SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — With budget cuts threatening to force the shutdown of 70 California state parks, the state Assembly has unanimously approved legislation making it easier for nonprofit groups to take over operations at some parks.

   The bill, AB42, passed 67-0 Thursday with little debate and was sent to the Senate.

   The author, Democratic Assemblyman Jared Huffman of San Rafael, said the measure might not be a complete solution to keeping parks open, but it could help.

   State parks officials last week announced that $33 million in budget cuts passed by the Legislature in March would force it to close 70 of California’s 278 parks, beaches and historic areas around the state as of July 2012. They said they would seek partnerships to keep some open.

   (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (5)
  1. Jamie says:

    Oh, that’s just great….NOT!…….the non-profit crooks are going to tun the parks…..just one more way for them to launder $$$……..

  2. jeffreyd says:

    welcome to the corporatocray!

  3. Sick of S. Sac says:

    Your alternative?

  4. Carmichael Craig says:

    OK…. I start a nonprofit to run a park and pay myself $500,000 as directer… Ya that works…..

  5. sierra says:

    I can see it now: McDonald City, formerly known as Old Sacramento. . . .

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