SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Anaheim city leaders have upped the ante to get the kings to move down to Southern California. Honda Center owner Henry Samueli is promising a personal loan to the Maloofs and a better TV deal than was previously offered.

Just three days away from the NBA relocation filing deadline and the Maloofs’ minds are made up. They still want to move the team from Power Balance Pavilion to Honda Center in Anaheim, but the move could be complicated.

In a conference call with the NBA Relocation Committee on Wednesday, the Maloofs confirmed that they won’t go back to Sacramento, according to The Orange County Register. This was confirmed by our CBS Radio partners at KHTK 1140.

New numbers unveiled Thursday say the Maloofs would get a $75 million personal loan from businessman Henry Samueli, replacing the bond deal by the city of Ahaheim, which is currently being challenged. The Honda center would get $70 million in upgrades and the Maloofs would cash in on a 6-year television contract worth at least $24 million per year for six years.

“Well if those numbers are accurate, and I believe they are, I can see why they would want to move down there,” said KTHK Radio host Grant Napier. “I mean, those are pretty ominous numbers and it looks like a very good deal for them.”

It may sound too good to pass up, but unless they take legal action to force a move, the Maloofs don’t have the support of the NBA. They need a majority “yes” vote from NBA team owners.

“And quite frankly, if the league is not on board with it I don’t know how you would get 16 votes,” said Napier.

We’re also learning that when it comes to basketball in Southern California the relocation committee feels three would be a crowd.

“And if they don’t want a third team in Anaheim then I don’t know how the Kings could possibly move down there,” said Napier.

This article by the Register also points out that Anaheim might be snickering at the $10 million in corporate money lined up here in Sacramento. They say they have more than three times that amount lined up, with lots more money on the way.

The TV deal Comcast is offering the Maloofs to say is being sweetened as well.

Comments (11)
  1. Mary yackiie says:

    Oh please can’ we get rid of these petulant little spoiled boys and get on with the city and a mayor who cares a little less about a rubber ball and more about the city as a diverse area.

  2. Eightcats Home says:

    Honda Center must be losing money big time for Anaheim to try to get an NBA team.

    Lets not build a money hole here in Sacramento.

    It’s unfortunate that the gambler ideology by which our “leaders” are led leads them to believe in arenas as an infalible source of prestige.

    1. james says:

      Just go losers and take that nappy headed hoe Johnson with you!!

  3. Just go..... says:

    Can the Queens and the Magoons just friggen leave already??????????

    Who wants them after the way they treated Sacramento anyway????????

  4. He can go too says:

    Oh, and take Johnson with you…..

  5. Judy says:

    I wish the Queens and the mayor would just go away.They all are a bunch of LOSERS anyway!!!

  6. chesty says:

    This is rediculious *Let Them Go^. Mayor you need to focus more the entiment needs of Sacramento: a city of this size no Jazz Radio station, improving police and community, help eliminate the backwards approach to hat wearing at your new downtown venues,. put on the table with seriousness to improve the usage of our secnic river the lauching a reviltilization plan build a showplace for shopping and entertaintment in the dow town are and intice merchant like Dillards department stores to move here, Sacramento has a lot to offer after all it’s the most the most diversified cities in all of California

  7. Come To The Bay says:

    Wow, the aforementioned is a rather unimpressive group of individuals. These people are typical folks who are quitters, losers and would not know to handle great adversity. Fighters never give up, never surrender and have a Warrior mentality. Great things are worth fighting for and the SACRAMENTO KINGS make your community relevant. Without the Kings Sac town becomes a second rate city lower tier!

    Hey COW TOWN come on down to the Bay Area to our arenas and stadiums to spend your money. Will take it! You’ll have no venue to watch any type of sports, concerts or anything else. It sounds like you are embracing mediocrity Cow Town, but don’t stop believing and never surrender your Kings. You people above need to wake up or move to Bakersfield, whoops Bakersfield has a state of the art Arena. Frigging Bakersfield has more civic pride than COW TOWN, that’s a huge joke! Keep your Kings or I will take your money in Bay Area! I love when the visitors from COW TOWN come down and spend their money. It pays for our Awesome arena’s, stadiums and concert venues. Go get em and Save the COW TOWN KINGS!

  8. Michele Coulson Taylor says:

    Until they can win a game or 2, I say let them go. The Kings would have a better following if they could actually put the ball into the net. I hate the Maloofs, look like 2 cocaine addicted brothers who don’t know how to pick a winning team. I agree the mayor should be focusing on creating jobs, along with our pansy ass Governor. This city and state are going bankrupt due to NO DECENT JOBS. Wake up already.

  9. me says:

    Come to the Bay??? What else does the Bay have to offer? Hey I know what? How about AIDS? Sure we could all go there and take our pick as to where we from cow town should catch it. Oh wait a minute. They also have more in the area of Gangs. Gays and Gangs, Wow what a city, wish we had that here in our Cow Town. Fighters never give up, and neither shall we, The true cow towners…

    1. Better hope we never meet... says:

      Shut the Fu…Ck up you piece of…

      You need a .43 cent bullet to the head…

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