LOS ANGELES (AP) — Doctors say the San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium is stable enough to be moved to a hospital in the Bay area where he’ll be closer to his family.

Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center spokeswoman Rosa Saca says in a statement Friday that Bryan Stow remains in a coma in critical condition, but he’ll be transferred to San Francisco General and Trauma Center as early as Monday morning.

On their website, the family expressed relief and happiness that Stow was coming home, but also said it was “bittersweet,” because they would be leaving all “the wonderful people” they had met in Los Angeles.

Stow was attacked in the stadium parking lot after the March 31 season opener. There have been no arrests.

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Comments (25)
  1. Giants Fan says:

    he should get lifetime season tickets to the Giants game!!! yeah yeah?

    1. Jean says:

      That is in no way humorous. Good lord. The man suffered a life altering injury at the hands of thugs who will never pay for their terrible deed. With a head trauma like he has suffered it’s doubtful he will ever be able to live a productive life again. Think next time before you post something so insensitive.

      1. Mel says:

        What a tragedy……but your wrong when you say the non humans that beat him will get away with it, God sees everything and a day is coming soon when all wicked people will be wiped of the face of the Earth . So whoever you are your judgement is coming and when you are put to death for your deeds you will not even have a proper burial , the birds and animals will feed on your corpse. God says vengeance is mine ….i will repay.

      2. Mel needs to Read his Bible... says:

        Mel, get a grip….. True, God knows all about this…. And he knows about everybody who knows about this…. And they will be brought to justice…. See, Steve’s Comment & Reply…

        I suggest that you read “Revelations”…. Or read it again….. I think that you are misinformed, and need to go back to Bible School…..

        And compassion….. You need to learn it…. God, is not going to wipe the wicked people off the face of the earth….. In fact, quite the other way around…. He will be taking the good home first…. The ones left on earth will be the ones that still have lessons to learn, and they will either accept God, or they will not, and that my dear will be Judgement Day…..

        So, Mel, please for your own peace of mind, and the sanity of your Soul, and it could also be reversed… The sanity of your mind and the peace of your Soul… Please, read your Bible a bit more carefully…. And try to understand it…. Your Soul is in Danger……..

  2. anna says:

    I agree 100%, this poor man just going to a game and look at his life! How Sad and I so Happy that he is okay to move back to the Bay Area. I wish him and his Famly no more pain and good Health going foward. Bless you and your Family… and Go Giants…..!!!

  3. Steve says:

    Wake up, people! This guy is NOT getting better, he’s not going to anymore games. He’s going to need round the clock care the rest of his life. There are people out there who saw this, who know something about this. It’s time to come forward and help this man and his family. Someone knows these thugs, someone has a partial license #, a make and model of car, someone overheard them talking about beating this guy up. Have some compassion for his wife and young kids. Step up! The samllest detail could break this case. Call the police and get these turds off the streets. Give his wife and kids some justice. How can you live knowing who did this and not terlling the police? C’mon, LA.- step up!

    1. I hear you, Steve..... says:

      You are so right…….. Someone did see and or hear about this…..

      How can you sleep at night, knowing that you know all about it, and maybe even know who is responsible for this???

      God knows that you know….. And one day, you will have to answer to him as to why you said nothing….??? He will be the one to Judge you….. And he knows the whole story….

      He gave you all free will…… Now use it…………

  4. donagain says:

    LORD, happy he can be closer to his home and family , theres magic at ATT park, lets hope the magic, and dr’s can help this giant fan do better,IN THE LORDS NAME i PRAY , amen

  5. Ronda Vrosh Barton says:

    I would like to address the Giants Fan who’s sarcasm is what sparks the hatred at what is supposed to be The Great American Sport of baseball. It is people like you, who for no other reason but your own ignorance, would make a statement such as you have.
    This family has suffered enough, and has a long road ahead towards healing. I wish them the best and my heart goes out to them.

    Season Tickets for life my ASS!!! That would in no way compare to the brutality and suffering. Please think before you post……its here forever and Karma is always one step behind you.

    1. AMY says:

      the giants fan coulda made it worse and said lifetime tickets to the dodgers game. i dont think he was being sarcastic by saying that. Give him a break!!!!

    2. Ronda, needs to Practice what she Preaches. says:

      Ronda, I think that you need to remind youself about “Karma”.

      Think more on the line of compassion for everyone, even those who might be ignorant, in your eyes. For, if I hold a mirror up to your face, what will you see???

      Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones. And only those without sin may cast that first stone, and frankly honey, I don’t think that is you.

      So, you, Please, Think, before you post again. Because, I think that “Karma” is only a half a step behind you. And it is catching up with you.

  6. james says:

    This guy is a mess, because of a couple of latino gang banging thugs. Mow your own lawns and lets deport these worthless roaches!! POS

    1. M.Castro says:

      I get that these boys that would do a horrible thing like this are usless to society and themselves & should suffer the ultimate consequence, this is a tragic situation and my hart goes out to the family and fans who read this story and could only feel saddened & remorse.

      However to make a racial comment/ suggestion that would sound as if you are including all ppl of latin decent puts you in the same useless catagory of these useless boys. Get with reality: Race has nothing to do with it, and ppl of all races commit horrible acts of violence it does not fall within one race and does not make it any better from one race to another a horrible act of violence is just that, and is the family left standing that have to suffer not because of the race of the dirtbag but because of the pieces they have to pick up for a lost love one. So as you probably have a latino scheduled to mow your lawn this morning since you are to lazy to do it, I will leave you with this don’t show all your true colors on the world wide web not everyone needs to know you are useless.

  7. Kevin H. says:

    One can only hope he makes a miraculous recovery. I imagine Giants Fan had his best interest at heart.

    Horrific that anyone should use an article on such a situation to espouse racist hate mongering anti-hispanic trash such a James did. Despicable yet for some reason, expected.

  8. Ron says:

    No..What’s expected, Is what happen to this Giants fan by Latinos. This is the mind set of these types of people (roaches) Who’s parents originate from a third would chit hole and teach their Children, that breaking into the U.S, and stealing from taxpayers is OK , and it’s just bound to get worse from there ( As it has). So F.u non- American posters, It’s really time to take your blinders off. It’s OK to take a stand.

    1. Ann says:

      “what happned to this Giants fam by Latinos”….wow, what a narrow minded useless comment, as well as james’ comment above. sad that certain parents in our society don’t teach their children to think for themselves and analyze our country’s problems instead of spitting out what hateful politicians want them to repeat…..

    2. Alicia M. Ramirez says:

      dont ban the whole race for the actions of these losers…..ignorant losers come in all colors

      1. Ron says:

        But mostly LATINOS

  9. Kathy says:

    Not meaning to sound racist, but can you imagine trying to find 2 Latinos in LA? I hope they find the perps and prosecute them to full extent of the law!

    1. Ann says:

      well, i think finding 2 of any race is just about as difficult in any city as big as L.A. or half as big as L.A. is difficult…..it’s more about witnesses coming forward and we know there are witnesses out there.

      1. Kathy says:

        I agree. I was there the next day and leaving the stadium was by no means quick. Someone knows something! Someone saw something! Maybe that someone will grow a conscience and come forward. Here’s hoping!

  10. Ron says:

    Ann.. get your head out of your azz.. My comments are not Racist, As they are facts. Latinos (illegals) are 7 times more likely to Commit a Crime. You and everyone you know is effected by an illegal indirectly, But soon to be directly per La Raza.

    – Jose Angel Gutierrez,
    Professor, University of Texas, Arlington
    Founder of the La Raza Unida political party

    “We have an aging white America.
    They are not making babies. They are dyying.
    The explosion is in our population . . .
    They are shi##ing in their pants with fear…I love it.
    We have got to eliminate the gringo,
    and what I mean by that is,
    if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to k.ill him

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