Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don talks about grooming, the guys play, “Duct Tape Trivia” and Don invites engineer Bruce on to play, “Stump The Stoop”.

A Fox News story on pubic hair, David Stern in famous movies, and Don had sex with a teddy bear when he was 11.

Don and the guys play a special version of Duct Tape Trivia for some Sac State film students.

Don reads the mean emails from viewers of Good Day Sacramento, and calls Greeneville, TN to talk about the Abe Lincoln Convention in that town.

Dave talks about the #herewebuild movement, which has raised over $700k, and a possible rally this week.

The Fox News pubic story continued, and what does Melissa want to try with Dave?

Engineer Bruce comes in for another edition of Stump The Stoop. This time, Bruce plays against Don.

6 tips to make anal sex more pleasurable.

Caller 100, happy ending

Comments (3)
  1. drewsucks says:

    Drew really sucks. Johnny or whoever did these before always had them out.

    Where are this week’s shows?

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