Grant opens the show talking about the NFL lockout, both NFL and NHL playoffs, and some arena news.  Grant’s Rant is about Lakers’ player Derrick Caracter getting arrested at an IHOP Sunday before the Lakers’ playoff game. John Clayton of ESPN comes on to talk to Grant about the NFL.  NHL announcer Eddie Olczyk talks with Grant about the playoffs.  Grant and Jodi do Bacon Bits about NFL lockout tweets and others.  The show finishes with a Desean Jackson interview about league news and a camp he is hosting in Northern California.

  1. Stanley says:

    I was tuned to KHTK at 4 pm and didn’t change the dial. I heard some caller tell you your show sucked Grant, and you made light of it and didn’t go off the deep end. I could listen to you if you treated your callers like that even if you disagree with them or if you think the are stupid. Do I sense a change in your delivery?

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