In the first hour, Grant gives us the latest developments on the fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento and updates us on the NFL lockout situation. Next, Grant does his rant, which is more like a rave, on Ron Artest winning citizenship of the year award in the NBA and takes some phone calls.

Next, Grant has on Memphis Grizzlies play by play voice Eric Hassletine on the show and precedes to rip him a new one for coming on the show 40 minutes later than he was booked. After that, they talk NBA playoffs and joke around.

Later in the hour, Steve Wyche from NFL Network and comes on to break down the lockout situation and previews the NFL draft which starts on Thursday night.

In the last hour, Grant takes more phone calls and has on Jamie Baker, the voice of the San Jose Sharks, to recap last nights over time win over the LA Kings to move on to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Comments (2)
  1. jasmine says:

    Grant I absolutely adore you! I will follow you regardless of whether you (the Kings) stay, or head for the hills. You’re *the best!* sports radio talk show host period. The absolute BEST.

    1. Stanley says:

      He has a rep though of bullying his listeners when they call in with something he disagrees with or is not interested in. He is a decent announcer, but his callous arrogance makes him one of the worst in my opinion. Rumor is that he is softening though. Maybe he is getting the message that he is seen by many as a jerk and a buffoon.

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