Today on The Don Geronimo Show, we find out if Don has male menopause, Don plays an educational film, and plays Bark Off with the listeners, Also a late-breaking Kings update!

Here We Purple day was a huge success, Janet has a gift for Dave, and does Don have male menopause?

Don explains his solution for drugs in baseball, why Craig is now in the other room with Drew, and the most expensive toilet in the world.

Urinal cakes with your face on them, Braille porn, and a new educational film from 1949: Act Your Age.

The educational film continues.

Time for the Bark Off Contest with the listeners!

Fans in Denver are bringing cowbells to the Nuggets game as a tribute to the Kings, and Will Ferrell on Conan last night.

Don reviews movies he hasn’t seen, a breaking Kings update, and our good friend Tony Lopez from CBS 13 stops by.

Caller 100, happy ending.


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