MANTECA, Calif. (CBS13) — A husband who confessed to driving nearly 40 miles on a highway with his wife clinging to the vehicle’s hood will spend 5 years in state prison, officials said.

Christopher Carroll, 36, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and felony spousal abuse Wednesday in a San Joaquin County courtroom. Carroll admitted in March that he drove from Manteca to Pleasanton on Interstate 205 at speeds topping 100 MPH with his wife clinging to the hood.

The victim survived the 40 mile journey but was suffering from hypothermia. She told CBS13 it was a “miracle” that she was able to keep her grip for that long.

Authorities said Carroll’s wife apparently jumped on the hood when he tried to drive away during an argument at their home.

Investigators said they had responded to Carroll’s residence the day before the attack after receiving reports of bizarre and suicidal threats.

Comments (24)
  1. Karma is a B.I.T.C.H. says:

    Well it looks like this guy is going to be riding Mr. Toads Wild Ride for about 5 years…. Good… Could not happen to a better man… No, really…..

    They will love this guy, morning, noon & night….

    Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me….???

    What a creep….. Hope you are in total hell the next 5 years…..

    1. Tina says:

      hmmm…so he was trying to drive away from the argument and she jumps on the hood… and he goes to jail? Sure he could have stopped but she doesn’t sound sane….must have been her making suicidal threats? sounds like she got the ride she was looking for and NO, I am not a man making this comment.

      1. Snarf says:

        “Christopher Carroll, 36, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and felony spousal abuse”

        Nobody pleads guilty to ATTEMPTED MURDER, unless that was his intent.

        Trying to get away? Hardly. Pulling over 10 feet after your frantic wife jumps on your hood, is “trying to get away”.

      2. fenceamerica says:

        hey snarf people plead guilty to stuff all the time so that they can recieve the minimum sentance. the guy just realized there was absolutly no way to beat the charges.

        seccondly yes, the woman is part insane for jumping on the hood.

    2. Retired old Guy says:

      Your comments sound like that of a creep. You are sick and need help as much as the husband in this story.

  2. Valerie Southall says:

    That is all the time he got? 5 years? That poor woman will live the rest of her life with this horrible nightmare.

    1. pmaria says:

      she jumped on the top of the hood. poor woman? no lady does that.

      1. chris says:

        she didn’t jump on the van, she was leaning hands down on the van, and he began driving, and her pants became ensnared on the front emblem, at which time he sped up, and she had to climb the hood to not be run over

  3. Rick says:

    You’re just the comedian…What a stupid comment.

  4. Mike says:

    Another tweaker off the streets, He’ll be safe in prison

  5. Rogger says:

    was this at night? cuz 40 miles is a long way to not get a police chase.

  6. turq says:

    Ever think maybe it was HER car, and she didn’t know just how bonkers/drunk he was??? As another woman, shame on you.

  7. turq says:

    (in reply to Tina)

  8. MelMel81 says:

    To me the women is crazy for even jumping on the hood of the car to keep him there so they can argue even more!! Wow.. i mean he also knew better to stop the car and make her get off but I don’t know seems like their both crazy to me!! LOL

  9. d says:

    He gets the same number of years as the guy who was just found guilty of murdering 27,900 Jews in Poland.

    1. VoipOfReason says:

      5 years for murdering 27,900 people? That means, he serves approx 2 hours for every person he murdered. Since the guy in this article only “Attempted”, and did not succeed, I would think, he would only get 2/3rds the sentance. Meaning he would only have to be Incarcerated for about an hour & a half. I guess his attorney should find out of his wife was Jewish, or from Poland?

  10. marc sac says:

    This guy’s my hero!

  11. Hank Kingsley says:

    hey fellas – none of these women are “hood-worthy” when we walk them down the aisle are they? HEYNOWW

  12. VoipOfReason says:

    They should both spent some time in jail or a mental facility or both, for sheer stupidity.

  13. william Wolf says:

    This to me only leads to more women and hood rides! She should have been charged. Ive had some fool a$$ woman jump on MY hood. And it was all because she was determined that I was going to be in some sort of physical confrontation with her. If he stays and kicks her a$$ he goes to jail. If he tries to leave and her dumb a$$ jumps on the hood he goes to jail. There is no way(or very liitle) a man will get fairness in legal, especially criminal cases involving women.

  14. SexyAB43 says:

    She the fool for jumping on the hood of the car nd he got what he deserved.I don’t care if its her car people get pass the material things in life …Replaceable things but not ur life …smh

  15. WomenAgainstTheStupidityOfWomen says:

    I feel that whatever time he spends in jail, she should do the same. The whole fiasco was both of their faults and they are both idiots. She had no business being on the hood in the first place and probably created more of a danger than he did to the public. i would have hated for her to have slid off in front of my car and killed me and my family. his stupidity put her life in danger, while her stupidity put many lives in danger.

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