SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An Orangevale woman scoured her neighborhood for more than a week, searching for the dogs that brutally killed her Chihuahua during a walk in the park.

Kathilynn Carpenter posted fliers day after day in and around the park urging anyone to come forward who recognized the two German Shepherds that killed her Chihuahua.

“And they really just killed Mocha instantly,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn says her six-year-old Chihuahua Mocha drowned in his own blood; a quick death after an attack by two German Shepherds running loose in a Citrus Heights park.

“These dogs came to kill, they came across the park to kill,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn says she saw the dogs running towards her out of the corner of her eye, and she says she tried to run into the bathroom with her own three dogs, but it was too late.

“My dog is dead, you killed my dog,” Kathilynn says sadly.

And as she stood over Mocha’s lifeless body, she claims the woman with the German Shepherds finally got control of her dogs and promised she would be right back, but she never returned.

“My precious Mocha was brutally killed,” Kathilynn tells CBS13.

The dog owner worked daily to track down Mocha’s killers and followed a trail of leads, which lead her to a Citrus Heights home.

The German Shepherds owners didn’t want to comment, but animal control says they answered to their officers.

After a history of complaints against the dogs, they agreed to surrender the pair to the county.

Also, Kathilynn’s Great Danes, Sampson and Delilah, were also hurt in the attack, and are still healing from their wounds.

“He has a big gash and bite marks,” explains Kathilynn.

But, she is comforted that her detective work brought justice for Mocha, and although the killers were put down Thursday afternoon, their deaths, Kathilynn says, don’t compare to Mocha’s.

“At least it’ll be humane, you know, for them,” said Kathilynn.

Kathilynn told CBS13 that she usually carries pepper spray on walks, but that night she’d forgotten it.

Animal Control also says it’s up to Kathilynn to pursue any charges against the dog owner.

Comments (112)
  1. Kathilynn says:

    Just to clarify. I never requested the dogs be put down. I did not ever call animal control. I filed a report. The dogs were scheduled for impound today based on several incidents. The owners surrendered the dogs and requested they be put down. I am not angry nor looking for vengeance I am sad and bereft at the loss of my little companion. I only wanted to save someone else the grief and anguish of this kind of experience.

    1. Rocky says:

      Kathilynn, I am sorry for your loss. You did the right thing.


      1. Tmoo says:

        Rocky, a very nice & thoughtful comment.
        Kathilynn, although we are sorry for the death of all the dogs, I sadly agree. You did the right thing. As you can see, there are lots of us out here who are supporting you & again, very sorry for your loss of sweet Mocha.

    2. Carol says:

      No matter if a dog bites or kills a person or animal, and a report is made, then it has to be investigated. And since there were several incidents (and even if there were not), most likely the decision would have been made anyway to put them down.

      I am sorry for Kathilynn’s loss of her beloved dog. Pets become part of the family so losing them can be just as painful as losing a human life.

      I hope this story encourages all dog owners to be responsible. Leash laws are there to protect everyone.

    3. Janine says:

      I’m very sorry for your loss Kathilynn and applaud you for spending the necessary time and effort to locate these irresponsible dog owners. The end result absolutely fit the situation and the history of these particular dogs. What bothers me now however, is the IQ (or lack thereof) related to some of these posts. Obviously, a situation with this subsequent outcome can inspire heated comments, but the posts by those purporting to be friends of the Sheppard’s owners are nothing less than mind-boggling. No doubt the dog’s owners are sad to lose their pets, but to blame you, make things up total lies about your actions in the subsequent days, attack your motivation, claim you’re not a dog lover, or to state that perhaps Mocha attacked these two large dogs would all just be so laughable if it weren’t such a sad and unnecessary situation in the first place. Oh, lest we forget that you are now somehow unpatriotic too. Yes, mind-boggling. While the raw emotions of this awful situation will subside with time, there are still people out there walking around in what is perceived to be normal society that are really just as frightening and concerning as the two dogs were.

  2. Nad says:

    why are you automatically assuming that the owners didn’t train them or didn’t give them attention? i know these dogs personally. they would never hurt a child. they are family friendly dogs, who play with children on a daily basis. like mike mentioned, its instinct against other dogs.

  3. Mike says:

    This is a very primitive and insular way of thinking, you cannot make such quick judgments and assumptions without first having all the facts before you. If you were a police officer and a small kid pulls a gun you, your first instinct would be to eliminate the threat (or shoot him). In this case who would be right? The police officer of course, even if it was a toy gun. Clearly this woman has nothing better to do then search for dogs that aren’t even hers for weeks, with no proof of any kind except her word, and to twist tales for her five minutes of fame.

    1. Carol says:

      I feel for both parties in this instance, but your reply is just inaccurate Mike.

      I believe Kathilynn’s actions were to protect other dogs and individuals from getting hurt by these dogs.

      It was not weeks that she has been searching but just over a week. I don’t believe she is a fame seeker but a responsible human being for taking into consideration that this could happen to some other dog or individual.

      None of this would have been in the media had it not been for the owner panicking and leaving the scene and not returning. And, though the owner probably didn’t want to relinquish the dogs, they did and requested they be put down. They took responsibility for their dogs actions and probably are remorseful.

    2. jenell says:

      I’d say she did her community a service. According to the article these dogs have had a history of complaints against them.

    3. MJW says:

      Even the owners knew their dogs were a menace. These two dogs had a history of violent behavior. I applaud this lady for hunting down these dogs. They would have continued to do this to other animals, or maybe even small children.
      In the future, actually try to read the story before you make statements like that !!
      P.S. The owner of those dogs said she would be right back, but never returned. I’m thinking she was trying very hard to cover this up because she knew her dogs had done this before.

    4. Keith Decker says:

      what do you know that we dont know?Inspector mike

  4. Rocky says:

    Mike, are you serious? Stop with the accusing. The poor womans dog was killed viciously right in front of her. Leave it be.

  5. Nina says:

    I have known good dogs that I would have never thought they could harm someone turn, it is always possible as they are animals, heck, I know people who have committed offenses I never thought possible. I understand that a few of you posting are friends of the dogs owner and have interacted with them and they may have been loving animals within their owners home, but this did not happen at their home so their behavior was most likely different. when you put an animals instincts (as pack animals no less) along with the fact that they were allowed to run unleashed you have a huge potential for disaster.

    1. Carol says:

      Very well said Nina.

  6. Carol says:

    I don’t think the tangents off the topic are really helpful to the whole conversation.

    The owners rights were not violated. The dogs were not taken under protest. Other complaints were filed about the dogs. The owners relinquished the dogs to animal control.

    If the owners felt their rights were being violated, then I believe they would have stood up for their rights. They were also given the opportunity to appear on the news report and did not.

    Again, I would not wish for anyone to have to be in this situation…on either side.

    1. Mike says:

      Owners weren’t given much choice, in addition the original owner is away in the United States Army. I don’t know the procedure taken if you refuse to give up your dogs to animal control, but I speculate they are not pleasant.

  7. viper3 says:

    mike seems to be a know it all or a smartbutt. mike get this in your small pee size brain of yours .the woman put flyers up followed tips and found the house where the shepards lived plus found the woman of the shepards at the same house . and that woman would not talk with her about the attack .so the animal control came in and took the dogs after mumerous complaints about the shepards. now mike what if this happened to be your dog or maybe your son/daughter that was attacked and killed by these dogs .would you be like oh well stuff happens .no you would be at the police station /running up and down the streets yelling/ looking for these dogs .so mike please do all of us a favor and shut the f-word up .cus you make no sence at all.

    1. Kaite says:

      Viper GREAT point! Mike is an idiot.

      1. MJW says:

        That’s an insult to idiots everywhere !
        Go away Mike ! Nobody is interested in your ” your rights are being taken away” rants !

    2. Dave says:

      Damn Obamas fault

  8. RickJames says:

    Ok now thats a good one…..the dogs felt that the lady with 2 great danes and a
    pocket dog were threats so they attacked them…wouldn’t you want your dog to
    act in those situations??? NO! I would want my dog to do nothing and let me decide if they were a threat or not. I laugh at these people who get dogs for protection.It’s just as dangerous as an idiot with a gun if not more. Never met
    a nice German Shepard in this area.Theres to many weak people that own them and can’t control them.

  9. sherry tyler says:

    Mike, you obviously have a relationship with the german shepards. Your ranting will not change the facts. Teach a dog to be agressive and you are sending it to it’s death. You are not cool because you have the meanest dog on the block.

  10. JB says:

    AHHH so the big dogs were merely defending themselves against the threatening chihuahua that attacked first.


    1. phillip says:

      have you ever herd of short man syndrome

  11. WW2VetFamilyMember says:

    Unbelievable! We have sociopaths, that hide behind their military service, commenting here. You are a disgrace to all of the decent, law abiding people in the military.

    All you know how to do is blame the victim and make excuses for the vicious murdering German Shepherds and their incompetent and uncaring owners.

    I’d love to know your real names and who your C.O. is so I can forward your comments here to him or her.

    Sociopaths that justify criminal behavior should not be allowed to carry weapons or serve in the military.

  12. John L. says:

    Kathilynn, sorry for your loss. Make sure you follow up with the criminal charges along with civil. The woman took the dogs away, saying she would come right back, decided to hide and avoid responsibilty Shame on her! She needs to be taught a lesson.

  13. Jessica says:

    Why would someone randomly acuse dogs of murder. Did you not read the part where it said dogs were still healing from wounds too? The owner most likely admitted to the offense as well.

    1. Melissa in NorCal says:

      Just to be clear, the term “murder” only applies to the unlawful killing of a human being. Dogs are killed, not murdered.

  14. GLORM says:

    I find it heart-wrenching as an ANIMAL LOVER and OWNER that 3 dogs are NOW dead!
    For 1 dog it’s death was a brutal mauling, a scenario too horrible to visualize …
    It seems you desire empathy for your friend’s dogs (which I TRULY have) yet lack empathy for the owner who actually witnessed it?
    Instinct or not, family dog or not WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER??…YES THE HUMAN CARETAKER … it’s the HUMAN who buys the leash for the DOG, THE HUMAN SHOULD BE CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING THE DOGS ….the HUMAN……..

    NOW the 2 dogs are DEAD too! My empathy is that they unfortunately ONLY had you to “C A R E” for them, that was their downfall….

  15. GLORM says:

    You are lashing out because “your friend’s” 2 dogs have now been put down …but who’s FAULT is that?

    Why wasn’t it PREVENTED?

    You may NOT care about poor Mocha NOR her FAMILY MEMBERS…

    BUT What do you say to your “friend” ?

    What did you say to his dogs before they were taken to their death?

    I think that it is a DAMN SHAME as this service man’s friend(s), as “his” people



    ALL the while as you put it- HE SERVES HIS COUNTRY,
    Is that how you HONOR and RESPECT him??…


  16. jed says:

    These two German shepards had prior complaints with animal control. The owner should have been responsible and never been allowed the shepards to run free without a leash and a muzzle. Appreciate and thank the owner for being in the military, but this has nothing to do with this issue.

  17. BeBe says:

    I HAVE 2 FEMALE PITBULLS, now 9 and 10, to this day, without incident…..

    IF left to “INSTINCT”, “UNLEASHED” “UNCARED FOR”….. a chance encounter at the park with MY PITBULLS
    (with behavior as fore mentioned) your GS would be dead…………….

    Yet somehow my “born vicious” pitbulls have an immaculate record, Do YOU THINK that’s luck!??

    Though they could “instinctively” kill cats, Yet they do NOT kill cats and in fact they live in the same household with felines,
    neither disturbed by the other.
    they are even able to ignore unleashed yappy chihuahuas when we go for our walks
    Still LUCK!?
    I assure you sir that it has been through my love for my dogs with effort, diligence, patience, the knowledge, the ability and the desire for them to have an enjoyable life that my lucky dogs remain with me….. MY DOGS WOULD BE DEAD LIKE YOURS OTHERWISE.

  18. Makiko says:

    It is sad though that the 2 Shepherds where Euthanized (murdered) because their owner did not OBEY the leash-law we have in California. (Dogs like that can be retrained) I feel for the Chihuahua owner, but she should pull all resources open to her to but the owner in Prison for neglect-reclesness-disobeying the law-and for fleeing the murder scene, which she had created, not her dogs- which she is 100% responsible for. If you read it go to the Law library, they help you legal free.

  19. Pitbull/ German shpherd owner says:

    See Pit Bulls aren’t the only ones who kills little dogs.The owners raised aggresive dogs, and were not responsible, Those dogs were born Loving puppies. But then again who knows little dogs are good at kickin stuff off, then people get mad when the big dog finishes it. I have seen it many many many times the little ankle biters think they are big dogs. Either way those dogs shouldn’t of been out. That sucks the little dog died. I don’t think anyone needs to go to prison, just not allowed to a own a dog again. Save the prison room to keep the chesters in there.

    1. ViciousDogsSuck says:

      You are a typical Pitbull owner….You always find a way to blame it on the victim of a vicious dog attack. You are a sick puppy.

  20. upset grandma says:

    I am sorry the woman lost her little dog because they become a big part of our lives. But I do have a problem with them killing dogs for killing another dog but won’t even impound a dog that mauls a child and tells the owner that the dog was only doing what it was supposed to do when the children were just playing on a trampoline.

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