SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A high school senior has been accused by federal authorities of pimping a 14-year-old girl, but stunned family members defended her against the charges.

The FBI’s human trafficking task force said 18-year-old Kyndra Devore and her 25-year-old boyfriend helped solicit sex for her underage friend.

Devore denied the accusations in a jailhouse interview and said federal authorities are trying to set her up for the charges because she won’t cooperate with their investigation

“The girl, I think, is a prostitute on her own. We didn’t pimp her, I didn’t pimp her, had no part in pimping,” she said.

“Because I’m not saying who it was, they’re just gonna put it on me,” Devore added.

The suspect’s father, Will Devore, hadn’t heard about the charges when CBS13 contacted him for comment and expressed shock at the severity of the alleged crimes.

“She’s a good girl.. [it’s] gotta be a mistake,” he said. “She has no need for money. I give her $1,000 a month.”

Kyndra said she hopes she can prevail when she pleads her case in court.

Federal authorities said they may be releasing more details about the allegations in coming weeks.

Devore is being held on $100,000 bail on charges of prostitution and pimping a person under 16 years of age.

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  1. MR916 says:

    KARL——– i figured SOMEONE would pull the race card here… whats the differnece between her and all the spoiled rich WHITE kids in the world??? ie.. Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears etc… hmmm, i wonder wht type of values if any those WHITE FAMILIES HAVE???? And being an Obama Supporter has nothing to do with this at all… SO i guess you are a dumb, pompous white Jerk who knows no better.. IM A 29 YR OLD BLACK MAILE BORN AND RAISED IN THE “HOOD”, I PROBABLY MATCH EVERY STATISTIC OF A DEADBEAT JAILBIRD BLACK MALE TO U, BUT I CAN ALMOST GURANTEE U I HAVE MORE INTELLIGENCE THEN U!!!!!!! NEVER IN JAIL, NEVER PIMPED, HELL I NEVER BEEN HANDCUFFED!!!!!!!!! Race, and Being an Obama supported has nothing at all to do with this story!! u need to look in the mirror and accept yourself with your ignorant claims!! ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THE REASON THE WORLD IS SO MESSED UP!

  2. Ignorance is bliss says:

    I’m trying to figure out what Obama has to do with any of this??? All I know is that I do not teach my kids color or any of that mess I think it’s all trash, we are a human race living in this world together and all of that racist stuff needs to stop. There are those that like all of the drama, then there are those that wants the world to come together as one, if you are one of those racist you will reap what you sow and you better believe it, I will keep your ignorant behind in my prayers because on judgement day you will need it. The truth will eventually come out about the story up there, and then from there it is what it is, and Rick you have nothing better to do huh, lol you wanna play God now who are you to tell folks what to do?? No one listens to ignorant idiots like you, talk a long walk off a short bridge.

  3. concerned_reader88 says:


  4. debi says:

    Any 18 year old girl that can talk to or about Federal athorities the way this girl does is already a hardened criminal,the fact she has a 25 year old boyfriend,talks about a 14 year old already being a prostitute as if its todays applee pie receipe , suggest she might have been raised in san Quentin not any kind of a somewhat normal neighborhood in the USA. Daddy its hard to believe your this blind to who and what your daughter really is.and why would you give 1,000.00 a month to her and not have any kbowledge oraccountibility to her or from her and what about other relatives were you all living in MayberryRFD ?

    1. Juanita says:

      Well i know Kyndra she is my friend she would not do anything like this. I rock with her all the time so for you to say something like tat your being judgmental to her, her family, and her friends. She didn’t commit this crime and i hope that everybody realizes it. She has a lot going for herself and she doesn’t deserve this. I praying for her that she will prevail and all those against her can go somewhere with your remarks.

      1. AESET says:

        exactly, i known kyndra since she was ten and anybody who watches this “half” of the story video and decides shes a criminal rather than a well educated young lady who could of possibly ended up in the wrong place is a ignorant individual.

    2. Someone with common sense says:

      Wow, you really need to get out of the house. their are many prostitutes and self made prostitutes all over the USA. especially California you incoherent, ignorant, daft, woman. Know your facts before you speak. In Oakland Ca there are plenty of self made prostitutes who are still in high school. Ask your little precious feds about that dumb braud.

  5. Leslie says:

    The comments mad here are extremely judgmental. You don’t even know the girl. You have no idea of her up-brining or the type of person she is. Let me shed a little light on it for you. @satirist -Her dad is retired, he had an extremely well paying job for a well-known company. @barry. O – They have never been on welfare and never needed welfare. @TJ – Like you wouldn’t take $1K a month is your parents offered it to you. She is not spoiled or a brat, just well-taken care of. @Karl – it’s confidence, not attitude. She has been raised in an extremely good family with many values and morals. Evidently, your family didn’t teach you that it is wrong to judge without knowing the facts. If there’s anything to be said, it should be where is the 14 year old and her parents? We all make mistakes and I’m not saying that she had a part in this, but it is not for us to judge, that’s God’s job. We should be hoping and praying for the best for this young lady. Wouldn’t you want that if it was one of your family members? She’s mine, so I am asking that of you!

  6. jim peck says:

    Oh yeah – she’s so cool and knows it all – yeah right! She’s been watching too many cop shows on TV and thinks she can beat the rap. She and her boyfriend need about 20 years to rethink this.

  7. donagain says:

    25 yr old boy friend , 1.000 a MONTH , laying up in known prostiton motel ,i live in area i know , unless she likes where shes at she had better give up info the FBI wants (NO JOKE) yuu’ll think framed little girl and dad thats not how you take care of young daughters check your self pop and check 25 yr old to

  8. Julie Clemens says:

    Bill.. send you back to wherever your family came from. Jerk

  9. keeping it real says:

    this is not a judgement on little miss pimp a hoe but the FBI is not going just pull out miss inncent from crowd of high school kids and say she has done all of this. Normally when the FBI comes they have already done their homework and have video and proof about who is doing the pimping so once again this is not a judgement on little miss pimp a hoe but just the facts from the FBI

  10. GOOD FRIEND says:


    I’ve known Devore for years. She didnt do it. the things i wanna say are not fit for the net so ima leave it as is. ummm i have family that got wrapped up in the tornadoes in Alabama they need alot more attention and assistance than waht your giving this case

  11. tiffany says:

    shut up idiots if you dont know kendra then why are you yapping your gums. shut up and keep it moving or even try minding your business. straight up. kendra is smart and well off. sorry all you dummys are not.

  12. Ken says:

    Yes she might be a prostitute and yes she is no angel but if you don’t think the FBI won’t frame you as punishment for not snitching then you people are the ones that are naive. I give her a lot of credit not to be a snitch in an era where people will rat everyone out even their own mother just to avoid spending a couple of days or even hours in jail.

  13. candy says:

    I pray for the family because kydra dad is dieding of cancer and to see him on the news you would ‘nt have even known this.. yes he a retired marines get a good healthy retirment check. He has always made sure his daughter had money just so ssomething like this would not take place. Were is the boyfriend why isn’t he on the news???? He has alot to do with this , she is 18 and that why these older boys get with these young lady to manipulate them. Kyndra is out of jail and did graduate for high this May I jhope and pray that she can get out of this mess and not let another loser in her life after this case.

  14. #1Evil Hippie Anarchist says:

    1960 US largest importer of pornography 1975 US largest exporter of PORN
    enough said

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