NORTH HIGHLANDS, Calif. (CBS13) — An elderly woman was killed Tuesday afternoon in a two-car collision that shut down most of a major roadway for hours.

The California Highway Patrol said a 33-year-old Carmichael resident was driving south on Auburn Boulevard in a Chevy 3500 truck towing a trailer filled with debris at about 3:20 p.m. when a smaller truck, a Chevy S10, heading in the opposite direction made a left turn onto College Oak Drive in front of him.

The larger vehicle had already entered the intersection on a green light at about 40 miles per hour and was unable to stop before striking the other vehicle on the passenger side, flipping it onto its side.

The driver of the second vehicle, 92-year-old Vincent Ambrose Jr., suffered moderate injuries and was rushed to the hospital. The passenger in the vehicle, an 81-year-old woman whose identity has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Carmichael resident was not injured.

All of the involved parties were wearing seatbelts, and drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor, according to the CHP.

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  1. SAD BUT TRUE says:


    1. Mark Jenkins says:

      You automatically assume that the older driver is at fault, which may or may not be true- time will tell. Unfortunate that anyone had to die- I feel sorry for the person at fault (whomever he may be), knowing that he cost someone their life. That said- One day when my Grandfather came home from a trip to the store with a big dent in the car- (and either couldn’t remember or wouldn’t tell me) how it happened, I casually (but firmly) suggested that maybe he should give up his license ( he was in his early 80’s at the time). Thank goodness he had enough sense to agree.

      1. Slide says:

        KCRA 3 said that the older driver pulled out in front of the truck that was pulling the trailer.

      2. Victoria Dennison says:

        This was an awful accident. It appears the smaller pickup truck was at fault.

        I once talked to a person who had to turn in his mother so her license would be pulled. She would wake in the middle of the night and go for a ride, and when crossing the San Mateo Bridge, she would just stop the car……….When he found that out he called in her license number. He felt terrible doing it, but he didn’t want anyone getting killed either.

        My dad lived into his 80’s and was a good driver. I’m lucky I didn’t have to resort to anything like that.

    2. Gryphon says:

      Perhaps if you actually read the article, you will be able to ascertain that the 33 yr old T-boned the older gentleman. Just from this description, the 33 yr old appears to be at fault and a woman died as a result. However, the full development of facts has NOT been determined according to the article. Why not save your screed until the actual result is in. Then you can write all the mean, insensitive comments that make you feel so good about yourself.

      1. Carmichael Resident says:

        You need to reread the article….yes the 33 year old apparently T boned the older gentleman AFTER the older gentleman made a left turn right in front of the 33 year old had already entered the intersection on a GREEN light! At the corner it is all stop lights so there should be no turning left if the 33 year old had a green light which means the older gentleman apparently ran a red light.

        Regardless…I feel very sorry for all parties involved. Very sad.

  2. me says:

    yea 33 is too old. So which was heavier the truck pulling the trailer or the trailer pushing the truck? People all over Sacramento pull out without looking when they make right turns. The one doing the hitting is the one they’ll blame. They will claim he didn’t have control of his vehicle at the time of inpact….

  3. Sadie says:

    To SAD BUT TRUE… DO realize the article says ” The 33-year-old male driver of a truck with a concrete trailer attached reportedly t-boned a pickup truck.”
    So, I’m not sure how your comment relates to this accident.

  4. Mrs JP says:

    To Sad But True

    No one knows the exact cause of the accident, if u read the article, they said the exact cause UNKNOWN. So at the moment the accident has nothing to do with the 92 yr old drive that was involved!


    1. CHP says:

      Mrs JP. Law inforcement will ALWAYS say it is unknown until the investigation is complete. but from the article, it stats that the 93 yr old driver turned in front of the flatbed truck. (also known as FAILURE TO YIELD). That means that the 93yr was AT FAULT!
      MORON (just quoting you!)

      1. Andrea says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Very sad, to live such a long life and to have it taken in such a horriffic matter. The husband probably will follow shortly not if by injuries but by broken heart.

  6. MR. T says:

    You do realize that these people have to renew their licences 25 or 92 and the older they get im sure they have to pass an eye exam and possibly a written as well as a driving test so lay off till you know the facts ( sad but true)

  7. Marilyn says:

    For all of those who think the 33 yr old man t-boned the truck was at fault, you are wrong. The 92 year old man ran a stop sign/or light, and caused the accident.

    1. john says:

      Marilyn…….. you are correct i know this to be true and at 10 o’clock everyone will too.

    2. Indri says:

      ljmeyers17 on November 7, 2011 @IMissBritneyAlexI Well it ended may 5th and eopple are still posting their comments, wasn’t trying to be offensive, just helpful

  8. joey b says:

    This is NOT in North Highlands as reported, it’s actually in Old Foothill Farms.

  9. Chi's Mommy says:

    @Marilyn. And you would know that it was the older gentleman that ran the red light, HOW???? Were you standing on the street corner where it happened, I think NOT!!!! Its more like you are ASSuming he was at fault. Or are you using powers of things to happen before they do. Prey tell????

    1. Carmichael Resident says:

      It says it in this article. Read it again. when a smaller truck, a Chevy S10, heading in the opposite direction MADE A LEFT TURN onto College Oak Drive in FRONT OF HIM (the driver of the Chevy 3500). The larger vehicle had already entered the intersection on a GREEN light at about 40 miles per hour and was unable to stop before striking the other vehicle on the passenger side, flipping it onto its side.

      You don’t need channel 3 news at 5pm to tell you what this article did tell you. It says in black in white that the smaller truck made a left turn in front of the bigger truck that had a green light! What didn’t you see???

      1. Anerose says:

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  10. midasmicah says:

    Channel 13 needs to teach it’s reporters to actually know which area it’s talking about. I used to live not far from that accident and it’s not North Highlands. It’s Foothill Farms. My condolences to the family of the female passenger.

  11. john says:

    Marilyn…….. you are correct i know this to be true and at 10 o’clock everyone will too.

    1. Becky says:

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  12. Marilyn says:

    Yes, I know it is true, based on the news report I heard on Channel 3, during the 5:00 program. I do not have to be right…I certainly feel sad the the 92 yr old gentleman lost his passenger, be it a relative or friend.

  13. Glitzylady says:

    If anyone is interested. That intersection has ALL RED & Green LIGHTS.
    So I say the one that made a left turn against a red light is at faullt no matter what the age is.

  14. S Carter says:

    How about I clear this all up so we can quit speculating…………..the 33 yr old driver is my brother and this whole accident is extremely unfortunate. My brother is beside himself about the outcome of this accident. Unfortunately the 92 yr old gentleman ran a red light and my brother was not able to stop because of the truck and trailer he was towing. His light was in fact green. No matter what it’s a very sad situation and my heart goes out to the family of the woman.

    1. Me says:

      Thank you for coming on here and clearing things up. Condonalces to the family and your brother. I can’t imagine what he feels like even though it was not his fault

  15. Opinionater says:

    Everyone looks rabidly for “cause” and in so doing, diminishes the “effect.” Condolences to the woman’s family.

  16. GBohannon says:

    Not going to pass blame but 40 miles an hour pulling a trailer and entering an intersection is not a speed that is conducive to braking in an emergency.

  17. B says:

    This area is considered Sacramento, not North Highlands. Just like the shooting on Palm Ave, It is Foothill Farms. It would be nice to research before they automaticly assume it is North Highlands.

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