FAIRFIELD, Calif. (CBS13) — A contentious domestic living situation may have triggered a multiple murder-suicide in Fairfield that left four people shot, three fatally.

The Fairfield Police Department said a man inside the home on the 5200 block of Venus Drive called 911 just after noon and told dispatchers he and the other occupants in the home had been shot.

Neighbors said tensions in the home had been running high after the owner’s ex-wife moved back in with a male friend, and police said they have responded to the home multiple times for various disturbances.

The situation may have begun spiraling out of control yesterday when legal papers were served and demands made about leaving the home, neighbors said.

The woman’s ex-husband, identified by neighbors as 37-year-old Jason Eisenberg, shot and killed her and her friend while wounding another man inside the home before turning the gun on himself.

Eisenberg was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital, where he later died.

Eisenberg’s father said he was downstairs and fled when the gunfire started, and managed to escape even though the shooter briefly followed him.

Investigators have not confirmed the identities of the victims or their relationships to one another.

Comments (30)
  1. Oinionater says:

    😦 Sad state of affairs. 😦

  2. Yvonne Travers says:

    California: Land of fruits and nuts.

  3. elliott the Cat says:

    Fairfield ? Life is so hard in the suburbs of California .

    God bless ! Rest in peace

    1. ctyresident says:

      fairfield the the city were the locals are air headed nuts and the east bay is envading the city with thug transplants , stay tuned you will hear and see more or this behavior from this stale no identity city.

  4. Herfault says:

    Well obviously she was sleeping with her ex’s roomates the only innocent person here is the dead shooter & his father.

    1. Don't play house says:

      @ Her fault-what makes you think she was sleeping with the roommates??? Or better yet, did you think before making that statement? The female vic and the shooter were co owners of the house, they broke up, and they were fighting over the house. She moved back in to the house in Dec. They’ve been to court twice for the house, and once for Domestic Violence. This should be a warning to all-don’t play house and buy things with people you aren’t married to. When you are married, there are legal avenues that protect you and those avenues aren’t there when you play house without buying the cow.

    2. Person3 says:

      This woman, whom you say to blame, is a friend of mine. The roommate was HERS, not Jason’s. She was not sleeping with him. I know them both. The man on the stretcher was also my friend, though I’m not sure who the other person is.
      The shooter is innocent? Really? So a person sleeps with someone (even though that didn’t happen) and it’s okay to just kill them? That makes sense. He was a murderer.

  5. Tam says:

    When I travel to other cities, its a shame to tell them I’m from Sacramento, CA bc the first thing they reply is “Crime is too high there!” or something like”You live there”!?

  6. winston says:

    thats not in Fairfield..thats in rockville. that neighborhood was way too nice for fairfield.

  7. Ray Kevin says:

    I find Fairfield to be a quite charming city if you happen to indulge in drugs,weapons or sex otherwise your in a real stink of a hole.
    Faiffield is nothing but a freeway town still young enough not to
    have full grown trees but a nice assortment of malls for gang bangers and the like to hang out and felonize . If your planning on moving there by an armored car because my brother had a bullet wizz over his head when a argument broke out in a traffic jam and nearly took his head off! So if you take precautions its a great place to settle down and have a family!

    1. Tom says:

      Kevin lets get this right Fairfield is a WELFARE TOWN ! if there is trash to be taken care of Fairfield will raise it’s hand gang bang capital of Solano county baggie pant’s everywhere you look.

  8. Eric says:

    The shooter killed innocent victims. However, the comments seem to blame the victims without any evidence that they posed a threat to anyone. Too many right wing backswamp imbreds with judgemental attitudes. If the shooter had also raped them first, would they have deserved that too? Or, is that going too far your judgemental opinions?

    1. Ray Kevin says:

      Remember now the guy committed suicide afterwards (hint) he knew he was guilty of murder so he offed himself ! And it also takes two to tango Lets not be naive even though we are just right wing backswamp imbreds as you describe we do have common sense besides being judgemental! This case is run of the mill they were all at fault and could have avoided the confrontation by leaving before it escalated to the point of murder!

    2. Person1 says:

      Why would you say it’s right wing activists? I’m a Constitutionalist, and I say it was DEFININTLEY the shooter’s fault. I agree that the comments blame the victims, but it isn’t fair to say they’re all right-wing without ANY proof.

  9. HooDatIS? says:


    1. Eric says:

      I agree. Yes, some – not all – are angry. And anger is usually based on ignorance and a lack of decency and empathy. Common sense is replaced with expressions of simple common anger.

  10. Hereticmonk says:

    As far as I’m concerned this story has a happy ending. The witch got what she deserved. When are people going to learn its a dangerous game playing with a someones emotions? Capt Savaho got what he deserved. You don’t mess with another mans wife. Adultery is still a sin even if its no longer a crime in America. And since the guy shot himself there’s no trial so no tax dollars wasted. And as far as this story has said there is no children involved so that’s good news too. Means these idiots didn’t breed the next generation of abusive selfish people. As far as I’m concerned if all domestic violence cases ended this way it would save the tax payers a bundle and the police could handle real crimes. Not try to be social working councilors for dysfunctional relationships.

    1. Damn. says:

      How can you say this? I know the woman you’re talking about, and I believe it was the shooters fault, surprisingly enough. HE wouldn’t move out, and she couldn’t. You are a judgemental and terrible excuse for a human, talking about someone who was killed like that! You should be ashamed!

    2. A friend says:

      Well, just to let you know, I am friends with both this ‘witch’ as you call her, and the roommate. I don’t take kindly to you calling them what you did. Just because they were living together doesn’t mean they were sleeping together. The killer is the only one that is at blame here.
      I would keep your opinions to yourself before you know all the facts. even I don’t know all the facts. I’m just defending a friend, who can’t defend herself anymore.

  11. AF Vet says:

    It’s a real shame. Fairfield was a nice town when I lived there 40 years ago. Now, It’s populated by minorities, and the place is trashed, and rampant with low-lifes and criminals.

    1. Dennis McBride says:

      I am also and Air Force vet. I find your bigoted small minded comment ridiculous. One thing I have learned by traveling the world, is that everyone is alike, NO DIFFERENCE. The problem is racist people look for any excuse to prove a point that is not valid. Way to shame yourself.

    2. Daddy says:

      AF VET: Minorities? Are you fu$%$%# serious? Minorities? Our country is based upon freedom of religion, not freedom of the white race. Further, your ancestors were once minorities in this country as well. The Indians and the like thought the land was fine until the white man invaded and took over. It is this controlling behavior that has made our world a mess that is now on borrowed time. The inevitable is close, man made destruction and disaster baby. Remember, according tou your dielict, it your people in charge therefore ruining this country, not the minorities.

    3. T says:

      How shameful that your a vet and your racist. You offered to help defend the U.S., the biggest melting pot there is, made up of many races and religions and yet you talk badly of these minorities. Criminals and violence does not know color or race! There are good and bad with blacks, white, asians, etc…

    4. James says:

      Thank you for returning to your trailer–in the Appalachias…effin’

  12. homicide says:

    anybody doesnt deserve to die but i would have did the same thing only difference is she would have never moved in with a nother man in the first place playing get u killed so keep that in mind

    1. This says:

      I know these people. She was not sleeping with the man she moved in with. They were friends, roommates. You don’t know the whole story, so you and mostly the other people in this comment thingy should stop acting like you know what was going on.

  13. nikko1967 says:

    Fairfield is one god awful city. Absolutely horrible. I wouldn’t raise a dog there.

  14. Lamont says:

    No one deserves to die at the hands of a distraught shooter. No one has the right to play god; especialy over something as stupid as a house or property that can easily be replaced not so for the victims.

  15. shocked says:

    The comments that are being posted on this page can be read by the families of all involved. I suggest that we all think about what we say before posting it for everyone to see. As for the families, i am praying for all of you. Stay strong.

  16. Helen Merrihew says:

    I’m so very, very sad to hear that three people I know and care about are no longer with us…. i just heard about this through a Facebook comment of a mutual friend… and i’m so very, very sad… There are no words… The families and friends of these dear people are hurting, the is a great loss…

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