SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An Orangevale woman scoured her neighborhood for more than a week, searching for the dogs that brutally killed her Chihuahua during a walk in the park.

Kathilynn Carpenter posted fliers day after day in and around the park urging anyone to come forward who recognized the two German Shepherds that killed her Chihuahua.

“And they really just killed Mocha instantly,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn says her six-year-old Chihuahua Mocha drowned in his own blood; a quick death after an attack by two German Shepherds running loose in a Citrus Heights park.

“These dogs came to kill, they came across the park to kill,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn says she saw the dogs running towards her out of the corner of her eye, and she says she tried to run into the bathroom with her own three dogs, but it was too late.

“My dog is dead, you killed my dog,” Kathilynn says sadly.

And as she stood over Mocha’s lifeless body, she claims the woman with the German Shepherds finally got control of her dogs and promised she would be right back, but she never returned.

“My precious Mocha was brutally killed,” Kathilynn tells CBS13.

The dog owner worked daily to track down Mocha’s killers and followed a trail of leads, which lead her to a Citrus Heights home.

The German Shepherds owners didn’t want to comment, but animal control says they answered to their officers.

After a history of complaints against the dogs, they agreed to surrender the pair to the county.

Also, Kathilynn’s Great Danes, Sampson and Delilah, were also hurt in the attack, and are still healing from their wounds.

“He has a big gash and bite marks,” explains Kathilynn.

But, she is comforted that her detective work brought justice for Mocha, and although the killers were put down Thursday afternoon, their deaths, Kathilynn says, don’t compare to Mocha’s.

“At least it’ll be humane, you know, for them,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn told CBS13 that she usually carries pepper spray on walks, but that night she’d forgotten it.

Animal Control also says it’s up to Kathilynn to pursue any charges against the dog owner.

Comments (112)
  1. Cdt Blackmon says:

    The German shepards belonged to my good friend in the united states army. He proudly serves our country with me. It is ridiculous that his two dogs are to be put down because of this. They could have replaced the persons dog at no costs. However, she is clearly not a dog lover or a patriot since she sought out this punishment for a service member of the army. Things like this make me question if American society knows what is right.

    1. SallyJo says:

      The dogs should not have been running loose in the first place. No one’s dog should be attacked and killed when out for a walk in the park. This has nothing to do with her patriotism, but the negligence of the owners, no matter what their occupation it’s inhumane to raise dogs that prey on other animals.

    2. Go USA! says:

      Are you serious? Calling someone unpatriotic because of this issue?? These dogs could’ve killed a child! Serving one’s country does not automatically make anyone into some saint who is immune to following laws.

    3. David_sacto says:

      Disgusting that you would hide behind honorable service as an excuse for irresponsible dog ownership. Those dogs were vicious because their owner didn’t care enough to protect them thru proper care and training. I served honorably and its disgusting that you would use that to excuse what happened here, if anything you should have cared more and showed a greater level of care and responsibility because of what service has instilled or tries to instill in you. Do us all a favor and shut up. You’re an embarrassment to truly honorable servicemen and women.

    4. ReallyPeople says:

      What does his service to our country have anything to do with the fact that your friend’s dogs killed her dog? Her dog is dead because your friend was unable to control his own animals. I don’t think the fact that he serves in the army excuses him from being a responsible pet owner. Buying her a new dog isn’t going to make up for what she’s lost ‘and if that were truly the case, then your friend should have no problem dealing with the loss of his own dogs and no problem replacing them.

      1. David_sacto says:

        Exactly right on the money!

    5. Major Lee Funny says:

      So when someone is a member of our military they should be exempt from common sense and decency? Heh.

    6. Steve says:

      Well the person has to take responsability for there actions, the owner of the sherpard’s is a ass wipe letting the dogs go free without a leash.
      What happen if it was a child that got killed, does not matter what you do for a living, in the army or not, thats just a cop out on that !!!

    7. Divemaster says:

      Not a dog lover? She obviously went WAY out of her way looking for more than a week to find who was responsible for her dogs death. The fact you mention your friend is in the army means nothing- he should know better than to let his vicious dogs run free and harm others, what if it had been a child the dogs injured, or killed, would the fact he is in the army make it ok?? Obviously, as stated, there were previous reports against the dogs, meaning they had issues in the past, it is YOUR friends fault that his dogs were running loose and killed another persons pet. He should be held liable monetarily and legally. He can go replace his dogs now at no costs, just as you said she could have…

    8. Terrence says:

      R U Serious right now? LOL that could have been a human being…Maybe u should be PUT DOWN, wut do u think about that?

    9. J.C. says:

      Oh my God. Has the US military become mere mercenaries for a totalitarian, corrupt, fascist, corporate state? And we are suppose to now have respect for criminals in the military? Too bad for those few serving who still believe in this country.

    10. wister says:

      Your comment is ridiculous! Your friends service has no relevance to this story, nor the brutal attack on that tiny little chihuahua! Your friend should have been more vigilant in keeping his/her dogs locked in the backyard. Dogs who kill should be put down – and the owner penalized for the loss of the chihuahua, who was precious to it’s owner. Period. End of story. I am a dog-lover – I show my dogs love by making sure that they are trained, and are safely contained in my home and yard. And, they are on a leash when they are walked. Replace that woman’s dog?? Seriously?? Geez, man….I

    11. J.C. says:

      Are we to conclude now that those serving in the US army are liars, cowards, and thugs? The dog owner said she would return but didn’t. She had previously had a history of complaints. Is the army uniform to be used to intimidate and turn one’s nose up to the rule of law? What could possibly be behind this?

    12. weslee gomez says:

      are you serious? Im in the military im and 11B Sergeant. you are stupid to think that thoe dogs dont deserve to get put down. they killed her dog and then instead of coming back to the scene to see if there was anything your frind could do he just left and never came back. your friend is a discrace. You are apsrt of the United States Army have some integrity. Thats if you still know what that is.

    13. C. Byers says:

      Sorry, but just because a person is in the military dosen’t mean the laws don’t pertain to them equally. Goodness sakes! It isn’t ABOUT money! Obviously she IS a dog lover and just because she tracked down the killer dogs dosen’t make her unpatriotic.. If those two shepherds were allowed to get away with it, very likely next time it could of been someone’s child. Then what would be the “price” to replace someone’s child?? Kathilynn- my heart goes out to you.. I know it would be heart wrenching to me to lose my chihuahua like that, hope your bigger dogs heal quickly.

  2. Mahogany says:

    My heart goes out to the owner of the Chihuahua. I would be heart broken if that ever happened to my little girl, a Chihuahua mix. The owners of the German Shepherds are quite negligent and should be held legally & financially accountable.

  3. Cheryl Cornell says:

    The fault isn’t with the dogs, it’s with the owners and until we get serious and start putting these people in jail where they belong, we will keep reading these stories.

  4. dog lover 1 says:

    Cdt Blacmon what an idiot, having 2 out of control dogs not on a leash have nothing to do with serving in the united states army. It is ridiculous that someone cant walk thier dogs on a leash in a park and then have someone say the attack is ok because the owner served in the army. Things like this make Me question if American society knows whats is right.
    Tell you good friend thank you for his service

  5. Kathilynn Carpenter says:

    I am a dog lover and if you were you would understand a dog cannot simply be replaced. Second these fogs have been terrorizing that neighborhood for sometime. They ran loose and they had no business being out unleased that night. I am sorry for those dogs they only became what the owners taught them to be. They were not born that way. Finally they left the scene. This has nothing to do with military service, which I was completely unaware of before you mentioned it.

    1. Crystal says:

      K – military service or not – that is just something to try to throw off how irresponsible people can be. (1)Hole in the fence for the dogs to escape? Fix it, seal it and check it to make sure it holds…(2)They bolt out when the front door opens and cannot be called back in? Train them, train them and then train them again to heel and be obedient….(3)Territorial and aggressive with other dogs? See #2

      Brothers have served for 15+ years and they are responsible dog owners. They agree with what you did – you might want to just stop posting as some of these lunatics are just trying to get a rise out of you and everyone else.

  6. Dog Friend says:

    You don’t just replace a beloved pet dog like you would a broken microwave, buddy. If a pet owner has not been responsible enough to control vicious dogs that have had other incidents it’s time for them to pay the price. She is obviously a dog lover as she had three dogs, one of which was killed by these out of control and dangerous animals. My hat is off to her for tracking them down. Their next victim could easily be a child or an elderly person. What would you say then? Your argument that she is not a patriot is ridiculous and childish. Thanks for serving our country, but keep your damn dogs under control!

  7. Sam says:

    Wow, Cdt Blackmnon, you are an idiot…no wonder we can win wars if this is what we put out there…unleashed dogs, especially big dogs, should be a fine and or jail time…uncalled for, it’s the owners fault that they put these dogs down….condolences to your little dog 😦

  8. Wayne says:

    CRT Blackmon are you for real?? What an idiotic excuse for irresponsible behavior. Glad the shepherds were put down before they hurt someone else. Kathilyn please press charges so the owner has some accountability as well. Perhaps after a substantial fine they will be a little more proactive in proper training and safety for there animals in the future.

  9. Blackmon says:

    The true owner is away at training. I’ve been around the dogs and they would never hurt a person. The German shepards felt their walker was in danger and acted. Wouldn’t you expect your dogs to protect you if they felt you were in danger?

    1. Sue says:

      If the dogs cannot be controlled they shouldn’t be around other dogs! Your friend is going to owe big time if the other dog owner decides to pursue this, which I hope she does! Homeowners insurance will probably cover it if they have any, but I know someone who this happened to and their insurance company dropped them! Hopefully your friend will decide to take responsibility and pay for the other injured dogs, as well as the dog who was killed!

      1. Rose says:

        The owners DID NOT “request they be put down”. They had no other choice but to give them up. It was the county and animal control that decided to put them down!!!

    2. Divemaster says:

      How was the “walker” in danger? Her dogs were running freely, which is illegal, and attacked someone who was not even in the vicinity of the dogs. She was walking her dogs when she noticed the two dogs running at her, and she ran away with her dogs, so what did her and her dogs do which was threatening? What is the history of these dogs blackmon, what are the former complaints if you dont mind me asking, what have they attacked before? Have they ever been properly trained? A responsible pet owner would have proper training and have their dogs properly under control at ALL TIMES.

    3. Crystal says:

      The didn’t hurt a person where K was involved – they killed her small dog and ripped up her other dogs.

  10. alex says:

    i think there is no big deal the dog killed the other dog so what German Shepherds will not atck with out the green light her little dog to bad dead and she was looking for those dogs for a week or two what u had nothing better to do

    1. Monstera Deliciosa says:

      Dear God,

      Sometimes I do not understand why you have put certain people here. It seems like if you were paying attention, you would not do this to us. Please help.

    2. Sue says:

      There may have not been a financial cost to Mocha’s family, but there certainly is an emotional toll. For many people, their pets are like family. How can you say she’s not a dog lover? She may not have loved your friend’s dogs, but she certainly loves her own! They did kill her dog after all! To question her patriotism is ridiculous! She had no idea what your friend does for a living, nor does it matter! The point is the dogs killed another dog, and the person responsible for them took off! If you think it is so easy to replace a beloved pet or pets why don’t you suggest your friend just go out and buy new dogs? I bet they wouldn’t agree with you on this!

  11. DennisThaMennis says:

    I feel bad for your little chihuahua! I really do. At least the killers have been taken care of. I treat my goldens like my kids and I would do all that I could to protect them. Like people, there are so many damn bad seeds in the world…and its only getting worse! I commend you for tracking down the “killers” and bringing some type of justice for you lost Little One…my heart goes out to you…

  12. Monstera Deliciosa says:

    People who cannot take care of their self certainly should not be allowed to have pets, and definitely should not be allowed to have children.

  13. Monstera Deliciosa says:

    You’ve made a very good point, but you should know better than to call people names. Not only does it cheapen your argument, it is divisive in an already tumultuous arena. It doesn’t help and it is a bad example forour youth.

    1. goodexample says:

      Oh PLEASE–You sound like you’re living in a dream world.
      Bad example for “our youth” –as if they don’t hear far worse every day.

    2. Martin says:

      I’ve been through the video and the written article and don’t see what ‘name calling’ you’re referring to? Nevertheless, this was an appropriate solution to this horrible situation. When there had been reported problems with the same dogs in the past, why on earth would someone take them into a park at all with other people and dogs and let them both off of a leash to run wild? Just totally irresponsible pet owners. It’s unfortunate that the dogs had to be put to sleep, but given their temperament, the next time it could have been a child.

  14. Kathilynn says:

    It is upsetting the dogs had to be put down. However, you were not there, the owner was not in danger they were across the park. My dogs were on leads. They did not see them until the Shepherds were on top of them. They had not even barked. And we were moving away from them. These dogs bit a man while running loose without an owner and chased people into their homes. This is not instinct. Finally they fled the scene without taking responsibility.

    1. Mahogany says:

      Kathilynn, my condolences on your lost beloved Mocha. Those defending the German shepherds & their owners can state what they think, but unlike you, they were not there that fateful evening. I hope you can heal from this ordeal and will cherish the memory of your little dog forevermore. Take care!

      1. Tmoo says:

        Dear Mahogany,
        Yours is the classiest response on here, much more than even mine. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  15. Mike says:

    These reports are unproven. I know these German Shepherds and they would never attack anyone unless in self-defense of their owner. This story is very one-sided and offers only one point of view from the side of the victim which is biased as she is stricken with anger, and a passion for vengeance. The German Shepherds are very calm and have been a part of their family for many, many years. If this woman really is a dog lover she would never wish the death of any dog, and forgive the dogs as they were acting on instinct, but instead she called animal control everyday asking if they took the dogs away to be put down, without any proof that it was even them. The story might even be twisted in her favor, maybe even her dogs were the ones that attacked first. This is unjust, the county should require more proof to take the life of two dogs and family members away.

    1. Rocky says:

      I’m sorry your friends lost their dogs, but lets be real. They ran loose. They killed. They got caught. The owners admitted it and turned over the dogs, who had a ‘history of complaints”.
      Not really the ‘very calm… would never attack anyone unless in self-defense of their owner” doge you describe, are they?

    2. Carol says:

      Actually I do think an employee of the district was on site and that these dogs have actually had complaints against them. If the owner was honorable, they would not have left. Basically, it is like a hit and run accident. The dogs should have been on a leash and they were not. Had they been, then the owner could have controlled the situation.

      I am sorry the dogs had to be put down but any animal control officer would tell you that if there are complaints from the past about the dogs and then they maul a dog to death and injure the other two, they were going to be taken into custody and most likely be put down.

    3. Crystal says:

      “If this woman really is a dog lover she would never wish the death of any dog, and forgive the dogs as they were acting on instinct, but instead she called animal control everyday asking if they took the dogs away to be put down, without any proof that it was even them.”

      Mike – your comments crack me up – you demand proof it was those shepherds – proof that they had several acts and reports against then – then you follow it with a line like that as if you were standing by the woman when she called animal control “everyday”.

      If these were such good dogs and they did not have multiple complaints from other people, and I was the owner, I would have fought for them. You must not be that close to the owners as you claim.

  16. Proudparent of 2 says:

    Cdt Blackmon Of course she is a dog lover! If she did not care for dogs she wouldn’t of hunt down the people who owned the dogs that attacked her dogs! Oh and they SHOULD be on leashes regardless if they were so called protecting someone. If that is true why did the person take off and didn’t come back? Why did the owners coward away?

  17. DianaFrisch says:

    no..dogs are not born to is learned..It is up to owner to be responsible..they ran across the par..yet, person who had them was in danger..stop making is fault of human with the one elses

    1. dogwild says:

      dogs are born to kill, you moron! Do you have a dog? Give them a toy or let them chase an animal, and you will see! I love my dogs, and I will only have friendly labs, but if they catch a squirrel it would not be good for the poor thing…

  18. emo says:

    These are not wild animals, they are dogs! They do have natural instincts, but dogs are usually trainable, which is where responsible pet ownership comes in! It could have been an accident, maybe the dogs got away from the person walking them, but she should have been forthcoming with her information instead of lying and saying she would come back!

  19. Mike says:

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  20. Stephanie Hargon says:

    I would do the same, those dogs are only lucky she allowed them to be put to sleep instead of giving them a good old fashioned piece of meat soaked in antifreeze! Why is it the victim always has to suffer a horrible, painful death, but the KILLERS get to have a nice, pain free death?

    If a dog attacks another dog, what is to keep if from attacking a small child. I say one strike and then they are put down! No, I am NOT a dog lover, I am really rather petrified of dogs. I teach my son that ALL dogs are killers, regardless of size. I never want him to be too comfortable around something that can kill him. All dogs should be on a leash, regardless of what their owners thing. I can’t stand to hear, “I would trust my dog around my child before I would trust a person” It is horrible enough she lost her dog, then to have the caretakers try to blame her is the icing on the cake. Forgive the dogs? Are you serious????

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