STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) — A young child has died after falling into a San Joaquin County canal Saturday evening, authorities said.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department said a two-year-old boy went missing Saturday on West Clifton Court and was found unresponsive in an irrigation canal west of Stockton about 40 minutes later.

The water temperature was about 45 to 50 degrees, authorities said, and emergency crews immediately began performing lifesaving measures.

The boy was taken to Oakland Children’s Hospital, where he died, officials said.

The identity of the victim has not been released.

Comments (22)
  1. Hanna says:

    where were the parents?

  2. NEIGHBOR1234 says:


    How can a 2 year old “GO MISSING” if the parents are keeping an eye on the child ? Bad parents in my opinion. Get CPS involved to see if they have any other kids the parents are not watching.

    1. Debbie says:

      are you a parent? If not SHUT UP!!!

    2. SueD says:

      Liberal pervert sex?! LOL

      I have no idea what your meaning behind that is, but if you mean sex other than just the man on top, then consider me one of those people that LOVE liberal pervert sex.

      But may I tell you, that even though I’m into what you call this perverse sex act, my husband and I do not have 10 kids running around, and have no means to take care of them. We also do not have kids to garner free money from the government. We are expecting our first child in October of this year, and have taken everything into account before trying. And FYI: we both have stable incomes, a home, and do not consider ourselves breeders. So please do not lump all liberals into this selfish group of people. It just shows your narrow mindedness. Thanks!

  3. Ed Grohosky says:

    “went missing…?? OH HELL NO !! i’m not buying that for a second !!

    1. Camy says:

      You idiots either don’t have children or live in a box…… Horrible comments. These people just lost a child to a traggic nightmare. Shame on all of you

      1. Debbie says:

        thank you Camy !!

      2. james says:

        @ camy..Face facts tramp. It’s people like you who turn a blind eye to illegals, Now look, our Schools are closing and our teachers being given pink slips. But the illegals (CRIMINALS) will still get their free handout! … fk you traitor !! Shame on you, NON AMERCAN IDIOT!

  4. Mary Jordan says:

    You are all jerks and probably don’t have children. And some are racist pigs. Young kids slip away sometimes. This is tragic and my heart and prayers go out to this family.
    My own son who was watching TV while 4 of us adults were at the dining table not 10 feet away. He managed to open the sliding glass door without anyone hearing and walked out. Since we were at a resort, he could easily have walked to the lake. God just chose a different path for him.
    Oh, in case it matters, we are all white folks and the husbands are cops. So YES it can and does happen to most parents with young children at some point.

  5. Steven says:

    The media does not always know the entire story so I encourage those who believes in everything that he or she reads to be careful of making judgements on others when he or she do not know the enitre facts.

  6. Joann Anderson says:

    All it takes is a few seconds for a child to slip away from the parents.

    1. Linda says:

      Very true, that is why you have to be “on alert” every second of the day when you have young children. It is very exhausting and sometimes people slip up and think the other parent is watching.

  7. robthom says:


    Of course the two chicks above are quick to start making excuses for the dead baby.

    Despite the popular liberal promoted misconception, women do not always make the more responsible parent.

    Greedier, more emotional and needy, yes. But those are also often faults.

    1. Debbie says:

      I see your kids live with there MOM and not you LOL!!!

  8. mandy says:

    my neighbor has a 1 and a half yr old Emily and got out and was wandering all night until security found her and went next door to me and all the locks were lock i could hear them unlocking next to me and how did she get out in the fist place and second door locked without them knowing

  9. Lat26 says:

    All you people with negative comments shouldn’t be commenting one word until you hear the whole story…. I know these people and know exactly what happened! Shame on you! No they ate not in welfare!!!!!! No they don’t have a dozen kids!!!! They only had one other little girl and are hard working people!!! Please stop commenting these horrible things! What would you feel if the tables were turned and it was your family that this was happening to!?! Please have a heart and stop with these rude comments. Have some respect for this hurting family.

  10. Proudmama says:

    This poor family that has lost a child at the young age of 2. Instead of talking about a family you have no clue on, you might want to spread some of that passion you spew so easily and demand for these housing developments build better fences so children do not so easily have access to canals. Yes, we live in the farm belt, but I remember how easy it used to be for me as a kid to walk my bike over a canal in Tracy. As a kid you don’t think you can fall in or how dangerouse that water is. The poor kid had no chance. Kids get out, its been happening since the beginning of time, but to lose a life that is tragic.

  11. Penny Bader Garcia says:

    Those without sin can cast the first stone and I don’t think it would be anyone that has commented here. People can be so cruel and judgmental- I am sure these parents are dying inside from their grief- my heart goes out to them-anyone who has raised a child knows that NO ONE can keep their eye on them at all times! Regardless of how you think you would have handled the situation YOU WERE NOT THERE and YOU DO NOT KNOW what happened – come on people I AM SURE they did not mean for their child to be hurt. I know from personal experience that a child of that age can be at your side 1 second and you look away for 1 second and they are gone! Luckily I found my child unharmed -my heart is breaking for them at having to go thru the pain of losing a child-as I have been through that as well-just FYI- my severely premature baby died after a week of struggling to live and the pain of losing a child has been the most difficult pain that I have experienced so far. So please stop feeling the need to spew ugliness and say a prayer for that poor family that is grieving the loss of their precious baby!

  12. Debbie says:

    Oh wow what can I say Know one know what these parents are dealing with I do belive that the uglyness you are showing will come back at you I just hope God doesn’t take your child because you looked away for a second remember you never know what will happen KRAMA is a b___H and she bite hard My prayer are with the family who lost the child

  13. Uni says:

    How dare you judge them like that ; if you do not know the whole story then shut your mouth. I know the family and what actually occurred . It is very tragic what happened. My prayers go out to them

  14. jenfurmel says:

    kids are fast and if you are not watching them like a hock they can get into truble. When my little girl was three I went out the back door walked 10 steps away to through out the trash and she locked me out of the house. It was my grandma’s old house so thank god she had a small dog door because my little girl was so freaked out she would not open the door. I had to lay on the ground and put my arm throught the dog door to unlock it…I was so happy I could reach. My Prayers are with this family

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