By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former parking enforcement officer says the city comes down hard on officers who don’t write enough parking tickets and claims there is a ticket quota in place.

 The whistleblower, who didn’t want to reveal his identity, fearing retribution, says he and his fellow officers were told to write as many tickets as possible.

“We were told we could write up to four tickets per vehicle”, he tells CBS 13 News.

 In addition, he claims his former co-workers would write “fake” tickets to drivers who get them angry. He tells us “somebody drives away on you, all you really need to do and I know a few guys that do it, you just crumple the ticket up, throw it in the garbage can and what happens? The driver that drove off on you gets a ticket in the mail with a late fee.”

He also alleges parking officers are told to stay away from Land Park Drive because that’s where a lot of city officials live. The city denies the allegations.

Parking Enforcement Supervisor Howard Chan tells CBS 13 News: “We unequivocally deny all of the allegations with the exception of one. It’s true that we consider requests that parking not be enforced at certain City sponsored and special occasions, where it’s simply the right thing to do. As for ticket quotas, we have no citation quotas, period. Certainly if we did have a quota that every officer issue 100 tickets per day, the City would be adding $53 million to its coffers and we wouldn’t be here today with a $40 million deficit. Obviously, that is not the case. Our parking enforcement officers do a tough job every day, serving the community. Their role is often misunderstood and frequently criticized. But rest assured, without parking enforcement there would be parking chaos downtown.”

Comments (34)
  1. NoRacistRemarks says:

    Supervisor Howard Chan is simply a low life lying fool – three weeks ago, my wife’s care was ticketed in my driveway! getting in the car to go to work and there was a ticket. the ticket stated she was in the sidewalk. Her bumper was lined up exactly to the sidewalk line.

    I have lived in my house for 20 years with my truck in the street up on the sidewalk, never a ticket. her bumper is touching the line, boom ticket.

    bottom line: they know they are trying to come up with money. – i don’t really care because the city needs it, but come on, man up and say the truth!

  2. equalrightsparty1835 says:

    i wish they would focus on real crime !

  3. Shadowrider says:

    I was at Old Sac last year for Gold Rush Days and recieved a ticket along with about a dozen other people for parking in area that was suppose to be no parking but there wasnt a sign or marking around for miles to indicate it. We even talked to the officer who refused very rudely to discuss the fact we were being cited for something that wasnt marked. He couldnt even quote the law correctly. Being an ex cop dont tell me that wasnt quota driven. I am from out of town and will diffinently think twice about coming back to the fair city of Sacramento

  4. HL says:

    Moneysnoobject: You said it perfectly – on both issues!

  5. OlDog says:

    Watching the good Officer Chen on TV speaking other than the truth was a growth experience for all. Please at least be honest about the quotas and budget deficit–Sac City’s spending habits ensure eternal indebtedness regardless of how much you and your crews are able to yank from our pockets. Wow!

  6. Anthony says:

    you know you get tickets because you are in violation it’s not because they just write it for no reason so why complain. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions plus i believe its illegal to have a quota in that department

    1. Marria Davis says:

      your wrong, i got a ticket for know reason, they no pay or visible display and the ticket was written more than 10 mins before my meter expired. i had paid and had the sticker in the window, so tell me that wasn’t a fake ticket. don’t say things you don’t know about

  7. Marria Davis says:

    city officials are lying!!!! I got a ticket that I am currently fighting because the ticket said “no pay or visible display” at 2:17 by meter expired at 2:21 and I had the sticker in my window!!!!

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