SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An Orangevale woman scoured her neighborhood for more than a week, searching for the dogs that brutally killed her Chihuahua during a walk in the park.

Kathilynn Carpenter posted fliers day after day in and around the park urging anyone to come forward who recognized the two German Shepherds that killed her Chihuahua.

“And they really just killed Mocha instantly,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn says her six-year-old Chihuahua Mocha drowned in his own blood; a quick death after an attack by two German Shepherds running loose in a Citrus Heights park.

“These dogs came to kill, they came across the park to kill,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn says she saw the dogs running towards her out of the corner of her eye, and she says she tried to run into the bathroom with her own three dogs, but it was too late.

“My dog is dead, you killed my dog,” Kathilynn says sadly.

And as she stood over Mocha’s lifeless body, she claims the woman with the German Shepherds finally got control of her dogs and promised she would be right back, but she never returned.

“My precious Mocha was brutally killed,” Kathilynn tells CBS13.

The dog owner worked daily to track down Mocha’s killers and followed a trail of leads, which lead her to a Citrus Heights home.

The German Shepherds owners didn’t want to comment, but animal control says they answered to their officers.

After a history of complaints against the dogs, they agreed to surrender the pair to the county.

Also, Kathilynn’s Great Danes, Sampson and Delilah, were also hurt in the attack, and are still healing from their wounds.

“He has a big gash and bite marks,” explains Kathilynn.

But, she is comforted that her detective work brought justice for Mocha, and although the killers were put down Thursday afternoon, their deaths, Kathilynn says, don’t compare to Mocha’s.

“At least it’ll be humane, you know, for them,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn told CBS13 that she usually carries pepper spray on walks, but that night she’d forgotten it.

Animal Control also says it’s up to Kathilynn to pursue any charges against the dog owner.

Comments (112)
  1. Kathilynn says:

    This was a short news story and the entire story and all the facts are not included. But I want to emphasize that these dogs were on the other side of the park. I cannot express how quickly they got to us and in seconds ripped Mocha open and snapped his neck. Did he try to fight back, of course. Both my Danes defended themselves Altho one is a rescue with some issues so he was very confused. My dogs did not attack first. They didn’t even know the shepherds were there until they were on top of them biting and tearing at them. I saw the shepherds first and tried to slowly move my dogs out of their line of site. I am capable of controlling them because they obey me. Again I am sorry they were put down. It would be very difficult to rehab these dogs at this point. Still I did not ask they be put down.

    1. sharpone says:

      Thanks for not letting her get away with this! You are a hero!

    2. Kim says:

      You inspire me! My 5lb Morkie Jackson was killed Easter Morning in front of me by a Pit Bull and the attack was initiated by two poodles, a month earlier he was attacked in a similar way by another dog that bounded across a field, however that dog did not fatally attack him although it was a trip to the emergency vet for stitches and the owners were more than responsive… I started a Jackson’s law ( cause on FB and a petition to try and change the laws regarding dogs killing other dogs…this happens way too often. Peace, Kim

  2. Ryan says:

    Glad the dogs were put down.Has anyone thought that these dogs were retired military dogs they are trained to attack.I have a friend who HAD a retired K9 ,when you go to there house you have to be careful not to make any sudden moves or that dog would be all over you.I glad she found the dogs that killed her little dog.When the two sheperds were put down they did not feel any pain not like the little dog had to suffer and feel so much pain.Just remember people killers start with animals then move up to people.

  3. Shaila123 says:

    It is heartbreaking that three dogs had to die because of one set of negligent owners. I hope that everyone reading this story takes away how important it is to keep your pets on a leash in public places. Most importantly, to be aware of the animal that you have, and take the necessary precautions. Hopefully tragedies like this one can be avoided in the future and little Mocha’s death, and the two Shep’s, won’t have been in vain.

  4. Dave says:

    This is all obamas fault

  5. anton says:

    hey mike don’t give them to much i

  6. Denise says:

    you all are missing the point here, dogs no matter the breed or size don’t have any business roaming parks or anywhere in the vicinity of a city without being leashed. Its not unfortunate for the dogs who killed the other dog to be put to sleep. It’s the consequences of the actions of the owners.

  7. LisaT says:

    There is sadness all around for everyone here. Kathryn, I’m so sorry for the tragic loss of your chihuahua, just terrible.

    The caretakers of these shepherds are at fault here, not properly controlling the dogs after taking responsibility for them. GSDs (like many dogs) can have high prey drive, can be reactive, and in a pack of two, these traits can be amplified. I seriously doubt that this was protective, but clearly it was reactive behaivour. With proper training, this should have been controlled, but unfortunately, many, like the owner of these dogs, don’t put the time and effort into training their dogs for all situations.

    Once again, the negligence of humans have cost the lives of our best friends. Three canine lives have been needlessly lost.

    Rest peacefully.

    1. Tmoo says:

      Very articulate & well put LisaT. I agree that it is sadness all around–especially for the animals! A well trained/controlled dog wouldn’t have done that (I don’t think–I don’t know-I have cats.) I am an animal LOVER. I do not have much money to live on, but I manage to care for my 2 cats with the best grain free food I can afford AND vet/labwork when needed. It’s hard but I made that commitment when I first adopted them. 11 yrs later they’re doing well…so far. To Kathryn: AWESOME detective work & I’m so sorry for your tragic loss too.

  8. hello says:

    the woman has 3 other dogs she could live without one

    1. Melissa in NorCal says:

      Would you say that to someone who had 4 children, but one was brutally murdered? If so, your an animal. Some people really love their pets like children. Have some compassion.

      1. Vicki says:

        I agree. Also, a child could have been their target instead of another dog. The owner was clearly at fault for not having her dogs under her control.

  9. Walker says:

    Dogs attempt to attack me about twice a week while working (3 guesses as to what my job is!).

    Idiot dog owners JUST DON’T GET IT – when a dog attacks someone or someone’s pet the line is always the same: “My God, he never does anything like that” Yeah, until he DOES…. Here’s another thing they just don’t get – if a dog attacks someone the owner is liable. Period. There is no proof of negligence required, nothing. Average settlement? Try $25k. Yet every single day, sometimes every single hour I come across some IDIOT’S loose dog…

  10. Kathilynn says:

    Rachelle, is this meant for me,

  11. super_patriot says:

    both these dogs served in gulf war 1 and 2.
    clearly this woman is an al qaeda sympathizer and should be brought to gitmo to be waterboarded until she confesses where in pakistan she trained.

    1. missinginaction2 says:

      god bless those dogs, one of them pulled me out of a vietnam POW camp.

      1. col.trautman says:

        those dogs were trained to eat things that would make a billy-goat puke.

  12. Kathilynn says:

    I’m thinking of putting together a foundation to raise funds to create awareness for the procedure to report these incidents as well as the importance of leash laws. I’ve been contacted by a few others who encountered these dogs in the park and were attacked. “Hunted” was the word one used. He didn’t know how to report it or what to do. What do you think of this, would it be helpful or productive. I’m willing to put the time in if it would save other dogs/people from similar incident.

    1. Tmoo says:

      Hi Kathilynn-sorry I misspelled your name above.
      You sound like a very smart go-getter that doesn’t just sit around & complain or just feel sorry for yourself (although you definitely have a very good reason to be sad!) I think your idea is brilliant. The local media would be smart to pay you another visit asap while the story is fresh so you can get your idea out. I suspect a LOT of people would respond. BEST of luck to you…& again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

      1. Kathilynn says:

        Thank you, I appreciate your support as well as the kind words and support of many who posted here.

  13. nb says:

    While I’m not faulting the owner of the chihuahua or the shepherds themselves because the owners are completely to blame but those two dogs didn’t die a “humane” death. They were taken from their home by a stranger, thrown into a kennel run near other highly stressed dogs, I’d assume held for a few days, taken by yet another stranger most likely muzzled walked to a cold back room that smells like death, had a needle pushed into them and euthanized. Those poor dogs spent their last few days terrified and confused. I agree that something had to be done about the dogs, clearly there was an on going issue with them but for the owner of the other dogs to say so lightly that their death was humane, really rubbed me the wrong way.

    ( I just want to clarify I have no clue how the county shelter handled this case but while I worked at an animal shelter for 4 years in S. CA that is how bite cased were handled)

    1. Tmoo says:

      To NB:
      You are right too (there are several different angles to this story.) I agree that something had to be done about these dogs because apparently it was an on going issue. But although it is considered humane how they were put down, still you are VERY RIGHT that it was a horrible, confusing experience for the 2 dogs. Sadness all around because someone couldn’t control these dogs…which admittedly is difficult with TWO GSDs.

    2. Kathilynn says:

      While it is hard to believe I suppose- I am sad for the GSDs also. As I know it wasn’t their fault. I do know they were euthanized immediately on Thursday afternoon. Usually they are impounded and then there is a hearing. But since the owners requested it, it was done more quickly. So in that sense it may have been more humane. I do not wish suffering on them.

  14. still kicking says:

    Why is it that nothing is ever done to the owners of these violent dogs? Killing the two attack dogs should only be the start. Maybe mandatory long prison terms for these kinds of owners would reduce the number of tragic incidents like this one. The character of a dog is usually reflective of its owner. Nice people don’t have problem dogs. Let’s get rid of the real source of the problem.

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