By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former parking enforcement officer says the city comes down hard on officers who don’t write enough parking tickets and claims there is a ticket quota in place.

 The whistleblower, who didn’t want to reveal his identity, fearing retribution, says he and his fellow officers were told to write as many tickets as possible.

“We were told we could write up to four tickets per vehicle”, he tells CBS 13 News.

 In addition, he claims his former co-workers would write “fake” tickets to drivers who get them angry. He tells us “somebody drives away on you, all you really need to do and I know a few guys that do it, you just crumple the ticket up, throw it in the garbage can and what happens? The driver that drove off on you gets a ticket in the mail with a late fee.”

He also alleges parking officers are told to stay away from Land Park Drive because that’s where a lot of city officials live. The city denies the allegations.

Parking Enforcement Supervisor Howard Chan tells CBS 13 News: “We unequivocally deny all of the allegations with the exception of one. It’s true that we consider requests that parking not be enforced at certain City sponsored and special occasions, where it’s simply the right thing to do. As for ticket quotas, we have no citation quotas, period. Certainly if we did have a quota that every officer issue 100 tickets per day, the City would be adding $53 million to its coffers and we wouldn’t be here today with a $40 million deficit. Obviously, that is not the case. Our parking enforcement officers do a tough job every day, serving the community. Their role is often misunderstood and frequently criticized. But rest assured, without parking enforcement there would be parking chaos downtown.”

Comments (34)
  1. Poliphilo says:

    Mr. Chan is full of bull.

    1. Doni says:

      I know that there is an exception to certain areas in giving tickets. Heard it and experienced it. So they can stop lying.

  2. Jim says:

    I work in old town Sacramento. Do not let the meter go a minute over or you are sure to get a ticket… our customers say it runs about $43? What a great way to run off customers and tourists in Old Town.

  3. Rich says:

    by orders of the mayor probably. I won’t doubt it. Money probably goes into his slush fund.

  4. Roy says:

    I think the city needs to have a full audit of the mayor’s spending you will sure find a lot of tax payers money wasted

  5. Mike Hawk says:

    what are “coffers”?

  6. Benji says:

    My compliments to the city of Sacramento in their successful efforts in its war on parking violaters. Ticket them all. Continue to make it miserable for them to ever come back and do business around midtown and the city area. Eventually us druggies and vagrants will get our area back like the good old days.
    Good work Mr. Johnson and you too, Mr. Chan…… Ticket, Tax, and together we can make this the town deserving of its name: SAD SAC TOWN.
    Power to the brownshirts and bureaucrats. By the way, has anyone seen that man named JOHN GALT?

  7. h says:

    Some people don’t go downtown because of parking. I think this is one of the problems of K Street not attracting people.

    1. Marria Davis says:

      i am never going again because of parking!!!

  8. viper3 says:

    hmmmmmm i wonder if this is where the mayor is getting the money to build the kings there new sports complex. since when did the officers or city officals ever tell the public the truth .its aways half truths that they tell .sac is no different from any other major city .they try to make a bunch on dollars of the backs of everyday people . and we know its true . its like the city goverment looks at us as babies and we need to be lied to .so they can make money .just like all these gas companies do .exxon shell texaco ect ect making profit well over what should be made .goverment is a company pure and simple and we follow them like sheep. wake up people its time to hold these people accountable for their actions. its never to late to say enough is enough .now for those of you that do park illegal or go over the parking meter limit by hours you need the tickets . your not that stupid to think you can get away with it and so what if your to busy to put another dollar in the meter .then you should not complain when you get a real ticket cus its your own darn fault.

  9. Enrique Campos says:

    Your compliments are wrong , you really have not experienced a cop with attitude that just want to slam you with that ticket ,and acted in a very predatory way . I understand that we need them but not in that way . This people just want to get money revenue for the city in their dirty politics. Where they need to enforced the law won’t happened . When you go to court to dispute the ticket or any violation , the traffic commissioner and the cops are all working for the same cause they just want to swindle you . To me this people are Gangsters with privilege to enforce the law and Rape the Poor community.

    1. Ad Rem says:

      Your lack of insight is amazing!

  10. g says:

    The government is the largest organized crime.

    1. Hereticmonk says:

      Agreed. Only two types of people drop dead bodies in bodies of water. The government and the MOB.

    2. Marria Davis says:


  11. Hereticmonk says:

    A way to prove his story is truthful. Go to Land Park Drive and see if there are any cars parked illegally without being ticketed.

  12. james says:

    Hey.. if you can enter the U.S illegally ( And get paid for it), Then it should be no problem to fight a parking ticket.

  13. John Galt says:

    Was someone looking for me?

  14. Uncle Bob says:

    A former PEO ? … He work one whole year? … You listened to his story telling … questioned the city reps … but did you question him? Like why is he a former PEO? Laid off? Fired? Quit? Is he collecting unemployment … again?

    Quota discussion is always amusing … is a PEO doing their job if they don’t write any tickets during their shift … in a day? … a week? … a month? Seems to me that would be a key indicator of how well they are doing their job.

  15. lazyreviewer says:

    If you do that each time you park you’ll probably save money in the end.

  16. mike says:

    with the city strapped for funds its totally logical for them to step up parking enforcement. I have no problem with that. But if there’s fraud involved or outright deceit that’s another story.

  17. Moneysnoobject says:

    I lived in a town where everyone looked out for each other. If we parked and noticed a car about to expire or just did…we put in a coin to help them out. This became a problem for the city and they then put out the word it was illegal to help out your fellow man. So, do you really have any rights? About the Kings. I think this is the biggest scam of the century. You voted out money for an Arena, so they cook up a deal to fake out leaving so you fish will jump right into the pan and give them what they want. Then when you build it they get all the revenue from it including other venues and even the parking. Basketball is clouding your brain people. They want to make money. Big money. Like they say. “Bringing in the Sheep”. Make them prove otherwise!

  18. Selmers says:

    Seriously? He says we wouldnt have a deficit? Its called, you spend more than you bring in! If you brought in $100 million or $100 billion, you spend every penny and then some on BS programs. The more $ you bring in, the more ways you find to spend it! Get rid of these stupid unneccessary programs!

  19. Liz says:

    I don’t know why all the complaints, if you don’t want a ticket, park legally and pay attention to the time. I work downtown and people who park illegally make it more difficult for people who need to find a parking space. I especially love the one who take up more than one spot because they can’t figure out how to park between the lines on the pavement.

    1. walker says:

      I agree, also love those that park in alleys and passenger loading zones (white curb) and are “surprised” by a ticket. Read the City parking codes and follow the rules and you won’t get any surprises!

  20. marco says:

    Why don’t I believe Howard Chan the functionary? Because he’s a liar.

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