SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Budget cuts are forcing the closure of up to 70 California State parks.

The California State Parks department announced the closure at noon on Friday.  The department is closing up to 70 of the its 278 parks to make $33 million in cuts for the next two budget years.

“We regret closing any park,” said Ruth Coleman, director of California State Parks, “but with the proposed budget reductions over the next two years, we can no longer afford to operate all parks within the system.”

The department used three criteria when choosing which parks would close: (1) protect the most significant natural and cultural resources, (2) maintain public access and revenue generation to the greatest extent possible and (3) protect closed parks so that they remain attractive and usable for potential partners.

The department claims that despite the closure 94% of the current revenue made from parks will be maintained.

“With this announcement, we can begin to seek additional partnership agreements to keep open as many parks as possible,” added Coleman.  “We already have 32 operating agreements with our partners – cities, counties and non-profits – to operate state parks, and will be working statewide to expand that successful template.”  

Below is a list of California State Parks to be closed:

Anderson Marsh SHP
Annadel SP
Antelope Valley Indian Museum
Austin Creek SRA
Bale Grist Mill SHP
Benbow Lake SRA
Benicia Capitol SHP
Benicia SRA
Bidwell Mansion SHP
Bothe-Napa Valley SP
Brannan Island SRA
California Mining & Mineral Museum
Candlestick Point SRA
Castle Crags SP
Castle Rock SP
China Camp SP
Colusa-Sacramento River SRA
Del Norte Coast Redwoods SP
Fort Humboldt SHP
Fort Tejon SHP
Garrapata SP
George J. Hatfield SRA
Governor’s Mansion SHP
Gray Whale Cove SB
Greenwood  SB
Grizzly Creek Redwoods SP
Hendy Woods SP
Henry W. Coe SP
Jack London SHP
Jug Handle SNR
Leland Stanford Mansion SHP
Limekiln SP
Los Encinos SHP
Malakoff Diggins SHP
Manchester SP
McConnell SRA
McGrath SB
Mono Lake Tufa SNR
Morro Strand SB
Moss Landing SB
Olompali SHP
Palomar Mountain SP
Petaluma Adobe SHP
Picacho SRA
Pio Pico SHP
Plumas-Eureka SP
Point Cabrillo Light Station
Portola Redwoods SP
Providence Mountains SRA
Railtown 1897 SHP
Russian Gulch SP
Saddleback Butte SP
Salton Sea SRA
Samuel P. Taylor SP
San Pasqual Battlefield SHP
Santa Cruz Mission SHP
Santa Susana Pass SHP
Shasta SHP
South Yuba River SP
Standish-Hickey SRA
Sugarloaf Ridge SP
Tomales Bay SP
Tule Elk SNR
Turlock Lake SRA
Twin Lakes SB
Weaverville Joss House SHP
Westport-Union Landing SB
William B. Ide Adobe SHP
Woodson Bridge SRA
Zmudowski SB

Comments (80)
  1. Judy says:

    Next will be a list of the schools they are closing. Then they should print a list of how much money they are each making and the benefits they are receiving. You know, the ones who are closing everything. Our elected officials. How about electing a different group next time.

  2. Appreciates the Wilderness says:

    The real problem here is that the California State Parks make money, think visitors and the various fees they pay, however the money the parks raise goes into the general fund where it can be spent the way our legislators and the governor see fit to spend it. Money should go first to the State parks to keep them open and to make repairs and expand facilities where appropriate with the end result being ensuring visitors have a quality experience and want to come back to our parks, therefore adding money to the State park budget. Second a portion of the money, after the reinvestment into the parks could then be given to the general fund. The State parks could be self-sustaining but the State government wants all the money first to spend how they want and where they want it on their little pet projects with very little reinvested in the parks. The way they are doing it now the parks are deteriorating before our very eyes with buildings and facilities needing repair or rebuilding, and graffiti and vandalism evident throughout the parks.
    Tourism from California residents and out-of-state visitors is one of our biggest money generators in this state. The governor and the legislator shouldn’t be allowed to close these parks without taking it to the voters with the full facts being presented. Instead, the governor and legislators want to shut down and close these State parks, to use the money the parks would and should get back to keep running, as a way to fund their special interests and a few programs at the expense of the State parks and the tourist dollar. Again the money generated by the State parks should be used first to fund the State parks then the remaining extra money could go to the general fund for other programs. At this rate the State parks and the money they generated will be a thing of the past. No parks – no visitors – no revenues! What a shame! Man needs the wild places to rejuvenate his spirit and appreciate life.

  3. Jim VSA says:

    Keep the parks open using citizen volunteers. One State Park employee could visit and supervise the volunteers in a dozen parks. What is the problem?
    The State could also CONTRACT out park operations to private companies just like the Federal parks contract out concessions to park business operators. Closing the people’s parks is IDIOTIC and UNACCEPTABLE!

    1. Tom says:

      NOW HERE THIS ! perfect idea lets put these people on welfare to work they are already getting paid get them to clean the bathrooms pick up trash do windows sweep the streets WOW! rocket science to figure that one out . Think of the billions of tax dollars we would save doing this cause all the people on welfare would leave if they had to work for a change and the crime would go with them LOL

  4. Nate says:

    This makes me sick. Sorry kids, we can’t go camping anymore, how about a Playstation instead. This is another step in the wrong direction.

  5. Kirk B says:

    Another set back to the “Quality of life” in California. I just can’t help but think of all the money we spend paying for law enforcement, auto theft task force’s, drug enforcement, prisons and staff, health care for prisioners, Gang task force,Children of famalies that just show up in our country /state and they have not paid 10 cents into the system and boom 5 kids are enrolled in school, gettign a free lunch etc. If we really want to address our states financial demise in all areas.. We all need to stand at the border and say NO MORE!! We can not handle it.

    1. Tom says:

      HERE ! HERE ! remember 28.1 BILLION DOLLARS just this year to give services to these ILLEGAL criminals and they are not just from south of the border CHINA 5 to 1 RUSSIA 2 to 1 compaired to Mexico .But you are right to the fact that the people from China and Russia are entering through are border with Mexico .All because are great presadent think these people are the back bone of America ( MY A$$ ) we need to close all are borders it should be a prvalidge to come to America not a right in these new times Americans can not support the free ride anymore ANYBODY AGREE

  6. LarryK says:

    You are witnessing our state being turned over to a bunch of illiterate invaders from another country!
    This is what electing White-hating liberal Democrats gets you.
    We have money to give food stamps to the kids of illegals–and put all state welfare forms and literature in 40 languages, but we are closing the parks that were built by our parents and grandparents and great grandparents–Parks to improve our quality of life and to show that we knew how to create a desireable society.
    If this keeps up, there is going to be a civil war!

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