As the second deadline for the Kings to file relocation has come and passed, Grant begins the show with thoughts on the May 2nd deadline and touches on the topic of the NBA sending a team to look further into the possibility of keeping the Kings in Sacramento. Grant also recaps the NBA Playoff games from the weekend, has his usual array of all-star guests, and takes your phone calls and text messages on all current sports.

Comments (3)
  1. Judi Cartier says:

    Hello Grant,

    Communication is the key to success. I appreciate your efforts. Please have KHTK put an add in the BEE saying where the fans can welcome the NBA owners Thursday. We need clear direction to help the Mayor and the Region and ofcourse ourselves.

  2. Lynne Hargis says:

    YES! YES! PLEASE let fans know where we can be visable to the NBA people.
    I would love it if we could put out the word for all kings fans to come to a certain location to unite and show the support this city has always had for the Kings. What if they got off the plane to see thousands of Kings fans chanting. SAVE OUR KINGS! What would other owners think? How could the leage discount that kind of support and passion. If the mayor and the city keep moving forward on the arena financing and get something worked out. How could the leage allow a team to move that has such loyal fans. Not all markets have that. What kind of a feeling would these fans as well as other NBA fans have with David Stern and the leage if they allowed this team to move.

  3. greg says:

    Grant, at the 17:20 mark you state “when I say allow, understand that’s just an adjective”…it’s not, and you make these incorrect statements all the time.

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