SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Investigators arrested a man for allegedly kidnapping a woman and holding her as a sex slave for two days in an apartment near the Sacramento State campus.

The Sacramento Police Department said 22-year-old Antoine McDonald allegedly forced the victim into his apartment near the intersection of College Town Drive and Hornet Drive, holding her against her will and attempting to sell her body to other men.

The victim, who was introduced to the suspect through a friend, suffered through two days of abuse until she was able to escape from the suspect and call police.

McDonald was arrested on more than a dozen felony charges, including kidnapping, carjacking, rape, pimping and weapons possession, according to police spokesperson Officer Laura Peck.

McDonald is being held on more than $2.5 million bail. His next court date is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Comments (39)
  1. Mace says:

    A sex slave? Really? LOL I heard it all…knee him the sac and push out quickly! I believe this was an internet meet n greet gone bad. LOL QUIT MEETING RANDOM STRANGERS on the internet. A lot of people are meeting for sex hook ups via the internet these days. U will NOT find love there…

    1. Gus says:

      Sadly sex slavery is more common than I think we would like to believe, and it’s everywhere–including here in Sacramento. We may not ever KNOW what happened in this particular instance, but sex slavery is not outside the realm of possibility.

    2. jerseycat07503 says:

      she was introduced by a friend did not meet him on the internet dofus

  2. John Munyer says:

    What a NICE GUY…BUBBA’s waiting……..I Hope she’ll be okay

  3. JB says:

    isnt that the pot calling the kettle…. oh never mind. you are too stupid to understand.

  4. Ty Ty says:

    I heard there was a guy who is advertising for a slave on CL (SacTown).
    Sick and twisted if you ask me. Regardless, any woman who willingly takes up a man on any offer of being his sex slave has to be mental in my opinion.

  5. Plasticman says:

    What does “unemplyment” mean?

  6. throttlehard says:

    Sounds like this guy took this ideal fantasy to the extreme. Eh, you could probably get away with this in another country [insert smiley].

  7. Boonez78 says:

    It’s so sad that things go like this everyday in the US or anywhere for that matter!

  8. skeeter says:

    Never ever ever ever go alone to the home of a stranger if you are a woman. I’m sorry, but that’s the awful world we live in. I wish it wasn’t true, but you cannot trust someone’s intentions until introduced in a public place and you check them out through friends and with your own gut feelings.

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