OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Oakland police have arrested a suspected prostitute who allegedly left her newborn babies in a car while she worked.

   The Oakland Tribune says the 25-year-old Stockton woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon during a sting operation. Her name wasn’t immediately released.

   Police say the woman was seen loitering on 16th Avenue near a dirty Oldsmobile. She allegedly agreed to paid sex and got into the car of an undercover policeman.

   Sgt. Roland Holmgren says she was stopped a few blocks away and told officers that her 1-month-old boy and girl were in her car. They were found sleeping in car seats and were turned over to child welfare officials.

   Holmgren says the woman said she needed money to get home to Stockton and asked: “What else am I supposed to do?”‘

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  1. Spicey Girl says:

    Spay this boon

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