SACRMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento is one day away from “judgement day” as the NBA’s relocation committee arrives to determine if the Capitol City should keep an NBA team.

Last week, the NBA extended the filing deadline for the Maloof family to request to move the Kings from Sacramento to Anaheim by two weeks. 

Today, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is meeting with officials from around the region to prepare for the NBA visit and present a united front.

He is updating them on the city’s progress and get their input on the next steps to be taken.

In a letter to supporters, the mayor compared the next two days to the NBA playoffs, saying we’re competing against everyone who thinks Sacramento can’t support an NBA team.

With his number one goal being to keep the Kings and the Maloofs.

Last week in New York, Mayor Johnson presented an alternative plan that involves California billionaire Ron Burkle buying another NBA franchise and moving it here.

The mayor says Sacramento has come up with $7 million in sponsorship and suite sales.

The owners of the Thunder Valley Casino are also making a one million dollar donation. 

Executives from the “United Auburn Indian Community”, which owns the casino, will meet with NBA officials on Thursday.

A spokesman says they’ve always supported the Kings with a luxury box at the arena but now they’re making a much larger investment.

Comments (4)
  1. Holly says:

    Mayor Johnson is really stepping up and doing everything he can to keep the Kings! We need more players to contribute like Thunder Valley. I know that they don’t have corp offices here but Intel, Cisco and others must like this area, so come on and do your part!

  2. B-City says:

    LEAVE!!! Please go away Kings and stop trying to increase our taxes!!!

  3. Alex in Sacramento says:

    I love to hear the idiots beg the team to leave.. it will be funny when our unemployment gets worse, and economy gets worse oncfe they are gone! Idiots don’t realize how much money they bring into the community as a whole, not just at the arean.

  4. luke says:

    The city of Sacramento and all of the neigboring cities and towns need to secure the Kings from movingto Anaheim . They are building a $ 728 million court house right now in Sacramento without a public vote . We need and Arena at the railyard buillt with or without a public vote . The leaders all know this . Leaders act ! That is why they are leaders .

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