FAIR OAKS (CBS13) – A runaway trailer created quite a mess after it rolled down a steep hill and sheared off a fire hydrant causing a small flood.

The bizarre accident happened this morning in Fair Oaks after the homemade trailer somehow got loose and crashed into the fire hydrant.

Water gushed onto New York Avenue near Winding Way and Sunrise Avenue before the water could be shut off.

No one was injured in the accident.

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  1. Ron J. Melancon says:

    You need to know that for the last 9 years our organization has been addressing “Loose Trailer Accidents” Your Government and Bank Of America has been trying to stop our efforts. Go to http://www.dangeroustrailers.org and take note….

    We cant’ make a “Homemade” Baby seat? Why in the world do they let people build “Homemade Trailers” You should also know that EVERY HITCH….has not been tested to make sure it is going to work.

    What if the trailer hit somebody? It has…last year alone 379 lives lost and over 21,543 injured!!!! and nobody has done anything except us!!!
    Wake up!!!

  2. Ron J. Melancon says:

    NHTSA…..has tried and tried to stop us!!!! They do not want us to tell you the truth about these trailers….!!! Yet they address Back over accidents….240 Million Cars…. 279 lives lost by back over accidents and all new cars will have a Back over Camera by 2014.

    38 Million Utility Trailers killing 379 and injured 21,542 and they do nothing?

    The point is if 279 lives are important then why not 379? with less vehicles!!

    Who paid off who?

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