Reports Say Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza Is Up For Sale

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It appears as Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza is up for sale. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the plaza owner, Westfield Company, has given up on the struggling mall.

Westfield has hired a New York firm to sell the downtown plaza along with 16 other properties.

Many feel a new buyer could help the mall become an integral part of making downtown Sacramento an entertainment hotspot, especially if the Sacramento Kings are still in the picture.

Westfield has not returned our calls to confirm its plans to sell.

  • Ray

    Why not sell the Capitol MY BAG the UNIONS already brought it and the people that run it

  • DownTownSucks

    Too many Gangs and Homeless people at that mall. All the good stores are gone. It is dirty and you have to pay to park. The mall sucks. Arden Faire and Roseville are the places to shop in this town. Downtown Sacramento sucks.

    • Doug

      please dont come downtown then. We like our urban community.

      • DownTownSucks

        Urban is code for ghotto!!! You are funny…

  • John

    Why are the Kings involved in this issue at all? Is this another one of KJ’s and local politicians’ stunts to PUSH FOR TAX PAYERS TO PAY FOR A NEW SPORTS COMPLEX for the Kings?!?!?! It sure seems like it….

  • AF Vet

    You probably couldn’t give it away!

  • Doug

    Malls are for the suburbs, let downtown have it’s boutiques, thrift stores, and fun little shops……..we don’t want mega malls. Roseville can have the traffic nightmares and the silly malls……..

  • jdm

    Why not tear it down? put the streets back in and develop the 6 WHOLE BLOCKS in the middle of downtown? traffics better, no giant empty mall taking up space…wont happen of course but hey

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