FOLSOM (CBS13) –  A report of a possible drunk driver led to the arrest of a parolee at large Wednesday night in Folsom but not before a high-speed chase in a stolen car and an attempt to swim to freedom, according to police.

Police say first got a call about a car swerving all over the roadway on Blue Ravine Road.   The license plate given by the caller came up as stolen.

Officers attempted to pull the driver over but the driver took off on a short but high speed chase nearing speeds of 100 miles per hour.  It ended when the driver crashed at Iron Point Road and Oak Avenue Parkway.

The suspect ran through fields and attempted to swim across a pond to escape capture.  Folsom Police, with help from a Citrus Heights K-9 team, found the suspect about an hour later.

Police arrested 29-year-old Eric Joseph Souza.  Souza has been linked to several burglaries throughout Folsom in recent months.
He was arrested for vehicle theft, evading police officers, possession of stolen property, and parole violation.  He’s being held without bail at the Sacramento County Main Jail.

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  1. HooDatIS? says:

    they should give him that jungle juice make him die now

    1. Filip Knedlik says:

      You sir are a f@@@ing idiot!

    2. intheknow says:

      Do you spend your hole life on line and being an IDIOT. Get a life.

      1. ME says:

        ur the idiot, learn how to spell befor you start talking chit! lol

  2. John says:

    HAHAHAHAHA what a dumba$$ trying to swim to get away!!!….HAHAHAHAHA….kudos to the officers who caught him!

    1. SHANE C says:

      Your a mark tell that to his 4 yr. old daughter


    Good job bro. He never goes easy. You could have done it alittle more dangerously dog. I’ve seen better out of you.

  4. SHANE C says:

    That was my dude and he actually a very talented cat,just was goin through some stuff not to mention he already had his back against the wall

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