Former Sacramento King Scot Pollard comes on with Grant to defend his comments on how he believes hall of fame head coach Phil Jackson has been given too much credit throughout his career. Pollard also chimes in on the Kings rally being held tomorrow, his love for the city of Sacramento, his thoughts on the Kings staying in Sacramento for at least one more year, and also talks about the days of playing in the NBA.

Comments (5)
  1. Me says:

    and who’s this “nobody”

  2. sonnybelfast says:

    Nobody? A great role player on a great Kings team. Who are you?

  3. Neli says:

    I WAS a fan. During a game while sitting courtside at arco, my husband yelled at him to cool it during a heated, frustrating game where pollard was blowing it. Pollard mouthed the expletive,”f**** you” to him.

  4. Listener Joe says:

    Pollard needs to quit taking those drugs he implored the kids to take. Scot, you have ONE championship ring. As a player, Phil earned two. And then let’s count the handful he earned as an “Overrated” coach. Sure, he has had the luxury of having some of the game’s best players, ever. But he still motivated them to get it done. With different line-ups. ELEVEN times. Scot, shut up.

  5. Coach1 says:

    No. I agreed with S.P. Phil got cakewalk team/players to work with, even my grandma can coach with Phil’s magnitude. 3 out 5 stars for Phil.

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