LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mother of a San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium said Sunday her family harbors no resentment for Dodgers fans or the city of Los Angeles.

“We’ve never held Dodger fans accountable for it. We never held the citizens of L.A. It was not their fault. We never had that. So we’re leaving with everybody imprinted on our hearts,” Ann Stow said. She also talked about how the kindness of LA residents has helped the family during the ordeal.

Brian Stow has been out of a medically-induced coma for about a week and is stable enough to be moved to a hospital in the Bay area where he’ll be closer to his family, doctors said. He remained in critical condition, but he’ll be transferred to San Francisco General and Trauma Center as early as Monday morning.

“The family has been here for going on seven weeks. They’re 400 miles away from home. Transporting him to a facility that will be closer to home just makes much more sense,” said Rosa Saca, a Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center spokeswoman.

Stow recently opened and closed his eyes and moved his arms but those movements could be involuntary, Saca told the Associated Press.

Doctors predicted a long road toward recovery and said Stow would need at least a year of physical therapy under the best of circumstances.

The 42-year-old paramedic and father of two was beaten in a parking lot by two men in Dodgers gear after the March 31 season opener against the Giants. No arrests have been made.

The incident has prompted an outpouring of community support. Stow received as many as 25 cards a day, as well as flowers, and some residents have brought his family homemade food, Saca said.

A peace rally held Saturday in Stow’s honor drew hundreds of marchers, including police officers and community residents, KABC-TV reported. It was organized to promote public safety and raise awareness about crime victims.

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Comments (14)
  1. MAB says:

    I can only imagine what it must be like for this family and what they had to endure and continue to endure . They are a strong family and for them NOT to hold any hostility toward the Dodgers and the city of Los Angeles speaks great volume of what kind of human beings they are . I wish Brian and his family all the best and to a full recovery .
    On the flip side I find it hard to believe no one has come forward with the identity of these two thugs . From what I read the incident happened in within the confines of Dodger Stadium (including the parking lot ) and there were many fans walking back to their cars . With all the technology now days and cell phones you mean to tell me no one recorded the incident or took any pictures ? Something smells fishy and I think someone out there does know and has vital info that may lead to an arrest and conviction of these two creeps . And when the authorities do capture them I hope they will prosecute them to the fullest extend of the law .

  2. RAY says:

    Of course someone knows, a lot of people know. They don’t care. The subhumans that did it will get away with but hopefully they will do it again and get their heads blown off their body.

  3. RAY says:

    Of course someone knows, a lot of people know. They don’t care. The subhumans that did it will get away with it but hopefully they will do it again and get their heads blown off their body.

  4. tata says:

    no matter what the situation it should have never resulted in violance in such a matter that is horrible my prayers are with the family and the children of this father life is too precious to be taken away by such a senseless act of violence that is so wrong god knows who did this and no one gets away with the wrong the do it will come back to them one day i just want to encourage the family to just pray i wish you all the best of luck and i will continue to pray for a positive recovery

  5. Zurc01 says:

    There is no justification for violence of any kind no matter why this was done to this man,but there I know that is was not done out of plain malice but this Brian person has to be honest and tell his family that He and no one else brought this assault on to himselv.He was drunk and carring on as if he was home at SF stadium.He was in a beligerent state and acting like he was on drugs.Lets not all act as he were an innocent bystander,because he was not.I am sorry for the family but it is what it is !!

    1. RGH says:

      How do we know that this guy was drunk and beligerent? Maybe I missed something, but that’s news to me. Unless it’s factual, you’re ridiculous to try to make that leap!! And wearing visiting team gear is NO reason to be beaten…go to a Giants-Dodgers game, and you’ll see plenty of good, decent people that are fans of both teams giving each other a hard time in a good natured way. And there’s NEVER any reason for it to go beyond that.

    2. MAB says:

      Are you kidding me Zurc01 ? ! First , I have not read anywhere that Brian was in a belligerent/drunken state . Secondly , let’s just say he was for argument’s sake do you think he deserved to be put in a colma ? Zurc01, I have been to many Dodgers and Giants games back in the days at Candlestick Park and I have to say I saw at least 5 or 6 fights on the average for each game . Some in the stands and some in the parking lot . We are talking about a few punches thrown here and their . Most of the punches would never land and were broken up either by the security or by the police . No harm done just a bunch of drunken dudes acting like 15 yr olds . In this case it’s totally different . We are talking about a couple of thugs who followed Brian in the parking lot , punched him blind sided thus knocking him to the ground and kicked him in the abdomen area and the head . And after they knocked him unconscious do you know what they did ? They continued kicking him in the head as his lifeless body just laid on the ground . I don’t know about you but for someone to do that you have to have hatred in your heart . And finally your comment ” I am sorry for the family but it is what it is ” is insensitive and without thought . Seriously man ? Peace !

  6. srawberi hill says:

    Sounds to me Zurco01 may have some information for the police. Think so? He is
    also a blooming idiot to think this behavior is okay. Zurco01 and his attitude is one
    of the things that make this behavior so terrible as this is the attitude that causes it.

  7. Ben says:

    Zurco01 needs to get the facts straight before he/she lets stupid things dribble out of his/her mouth.

  8. RGH says:

    @Zurco01….I forgot to mention that I’m a die hard Dodgers fan, and even if this guy was drunk and acting the idiot (which there has been NO indication that he was), nothing short of him throwing punches at me or acting aggressively towards my kids would justify me laying hands on him. And if it did get to that point, NOTHING would justify a continous beating like he got…those weren’t Dodger fans that beat him, they were plain thugs who were wearing Dodgers gear. I’m sure the vast majority of Dodgers fans feel the same way I do, and we’d love to be able to hand out a little justice to them ourselves. I hope Brian recovers as quickly as possible, and when he does I believe that the Dodgers will extend an invitation for him to come back as a guest of the club, sit in the owner’s box, and treat him like a king for the day.

  9. Rick says:

    What I don’t understand is how the two friends that were with him could run away and let this poor guy get a beating..Some friends…

  10. Jack says:

    This is just the beginning. The more Anchor babies we get, The higher the Crime.

  11. Nate says:

    Get well soon Brian, the Giants are playing good ball and we all want you back in the stands with your family!

  12. Mike says:

    Was a 35-year season ticket holder with The Dodgers until 3 years ago—left strictly due to the McCourt arrogance, pretentiousness and ineptness. Now the divorce, potential take-over and the very sad Brian Stow incident. A PALL hangs over Dodger Stadium (went there for a company event Saturday and the KARMA was very bad) ! Find and convict the THUGS, lock them up for 25 years, get rid of McCourt after he fails to make the May 31st Payroll……and bring back a passion for the national past-time to LA.

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