The man who unknowingly exposed a former police officer who allegedly lied about dozens of DUI arrests said he has no sympathy for the suspect, but feels bad for honest officers still on the street who have to deal with the fallout.

When Khiry Moore called police in January 2010, he said he had no idea the man who flashed a gun at him would turn out to be Sacramento Police Officer Brandon Mullock.

Police said Mullock, who was off duty, brandished his gun after Moore stepped between two arguing men.

“He was bragging, ‘I showed that n-word,’” Moore said.

The incident sparked an investigation that grew much wider in scope than anticipated.

More than a year later, Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully announced that Mullock was arrested on 34 counts of perjury and filing false reports, leading to the dismissal of 79 cases the former officer was involved in. If found guilty, Mullock faces more than 24 years in prison.

After reviewing dashboard camera video, Scully said Mullock lied about everything from what suspects were wearing to how they performed in field tests.

“He sacrificed the safety of our community, because these people were guilty,” Scully said.

A motive for the allegedly falsified reports has not been determined.

Moore said he’s glad Mullock is no longer employed in law enforcement but said he fears the allegations could unfairly taint other officers.

“That’s not right for all the other officers that are doing their jobs and have taken that oath and live by it day by day,” Moore said.

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  1. ser says:

    Just a correction, Mr. Mullock was realeased on a $80,000.00 bail not a $8,000.00 as mentioned on your program.

  2. Robin says:

    I don’t condone what this officer did, but don’t judge him too harshly.

    Being in law enforcement is so very hard. Academies and agencies alike focus on officers surviving the streets, but there is absolutely NO training on how to live life off-duty. They’re in a war zone every day and have no tools to help them “come down” from that heightened state of survival. The stress takes its toll.

    Although most officers survive this occupation, the suicide rate for law enforcement is very high – and not reported. The only thing that is reported are the bad behaviors that are, in the end, attributed to this very stressful career. It’s a nasty 600 pound purple gorilla that no one wants to discuss. And now with the added stress of budget cuts, and the legislators attacking their pensions due to the uninformed public’s anti-public union sentiment, we’re going to read more stories like this. We are creating a world of “us against them” for our law enforcement officers.

    I have family and friends that have been or are still in law enforcement. I know what I’m talking about. They all survived, or are surviving, but it’s left its scars.

    1. Hello says:

      Robin, you are pathetic, you are actually defending this guy? You of all people, being in lawenforcment, should be appalled at the behavieor of a fellow officer, it is people such as this (a very small number), that give law enforcement officer a bad name. How does lying in police reports ralated to the stress of the job?

      1. JHM says:

        Take a look at the affidavid supporting the arrest warrant on the DA’s web site. It includes a detailed comparison of the police person’s police reports and the video for 24 cases. You will notice that their were supervisors present at some of these stops while they were being conducted in a manner much diffrent than the departments standard protocol (“standard orders”) for DUI stops. Yet when the stops are written up they need to show that standard protocl was followed.

        While this particular the police person, Mullock, went way beyond the seim-fiction you might typically expect to find in a police report, the problem nevertheless appears to be a systemic one which supervisors accepted and knew about.

    2. You really suck copper says:

      Robin, your comment is indicative of one of the biggest problems within law enforcement.
      The so called brotherhood whereas law enforcement will defend and make excuses for other law enforcement regardless of the crime committed.
      This is a major reason the respect us taxpayers, you know, the same people that not only pay your bloated salary, benefits and retirement; the ones you swore to serve and protect, is waning.
      Mullock was a power tripping punk plain and simple.
      There is no defending this little punks action.
      To attempt to do so makes you as bad as him.

    3. JHM says:

      It is just possible that the high suicide rate for police persons has to do with charasitcs of the people attracted to work in a modern police department. Even the reported portion of the suicide rate is high–and it is reasonable to assume, since police suicides are investigated by police, that many are misclassified. However, that high rate of suicide may be due to the high frequency of mental problems among those seeking and selected for police careers.

      This particular police person’s legal troubles, seem to have more to do with carelessness than anything. He forgot that the video files were archived. The semi-fiction that he wrote in his reports is illegal, and a crime, and should be vigerously prosecuted. However,such semi-fiction is also fairly typical of police reports.

      There is a good deal to dislike about police unions, which doesn’t apply to normal unions.

      The high cost of police compensation including salary, extra payments, and benifits IS much of the cause of the financial problems of our cities.

      The concept of “us against them (the pubic) is very much a part of the culture of modern police departments, and as you probably noticed is even instilled in police training.

  3. tired of the trash says:

    Maybe they need to check out Robin record i’m sure they will find some dirt there also. I’m sorry but law enforment are not better then street gang members, the only difference is they carry a badge. And they have our dirt justice system to back them up. Law enforcement has shown the public that they are murderws, rapist, drug deals, thefts and the list goes on. Oh my doesn’t that sound alot like these street gang.

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