Alleged Victim Applauds Arrest Of Former Cop

The man who unknowingly exposed a former police officer who allegedly lied about dozens of DUI arrests said he has no sympathy for the suspect, but feels bad for honest officers still on the street who have to deal with the fallout.

When Khiry Moore called police in January 2010, he said he had no idea the man who flashed a gun at him would turn out to be Sacramento Police Officer Brandon Mullock.

Police said Mullock, who was off duty, brandished his gun after Moore stepped between two arguing men.

“He was bragging, ‘I showed that n-word,’” Moore said.

The incident sparked an investigation that grew much wider in scope than anticipated.

More than a year later, Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully announced that Mullock was arrested on 34 counts of perjury and filing false reports, leading to the dismissal of 79 cases the former officer was involved in. If found guilty, Mullock faces more than 24 years in prison.

After reviewing dashboard camera video, Scully said Mullock lied about everything from what suspects were wearing to how they performed in field tests.

“He sacrificed the safety of our community, because these people were guilty,” Scully said.

A motive for the allegedly falsified reports has not been determined.

Moore said he’s glad Mullock is no longer employed in law enforcement but said he fears the allegations could unfairly taint other officers.

“That’s not right for all the other officers that are doing their jobs and have taken that oath and live by it day by day,” Moore said.


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