SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A high school senior has been accused by federal authorities of pimping a 14-year-old girl, but stunned family members defended her against the charges.

The FBI’s human trafficking task force said 18-year-old Kyndra Devore and her 25-year-old boyfriend helped solicit sex for her underage friend.

Devore denied the accusations in a jailhouse interview and said federal authorities are trying to set her up for the charges because she won’t cooperate with their investigation

“The girl, I think, is a prostitute on her own. We didn’t pimp her, I didn’t pimp her, had no part in pimping,” she said.

“Because I’m not saying who it was, they’re just gonna put it on me,” Devore added.

The suspect’s father, Will Devore, hadn’t heard about the charges when CBS13 contacted him for comment and expressed shock at the severity of the alleged crimes.

“She’s a good girl.. [it’s] gotta be a mistake,” he said. “She has no need for money. I give her $1,000 a month.”

Kyndra said she hopes she can prevail when she pleads her case in court.

Federal authorities said they may be releasing more details about the allegations in coming weeks.

Devore is being held on $100,000 bail on charges of prostitution and pimping a person under 16 years of age.

Comments (48)
  1. satirist says:

    her dad gives $1000 a month….WHAT DOES HE DO?

  2. barry O. says:

    $1,000 a month??? Wow, that’s his first mistake. After she gets out of prison, the welfare system will pick up the tab.

    1. TJ says:

      LOL!! There are no words to describe how pathetic this really is. 1K a month? For what?? ENTITLED BRAT… digusting…

  3. Nope says:

    Sorry guilty dads probably a pimp too Dont let these losers fool you she is guilty and a 14 yr old what was she thinking Throw the book at her and not the bible either

    1. truth says:

      too many times i see people judging other people based on what we see in the media. we shouldn’t judge until we have the truth

  4. Tapestry says:

    What 14 year old girl gets $1000 a month .. for what? to buy books?

    1. Jenell says:

      Need to read article closer. THe 18 year old receives 1000 a month on the 14 year old.
      Sad to begin with that you have a 14 year that is already sleeping around and an 18 year old that would think it’s ok to setup a 14 year old for sex.

    2. k120647 says:

      the one charged for pimping, who else???

  5. Patricia says:

    all I know is this girl is in a hot mess! What is she doing having 25 year old for a boyfriend. This is what you get when you don’t listen to your parents. Young people pick your so called friends wisely.

  6. blah says:

    little 14yrs old hole made her own decisions to became a hole herself why blame other for it, she can take responsibility herself, need to lock her up so she can’t be a hole any more.

  7. me says:

    What does being an Obama supporter have to do with it? Why even interject his name in your comments?

  8. 1061 says:

    “And she was just getting her life together” sound familiar

  9. Mikey says:

    What many of you dont know, is that pimping, pandering, etc is a huge market for underage females. Older males pimp them out, get the money and hope that the girl gets pregnant. If they have a baby boy, IF being the key word, the baby boy may never make it to his birth or the age of 1. If he does, he will be raised in foster care and never know his parents or parent. If the baby is a girl, she will be raised in a sex slave type environment. This happens daily in your neighborhood and you dont know it. The only reason why it has been brought to my knowledge, is because I “back the badge” and even know a lady who’s teenage daughter was trapped in the lifestyle. Now, we pray that the court system can do something right.

    1. bob says:

      Your rant is pure vitrol disguised (pooly) as facts. About the best I cfan say is that you are a liar.

  10. ted says:

    If dad can afford $1K a month to support his slatternly offspring, why can’t he pony up the cash to spring his golden girl from the perils of county lockup?

    1. donagain says:

      and keep her out of ho motels

  11. Heart Broken says:

    This is a very sad but real issue going on in our world. We need to pray for these young girls because they are still children and they need love. We should not judge anyone because we are not perfect and ONLY GOD can judge us.

    1. mbee says:

      Haveuing seen these people in a murder trial, they are not children , they are criminals who push sex and dope for a living. In the trial they were into the third generation all on welfare and drugs.

  12. super awesome and fabulous army wife says:

    dont mingle your own personal racial issues with black people with this article about someone dumb. make an effort to know some black people that DONT fit your stereotype of “obama supporters” or “having an attitude”. besides that anyone stupid, black, white, or mexican probably doesnt vote anyway. Now I remember why I dont read people’s ignorant comments first thing in the morning. #GYMTIME

  13. Go Obama!!! says:

    Obviously we have a racist pig here leaving comments, what kind of values does your white family have if any?????

    1. Sadden says:

      My thoughts exactly!!!

    2. marc sac says:

      Well for one, not pimping kids.

  14. Marty B Goode says:

    An african american doing a crime? How rare is that? They must have had to search and search and search and search and search and search and search and search!

  15. cmore says:

    Anyone can see that she and father are lying. These people never make eye ontact with their interviewer. Does that father look like he has an extra 1000.00 to give to his tramp daughter. These people can lie so well when they are in trouble. Did I hear her say that she has kids?. Probably on welfare. Get a job you piece of trash. As for the 14 year old, no pity from me. These days these girls know exactly what they are doing. She is no baby.

    1. truth says:

      @ cmore never judge a book by its doesnt matter wht he looks like that doesnt mean he can’t have a good job

  16. mbee says:

    Laxy pimping Federal prosecutor and FBI. Looking for points for promotion and a star on their resume. This is a local crime, local police and courts should be doing the investigation. If they can’t than why are we paying the locals? The Feds are ignoring the hard crimes, like who wrecked the economy, who jacked up gas prices, who is trying to blow us up for easy crimes. The same motivation and process when I worked with the Feds a few years back.

  17. barrack says:

    Obama is her pimp………….

  18. Rick says:

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t racist, you are now going to have to find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove your not an idiot!

  19. kk says:

    i supprort obamam but what does ths artical have to do with the president??? hmm let me guess your a rebulican!

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