SAN QUENTIN, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has canceled plans for a new $356 million death row complex at San Quentin State Prison.

Brown said on Thursday that the state cannot justify the expense at a time of massive cuts to education and other essential services.

Plans for the new death row complex were approved in 2003 by former Gov. Gray Davis and continued to be developed under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The complex was designed to house 1,152 inmates, allowing California’s condemned population to grow. The state currently has less than 700 inmates awaiting death sentences.

But critics called the project a boondoggle and said the proposed construction site on the eastern edge of San Quentin could be put to better use.

Marin County filed a lawsuit last year to block the state from beginning construction.

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Comments (6)
  1. DB says:

    As we are not putting anyone to death, spread the death row inmates through out the prison system and tear down San Quentin State Prison. Sell the property for big bucks and pay down the deficit. We would also save the million dollars for the appeal process and hopefully put a few lawyers out of work.

  2. Albinon says:

    What lawyers? One reason CA has a backlog in Death Row appeals, is that there are very few Capital Punishment appeal qualified lawyers accepted by the State Supreme Court. Since most convicts don’t have any way to finance their appeal process, it is all on the State’s tab for both Defense and Prosecution. With the state in dire financial straigts, few lawyers want to qualify because they won’t get paid regularly.

  3. SacSucks says:

    Who Cares? This State Sucks! Liberalism killed California. Yes, it is a mental disorder!

  4. SacSucks says:

    Let’s sell tickets to see Charlie and the Gang. I would pay $100 to see all those fools locked up. Turn the place into a Zoo since we can’t kill them. Even better, we can use that money to put a 5 star hotel on site and then have tourists come and stay to see the Zoo.

  5. MHH says:

    These inmate parasites need to be fumigated and the land decontaminated. Give the land back to the natives so they can turn it into a casino, California can then tax the revenue and our schools can retain their teachers. Get some good out of this state financial drain.

  6. Katrina Todd says:

    send them ALL to Texas, and have them kill them. If they are death row, then they need to be exicuted already. Bottom line!!! It would save CA millions.

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