SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Today, we’re getting new details about the new arena Sacramento needs to build.  The plan is to make it bigger than Power Balance Pavilion, and smaller than the Staples Center.  The Mayor of Sacramento met with regional leaders and the arena developer Friday.

“InSacramento, you’re talking about a 650,000 square foot facility, where in LA orChicagoorNew Yorkis might be 800,000 square feet,” says Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Mayor Johnson saysSacramentoneeds an arena that makes sense for a smaller market, but it has to be bigger than Power Balance Pavilion by about 200,000 square feet.  The design, location and cost are still being analyzed by local developer David Taylor.

Taylor’s team isn’t speaking to reporters for at least another month as the arena plan is completed, but he did talk to 30 regional leaders who came toSacramentofor the second time in two weeks, for an update on the effort to keep the Kings.

“David Taylor did a great job; this guy is good at what he does.  He said look, I have a proven record and I know how to get it done,” explained Mayor Johnson.

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Detrick says he walked away feeling more positive about keeping the team, even though an arena financing plan wasn’t discussed and if he’s asked to pitch in, he says he’d go to voters first.

“Let them make the decision, because I don’t think it’s appropriate as an elected official to put the burden on them without them having input,” says Mayor Detrick.

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  1. me says:

    Maybe you guys in politics don’t get it? We the people said “NO” to the Arena the last time, What makes you think we’ll change our minds now? The Kings suck, their game wont improve with a BIGGER Arena. What is wrong with you guys in the political world? Sell the Kings and lets go after another sport….

    1. NicsMom says:

      What sport would we be able to attract without any sort of an arena or playing field? Which would also cost money.k Why not try to keep the team that we have and have supported since 1985? Also to those with concerns of another nature… We have no money for social programs so how can we build an arena? Do you think that losing an NBA team and many many jobs is going to bring in more money to help fix the problems in our region?

    2. me too says:

      your an idiot, you dont even know what the plans are to pay for a new entertainment facility. And what are You talking about “sell the kings”? moron

    3. WWW says:


    4. Charles Walker says:

      u may say the kings suck but without keeping this team how are we going to attract any other team or major sports franchise to come here if u cant hold on to the one u got ????? by that comment u make anyone look smarter than u . its about a new facility and revenue. thats it thats all. GET AN ARENA DONE !!!!!!!!! THATS IT THATS ALL . GO KINGS OF SACRAMENTO 916

    5. ryder says:

      You must be looking forward to another year of increased unemployment in the Sacramento region, for some strange reason. Try to see the Big Picture.

    6. Joe says:

      No, Sacramento didn’t say NO to a new arena. Sacramento said no to raising taxes to finance a new arena. There are many other ways to pay for it. Get your facts straight so you don’t look stupid next time you comment.

  2. Ed says:

    I just can’t believe that more emphasis isn’t put on the fact tat the Kings aren’t the only people that use the arena. They only use it 41 times a year so how about the rest of the days in the year ? Concerts, truck pulls and whatever else comes along.
    Build the darn thing.

  3. JIm says:

    We are laying off Fire, Police and teachers because we don’t have the money to pay them. But you want us to pony up for a new arena. I Don’t Think So. I would rather have the county and city employees not laid off.
    If the mayor worked as hard to fix the cities problems instead of worrying about a new arena we would be much better off.
    Let the people who are going to make a profit off of the new arena pay for it.
    Not the tax payers If this is such a good idea business will build it.
    Why are we bowing down to the NBA where is there money?

    1. me too says:

      Do you know what the plans are to pay for the new arena? If not what are you talking about?

      1. EX-KING says:

        LOL ‘me too’, it’s apparent that YOU don’t know what you’re talking about either! YOU have no specifics except build. It’s apparent that YOU do not know what the tax impact will be to YOURSELF. If YOU don’t care about that, then YOU must not be paying taxes. And yes, I’m sure YOU will attend ALL 41 games, and ALL concerts and whatever! Hypocrite!

        WE SAID ‘NO’ AND WE WILL PREVAIL WITH THE WORD ‘NO’! THE CITY & COUNTY HAVE VOTED! This arena is just a play toy and dream in YOUR mind…’idiot’.

    2. Joe says:

      Again, there are many ways to finance an arena besides raising taxes in Sacramento. Financing an arena has nothing to do with police or firefighters losing their jobs. It’s ignorant and uninformed people making comments like this that spread misinformation to the point that people believe an arena = higher taxes. It doesn’t.

  4. Jack says:

    The differance this time is that it is not simply Sacramento trying to do it all. I like the idea of including all nearby Countys in a Joint Powers Authority. Easy to say they suck. They started here as winners, we had the great C-Webb,Vlade, etc years of GREATNESS. Another sport? Baseball? Nope unless the A’s or Giants move. Football? The 49ers and Raiders would need a new stadium. Think an arena costs alot? Try a football stadium. This area needs a proper inside facility to hold the concerts, host the games, get the NCAA MArch Madness back. They say a new arena will be used like 270 or so days a year. I hope we keep the Kings. No matter what I will be a fan as I was when they left Kansas City.

  5. Marty says:

    It would just make more sense to upgrade ARCO instead of replacing it altogether. It would cost far less to simply rip out the interior of ARCO and than building a new one. The Warriors did that to Oracle in Oakland in 1997 and it only cost $120 million. All the shops and restaurants in the area would be lost without ARCO. So it makes more sense to just upgrade ARCO and it would cost far less.

    1. Joe says:

      No, actually doing what you describe would exceed the cost of a new arena according to recent studies that were made. It would also not be possible to add seating, luxury boxes, or any other amenities due to the fact that you would be working within the same square footage as the old arena.

  6. Donny Roney says:

    The city of Elk Grove should take that money they want to build that (I might add ugly) civic center for the sum of $160 million and build an arena out by the un-finished outlet/pavilions off off 99. Think of all the revenue wIth an arena and a “city-walk” type pavilion next to it. Elk Grove needs some type of entertainment, Strikes is getting old. Restaurants,live entertainment… I’d Go!!!!

    p.s.I know $160-million is just a fraction of the cost needed, but its more then 10 million that sac has, and it keeps the Kings in the area

  7. RickJames says:

    I say Sacramento should do what it takes to keep the Kings.
    It only makes sense for a SH*** city to have a SH*** team,right?

    1. Yo Moms says:

      Shouldn’t you be dead?

      1. EX KING says:

        Hey Yo Moms….shouldn’t YOU? Shame on you for your moronic input. Apparently on AFDC, or a State employee with all of your stuffed Queens dolls in your cubicle!

      2. Randy Gudgel says:

        EX-KING, take out your tampon and calm down. It was a joke based on the name “Rick James”, and the entertainer died awhile ago. You need to stop making personal insults, because it just takes away your credibility.

  8. EX KING says:


    1. intheknow says:

      Yes, Ex King, good by to you also. We don’t need or want you. I am curious, what makes you a ex king? You don’t get it, its about a entertainment center not just a basketball team. Other event bring many out of towners to Sacramento from as far away as 100 miles. Many stay overnight. I know I work their as a usher.
      Did you know Lady Gaga show was only in Sacramento for the entire Northern California area, and completely sold out.

  9. resident of sacramento says:

    I am constantly amazed at how many uninformed people blab on about “we aren’t going to pay taxes” or “let them build it themselves” or “fire and police need funding” etc. The fact is that if the Kings leave we lose jobs and taxes from those jobs. The facility’s anchor tenant would be the Kings but they are only there 41 times in a year. Revenues from other events add to the tax income too.
    The tentative discussions regarding public funding derive from hotel surcharges ( taxes) rental car surcharges, etc. Ever been to Long Beach? Their local sales tax is almost 10% due to local surcharges.How about Carmel? Same thing. Many cities all over the USA have used this type of funding for public projects This is a great way to help fund these types of projects. Get out of the stone ages with you backwards thinking folks this is needed here in Sac and all of your whining about how bad the Kings are , they should leave, we don’t care comments, are unproductive.
    Arco ( PBP) was built on the cheap and is not structurally sound for major improvements plus it is too small.

    1. Community supporter says:


    2. Joe says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. There is still too much misinformation being spread by uninformed people on arena financing and why the old ARCO can’t be upgraded. I truly wish if people don’t know what they are talking about, they simply would shut up…

    3. Robert says:

      Finnay someone with brains,

  10. Gary Johnson says:

    Its still not big enough for a good motorsports show

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