SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Republicans say California needs to follow Texas’ model of lower taxes and fewer regulations and legal hurdles to keep the state economy growing and creating jobs.

GOP lawmakers gathered Thursday at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Sacramento to reflect on the lessons they learned from a recent two-day trip to Texas. They met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, and spoke to business owners there about why they left California.

Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway of Tulare says the trip affirmed her caucus is on the right track with a package of bills she says would help California companies thrive. It includes tax exemptions and credits for businesses and would repeal regulations they say are burdensome.

Democrats Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani also joined the trip.

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Comments (20)
  1. NoFutureForCalifornia says:

    It will never happen. The Dems (Who have controlled this state for ever) beleive you need to tax businesses more and embrace a Green Environment strategy. No new businesses are coming to CA and all the good ones leave ASAP. FYI, I work for a fortune 500 Company that makes Solar Panels in Southen CA. Even with all the tax breaks the China’s make them for way less and take all the profit out of it for US Companies. Green Jobs will go overseas just as fast as the rest of our manufacturing. The only way to turn this State and Country around is to deregulate and remove corporate taxes. It will never happen and Companies will leave to other states or countries. The new world order does not allow us to set “unfair”tariffs. The goal of the new world order was to advance other countries standards of living by decreasing ours. Sorry to sound so bleak, but that is ow it is. Wait till the housing market takes it’s second crash. Personally, I am about $200,000 upside don on my home. I have the Obama releif plan and only pay 3.5% for the next three years and about $50,000 interest free. When that ends and my kids are out of school if the market is still down the bank can take my home and shove it. My bank took a hudge bail out of tax payers money so I do not feel morally obligated to pay them back.

    1. savage truth says:

      So who forced you to buy an over priced house that you couldn’t afford?
      Stop blaming everyone else for your faulty decisions. And you DO owe the bank – you signed a contract and it’s not their fault that you made an unwise decision.
      Grow up and start taking responsibility for your self.

      1. Fred says:

        Provided no personnal promisory note was signed, the bank’s sole recourse is to sieze the collateral for the loan, the house

  2. JGC says:

    Also remember Texas has no State Tax, so lets do away with that also.

  3. NoFutureForCalifornia says:

    Yea, no State Income Tax, No SSI. I would give up prop 13 for that. You know when you add up all my Bonds and how over priced all our homes are I pay more then Texas folks do with their uncapped properity tax.

  4. MIke H. says:

    As long as we’re “doing,” let’s reduce California’s population per square mile down to 93 (we’re currently around 269/sq mi). That ought to ease the strain on and need for infrastructure and public resources, such as fire, police, education and health services. Yep … that ought to do it. Ya’ gotta love politicians that compare apples and oranges.

  5. savage truth says:

    Yes, saving the environment is “burdensome”! What are your children and grandchildren going to eat and breathe in 2050 – POISON. All the money, tax breaks, or whatever, is not going to replace cleaner air, water, and food. If you don’t like California – move to Texas! Good bye and good riddance. And don’t come back when you can’t draw a breath of fresh air in Texas.

    1. Larry R says:

      Don’t worry about them breathing poison or the likes as they won’t be in this state as it is taxing everyone out of it. I have 4 1/2 more years till retirement and then they could not give me the state for me to stay. You and your tree hugging liberals can tax the hell out of each other and stuff it up your, well you know where.

  6. Dixie Gutierrez says:

    I remember about five or six years ago the housing market was booming and people were coming from all over the country to build or to buy in Calif. Almost every contractor I met was from texas. All were doing fabulous and making money hand over fist. McMansions were going up faster than you could say”who has the power to do this in california”. well it was texas and they won’t stop until they make it theirs! We better wake up quick and start taking it back!

  7. Ray says:

    The Democrats and their Liberal friends and Union Bosses will never let it happen they are to deep in the pockets.

  8. raymond Paiz says:

    Yes, texas is also one of the most racist states. I should know as I was born there and lived there for the first part of my life. We then moved to California and it was the best move we could have done. I got an excellent education and had a wonderful career that I would not have had in Texas because of the racism and the unfairness. I wish Savage, mike, and No Future for Calirornia should move to Texas. That is where they belong. Good ridance. We would be better off.

    1. MIke H. says:

      You obviously missed the sarcasm in my post.

  9. shaprone says:

    “Come to Texas and pollute. We don’t care, we just want the money!” I’d like to know what part of keeping our environment clean they are calling too burdensome. Or are they working cleaner in Texas? If not, how will the mess get cleaned up, Superfund? It’s immoral to pollute.

  10. James Curnutt says:

    Yeah….visit places in Texas like Dish and tell me No Regualtions does wonder for jobs and quality of life. The Repukes take one company that left California…what about all the Texas companies that left the USA altogether.

    And…since when did it become ‘Patriotic’ to not pay taxes? Sheesh…

    I just hope they put our tax money where their mouths are and do not look for the hand out with all the fires.

    1. JusticeWarrior says:

      That’s RePUB.

    2. concerned citizen says:

      if its so”patriotic”to pay taxes, how much extra did you pay this year?

  11. mark says:

    Lived in Texas…for a total of 10 years..

    Jobs mostly paid very little, No state income tax was nice..until you bought a house and paid the horribly high property taxes. The excessive sales taxes on many items, the lack of controls on business labor practices..the enviornmental damage..the industrial accidents, the horrible Worker’s Compensation laws..

    The racism, the utter contempt the elites in Texas have for the average worker…

    Connie Conway can just MOVE there..and enjoy living on the backs of hard working Texans for a change…

  12. Opinionater says:

    Gee the last model we followed from TX named GW was a real LEMON!

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