(CBS13) – Sutter County health officials are notifying more than 30 home owners that their private wells may be contaminated.

The Sutter County Environmental Health Division is mailing notices to 36 homes near El Margarita Road near Franklin Road west of Yuba City warning that their wells could have dangerously high levels of perchlorate and nitrate.

In February, a well owned by the El Margarita Mutual Water Company revealed high levels of perchlorate and nitrate impacting 65 homes.

After that discovery, the state Department of Public Health sampled some other wells in the area and also found high levels of the chemicals.

Officials are now recommending people with private wells in the area have their water tested. 

High levels of perchlorate consumed in drinking can eventually lead to low levels of thyroid hormone.

High levels of nitrate can cause several health conditions. The most serious affects infants and is commonly known as blue baby syndrome. Maternal exposure to nitrites or nitrates may also result in risk of serious complications of pregnancy. 

The Sutter County website, www.suttercounty.org,  has more information and a list of laboratories that do well water testing.


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