SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police have arrested a man today for a 24-year-old murder.

Gregory Samuel Olguin was charged with the stabbing of two men, and killing one of them, Richard Schultz, in 1987 in Midtown Sacramento.

In February, 2009, Homicide Cold Case Detectives reviewed the report looking for possible sources of the unknown suspect’s DNA.  After review of the report, they submitted evidence collected at the scene in 1987 to the Sacramento County Crime Lab. The lab was able to obtain DNA and as a result they developed a DNA profile of an unknown male.
In April, 2011, the profile was uploaded into the Department of Justice CODIS database. Shortly after entering the profile, the Sacramento Police Department was notified that there was a DNA match. The DNA match was identified to be Gregory Samuel Olguin, a male Hispanic 48. Olguin’s physical description matched that of the stabbing suspect back in 1987.

In May, detectives submitted the case to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office for a murder warrant against Olguin.

Friday, officers arrested Olguin in the 9100 block of Elk Grove Blvd.  Olguin has since been booked and charged with murder.

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  1. St Peter says:

    Better late than never

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