Today on The Don Geronimo Show,  A big announcement about the Kings rally scheduled for Tuesday, a Mariachi band for Cinco De Mayo, Cody Stark from Good Day Sacramento, and the one and only, Mayor Kevin Johnson!

Don and Dave make a big announcement regarding the Kings rally on Tuesday: Former Kings Scot Pollard and Doug Christie will be there, as well as Sacramento rock band Tesla! Also, Don does NOT have male menopause, and a Mariachi band stops by the studio.

More with the Sacramento Mariachi band, Los Juarez Mariachi, including a Hot Seat quiz in spanish!

Cody Stark from Good Day Sacramento stops by the studio, and Don gives him the Hot Seat quiz!!

More Kings rally talk, an Obama/Osama screw up compilation, and Bret Michaels’ vocal exercises.

Time for Don to interview Mayor Kevin Johnson!

Don plays “Guess The Soundboard” with Dave.

Caller 100, happy ending

Comments (2)
  1. meko says:

    wow, tesla, doug christie and scot pollard! i just released in my pants….. will be the greatest day of my life. better news than hearing Osama is dead

  2. meko says:

    would like some more color though….

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