SACRAMENTO (CBS13) –– The announcement that the Sacramento Kings will remain at the state capital for another year has brought renewed pressure on regional leaders to come up with an arena plan and find the money to build it.

Mayor Kevin Johnson joined with other officials Monday to celebrate the news that the Maloofs would not file to relocate the franchise this year, calling the community effort “one of the proudest moments in my life” and promising transparency in the effort to fund the new arena.

“We are all collectively going to find a way to get the ball across the finish line,” Johnson said. “And part of that is building a new entertainment and sports complex — not for the Maloofs, not for the Kings, but for the best interest of Sacramento.”

State Senator Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) praised the new developments and said the news added to the excitement of the day: “Bin Laden is dead and the Sacramento Kings are alive!”

Johnson and other civic leaders have been pushing for a new arena in downtown Sacramento to replace the Kings’ current home north of downtown. It was built in 1988 and is considered insufficient by today’s standards.

NBA commissioner David Stern said league officials will provide as much help as it can to city officials to get the project off the ground, but warned that there may not be another attempt if this one fails.

“We’re going to put all of our efforts in Sacramento and make it happen and make it succeed,” Stern said, “but if it can’t, if this becomes the 5th or 6th or 7th, it’ll be the last… effort with respect to an arena.”

A vote in 2006 on a quarter-cent sales tax in Sacramento County to fund a new arena failed overwhelmingly, 80 percent to 20 percent. Even though public dollars would have been used to pay for the arena, that deal had been structured strongly in favor of the Maloof family.

City leaders hope the groundswell of support from grassroots movements will help push a deal through.

“We had a near-relocation experience and I think it’s gotten everyone’s attention,” said Councilman Robert Fong.

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  1. Joe says:

    I really can’t believe all the ignorance about this whole arena thing. Reading through the comments, it’s obvious most of the people who have posted messages here really have no idea what is going on. EDUCATE YOURSELF people before making statements that make you look foolish.

    Pegi – The present arena is falling apart. The main seating area is supported by a metal understructure and plywood. Have you ever seen an NBA arena constructed with plywood? My last trip to the innards of the arena was well over 10 years ago. There were holes in the walls then. Things were patched with duct tape. It’s a wonder the place is still standing. It was built as CHEAPLY as possible and is now showing it.

    Can’t fill the arena? The team has sucked the last few years. That’s about to all turn around.

    Mr. G (and others) – What makes you think any arena financing is going to effect the number of police on the street? You are just repeating things other misinformed people have said. Any arena financing will not take jobs away from police, firefighters or anyone else.

    Larry – Can’t gut the arena and remodel. You’d still be stuck with the same square footage, same area for seating, locker rooms, luxury boxes, and other amenities. Reports put a remodel at costing nearly as much as a new arena.

    I could go on, but I think it would probably fall on deaf (and dumb) ears.

    1. Gregory says:

      Joe gets it too! Thank you, Joe! Thank you for your sound reasoning. It is clear that some people choose not to let the FACTS get in the way of their opinions. Joe is not one of those people.

  2. Carmichael Craig says:

    The only Arena deal that is going to fly is one like Orlando’s Amway Center…. The owners put up 50 million and guaranteed another 100 mill in bonds. The City put up the land and infrastructure improvements and floated the rest of the bonds to pay for the arena. The city raised Hotel and Rental car taxes to pay off the bonds….

    The City owns the arena and collects 100% of the revenue except NBA games and the Orlando Magic pay 1 mill in rent a year for 30 years…

    1. Luis says:

      you saying that NBA pays no rent at all?, so why build the Arena?.

      1. intheknow says:

        Hey Luis, your an IDIOT. Can’t you read the Kings are the NBA

      2. Carmichael Craig says:

        Right…. The Kings pay no rent… They pay payments to pay off a bond on Arco that they would then own…..

        Under the 2006 arena plan the City would of paid 100% of the Arena and the Maloof’s would of paid no rent and received 100% of all revenue…

        It seems we are headed in the same direction as today the Maloof’s said they would not put up any money for a new arena….

  3. Luis says:

    OK, arena i falling apart, those in contract to maintain the arena should be fired, NOT doing a good job otherwise it should be good as new. OK, everyone has jobs, go buy tickets to all this sports the new arena is going to bring, hooray!, 5000 jobs created, all this contractors will bring their own workers how many from Sac?. yes that’s what you’ll be getting the SAC. so people you are all ignorant, and your stupid schools, the poor, the needy who cares, we need to make sure our stations can black out home games. you dodo’s.

  4. nd says:

    Just remodel the existing arena upgrade it.

  5. Jenell says:

    So are the Kings owner going to give us team worth watching again?

    1. Big D in the S A C says:

      No, the Kings are garbage and will be forever. One more year of watching our public Mayor who is putting all his time and resources into a private business. Finally it will be over next year thank god!! If any of you are actually City residents instead of Placer Co. residents maybe you wouldnt be rooting this on so hard. I am a Sac resident and do not want to pay 1 cent for this team…eff the Kings!! Trash a$$ team, no heart, no respect and no fans haha!!

  6. HooDatIS? says:

    create new jobs build a new arena it can only help
    if not move to saint louis, missouri
    we need a team
    i can buy season tickets today
    i love the maloofs and i always have loved the kings
    I am a KING

  7. Eightcats Home says:

    I have never set foot in the Sacramento Arena. It’s not I hate the Kings (just not interested) but none of the other offered events are attractive either. This is because of the types of events which are written into leasing arrangements as allowed. Don’t forget that only 8 percent of sports teams responsibility for debts can be paid thru such leases.

    Don’t shift taxes from better purposes, don’t raise a new tax, and no more fees to support a money pit.

  8. me says:

    Joe: Didn’t you say the old Arena was built by the lowest bidder? What makes you think that has changed? It will still be built by the lowest Bidder, Will this New Arena give us better players? I don’t see that happening, as a matter of fact and looking at their past records, They the Kings wont improve any time soon. You wanna talk about deaf ears, look into the mirror once in a while. We’re not deaf nor dumb, we can see the whole picture, maybe you should open your eyes as to what is really going on here. I’m a Cow town lover, and Sacramento has always been my home, for the last 42 years.

  9. Lewis says:

    Without an NBA Team or some other major attraction Sacramento is just a Town not a City. I do believe that no new taxes should be used. Maybe new owners with the same desires as the people of Sacramento. Greed is Old News Malloofs. Sacramento loves its Kings

    1. Big D in the S A C says:

      Sacramento is a city, just not by sports standards…look at the rates for all cities, we are top ten for crime, voilent crime, job loss, forclosure rates, etc.

      This is what our public employee should be worrying about instead of a privately owned franchise don’t you think??

  10. equalrightsparty1835 says:

    I can’t believe Kevin Jonson’s legacy will be the kings!

    I can’t believe Kevin Jonson’s legacy will be the kings!

    There are too many important issues that he could be addressing for one thing and looking to improve of the City Of Sacramento should be priority # 1, and all you hear about is the kings. maybe if they had fired GM, and put someone in there that could have fielded a better team, this would not be an issue, So let me get this right they want the city to support a bad team or they’re going to move! If I’m not productive at work for let’s say 6 months, I think I would be looking for a new job.

  11. Johnny says:

    All those of you in favor of building an arena for the Maloofs need to GIVE YOUR $$$ to KJ and the Maloofs….the rest of us DON’T CARE!! IF THEY WANT TO LEAVE, GOOD! LET THE KINGS MOVE AND TAKE KJ AND THE MALOOFS WITH THEM!

  12. Barbara says:

    I am glad investors outside of Sacramento will have some input this time. I for one will never support another large venue in downtown Sacramento, The traffic and parking is terrible. I don’t understand why part of the fairgrounds aren’t considered.The parking and such are already there. we need some fresh ideas the only place the city council wants to push is the old rail yards..have you tried to part downtown lately

  13. Alfred Avalos says:

    Yea some people are just complete idiots.. its ridiculous seeing thee amount of stupidity that exist across the board on these New Arena issues, can’t help but to shake my head and wonder how negative and lame people really are out there.

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