area. The national attention is invaluable., without the Sacramento Kings the city is irrelevant on national basis. The Kings are the greatest public relations vehicle that has ever graced the presence of Sacramento! . You people above need to wake up or you can embrace being a minor league city.

    1. Elliott the Cat says:

      Nor Cal Mike,
      Comments are of people who quit in life ?

      Like when Webber quit Golden State ? Or when he quit the Kings ?

      Kings have never Won anything and neither have YOU !

      Take your DMV Smog extension sticker in your back window off your Chevy with 3 different size tires down to the Arco Arena and deposit your Comments in the Box marked Dollar Store ! Because thats about how much your input is worth .


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