LOS ANGELES (AP) — With everyone talking about former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s out-of-wedlock child, the politician abruptly put his Hollywood comeback on hold to sort out his personal life and perhaps prepare for a starring role in a big-budget divorce battle.

The former “Terminator” star, who earlier this week acknowledged fathering a child with his family’s longtime housekeeper, told his talent agency Thursday to postpone all his movie projects.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines,” a statement from his office said.

When Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, separated earlier this month, neither was talking divorce. That may have changed, however, after he revealed Monday that he fathered a now 13-year-old son with the family housekeeper and never told his wife until this year.

People magazine reported this week that Shriver has retained prominent Los Angeles divorce attorney Laura Wasser. If the Kennedy heiress and former network TV anchor goes ahead with a divorce, several prominent attorneys say, she is likely to cash in big.

“It seems to me that he has gratuitously embarrassed her. This should greatly enhance settlement negotiations,” said Atlanta attorney John Mayoue, who has represented Chris Rock in a paternity suit, baseball star David Justice in his split with actress Halle Berry, and other celebrities.

Although California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning her husband’s action technically can’t be used against him in court, the reality, attorneys say, is that it will be.

“Every judge would know about what happened, and I think would hold it against him,” said attorney Robert Nachshin, who has represented the ex-wives of a who’s who of entertainers that includes Will Smith, Rod Stewart and John Ritter. “Judges are human beings, and Maria will definitely be the sympathetic spouse.”

Based on his experience, Nachshin said, Shriver should expect to receive at least $100,000 a month in spousal support and, with two children under the age of 18, thousands more a month in child support.

Then there’s the division of the couple’s property, including the Brentwood mansion that Shriver and her children moved from earlier this year.

Nachshin said that could be affected by a prenuptial agreement, if the couple signed one when they were married in 1986. Many such agreements call for people to keep what would otherwise be joint assets separate after marriage.

Although the scandal has gained worldwide attention, the attorneys said the most surprising thing about it is that the public found out.

“In my experience what Arnold did is not unusual,” said Nachshin, who has represented several clients he said hid the existence of children from their wives and others. Mayoue said separately that it’s not surprising for celebrities to have such secrets the public never knows of.

In retaining Wasser, Shriver is turning to an attorney whose specialty is keeping details of celebrity splits secret, and Nachshin said that’s what Schwarzenegger should strive to achieve. He suggested that if the former governor is smart, he would seek to have divorce proceedings handled privately by a retired family law judge, keep his mouth shut in public and tell the truth in court.

“Because courts go crazy if people lie,” he said.

Celebrity divorces have become a specialty of retired judges because they can be conducted in private, although the final resolution must, like any other divorce, be made public.

In the past, celebrities and the wealthy have gone to great lengths to keep the details of their divorces private, with mixed results.

Billionaire supermarket mogul Ron Burkle tried unsuccessfully to keep secret 1,200 pages of his divorce transcript, including allegations that he told his daughter he had videotapes of her mother having sex with a boyfriend.

In allowing the documents to be unsealed, the California Supreme Court struck down a law that would have kept them from the public. Ironically, the law was signed by Schwarzenegger.

If there is one area where the former governor may prevail, attorneys and other experts say, it would be in getting out of paying a substantial sum to either the 13-year-old boy or his mother.

The woman, who has been identified as Mildred Patricia Baena of Bakersfield by The New York Times and other media, has vanished since her name became public Wednesday. The Associated Press has not independently verified that she is the mother of Schwarzenegger’s child.

Schwarzenegger’s office has declined to discuss whether Baena is the boy’s mother.

On her son’s birth certificate, Baena listed her ex-husband as the boy’s father and there’s no evidence that has ever been contested.

The time limit for her ex-husband to challenge paternity has long since passed, so it could never be legally established that Schwarzenegger is the father, said Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers & Children.

McCormick previously assisted a man who tried unsuccessfully to get the courts to halt his child support payments to his ex-wife after DNA tests showed the woman’s daughter actually was fathered by comedian Sam Kinison.

“From a legal perspective, Arnold Schwarzenegger had nothing to do with the creation of this child,” McCormick said.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (28)
  1. Don says:

    Perhaps a new life in Austria is in order?

  2. Laura M. Rebelo says:

    He is more worried with his personal life than the problems he caused in California.

    1. Sadie says:

      Ahem…………wouldn’t your personal life be priority #1?

  3. Skinner says:

    He could star in the TV show, “CHEATERS”. He cheated his wife and the citizens of California.

  4. Ha, Ha, Ha.......... says:

    I am so sorry…. I just can not stop laughing…. I know, it’s not funny, but I am enjoying this.

    I used to like all these people and they all let me and countless others down….

    Tiger, Mel, Arnold, just to name a few…. It just strikes me funny that these people and others who are in the limelight, are just fooling us… Putting on a Show… Living a total Lie….. And they are all real B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S.

    Look at old, and I do mean OLD, Charlie Sheen, or Chuck, as I prefer to call him. Look at his stupid stunts… Never liked him anyway, but, was glad to see him fall, none the less…. And Bald ole Trump-et Boy. Not his real hair. What a piece of work that one is… And the Eye of Newt, Pig of a man, had 4 different affairs while married and now the joker wants to be President??? Now, that one is a joke… Way to funny…

    Now, Arnolds son wants to change his last name??? Like that will change who you are…… You will still be Arnolds son….. Hey, party down…. You have a Little Brother….. Yep, a real life Blood Brother…. Your Daddy Made him…. Enjoy it…. I bet you can get a new car and a mini mansion for this one… Just play your cards right….

    Maria, needs to take the slob for every bit of that $200 million that he is supposed to be worth….

    The Bigger they are, the Harder they Fall…..

    No more fans for old Arnold….. No one will watch these losers ever again….

    You all just got way to big for your britches, and some of you have burned your bridges…..

    I am just laughing at how stupid you all are…. You all had everything…. And now look at yourselves…. You are all nothing… Lower than the lowest creature that slithers around in the muck and puke of other slugs…..

    Enjoy your new lives……………..

    1. Philip Mancini says:

      Next time, try not to hold back so much.

    2. Nancy says:

      Yes, people in the world, whether they are sports figures or politicians, are going to disappoint us. They are not imperfect. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and it is sad we feel we have the right to take people down when their weaknesses come to light. It’s actually more our fault for putting them on the pedestals in the first place.

      1. libbie says:

        I guess u meant not perfect. The guy is a slug,
        He did this to himself,..
        No excuses for Philandering – Doesn’t he remember his marriage vows?
        Not only did he ruin himself, but he ruined the life of Maria and their legitimate children..

    3. Mike Carpino says:

      ditto ditto ditto! We agree 100%

    4. sharpone says:

      1. Please learn when to use “too”. 2. You are too sick for laughing. He delivered less than you expected. Hope you don’t get caught too.

    5. Mike Carpino says:

      I agree totally although try to be more succinct.

  5. Libbie says:

    Should have put his Philandering on hold as well….
    Bad as a Governor of this beautiful state, bad actor, bad husband, bad dad.
    All bad Arnold……….

  6. Louie says:

    Who cares? I would be very happy to never hear his name or anything about him.

  7. camore says:

    I would think that he would think twice about anyone going to see any of his movies. If this cheating scandal had not surfaced, even though he was a lousy governor, maybe he may have drawn an audience. But with this problem, anyone who would waste money on him has got to be a die-hard fan.

  8. Kado says:

    You might wanna keep a day job. Especially after Maria and arno da third get ahold of da wallet it’s go be curtains. Sad though I like Arnold and maria but she deserves better

  9. YoYo says:

    It looks like any number of things in Arnold’s life are suddenly getting Terminated. Bet he now wishes he’d Terminated a few other things years ago.

  10. Kathy says:

    MORE “MISTRESSES” ARE COMING OUT !!!!! Better keep hiding Arnie. “THE INTERNET” says 13 so far have come out, but “news stations” are only talking of the 1 woman and her son. iIt’s all pouring out and if Maria does not divorce this man, she is one dumb woman !!!

  11. laurie209 says:

    He should have thought about his personal life before he created so much heartache for others involved.

  12. cg says:

    Your political (cough) career is over. You dont have the same standards as a action star, just as a person, but anyway, just get back to the movie bit, america loves sex and action…right?

  13. Joshua K. Dibbley says:

    I still want to know if Fabian Nunez knew about this love child, and how many other people got stuff from the “Govenator” becasue they knew what secrets to keep. I think his whole time in office should be examined with a fine tooth comb. A secret of this magnitude would certainly come with a price. Just how much of that price was footed by California tax payers?

  14. Asian says:

    Hey people, give some compassion to this man, he is a muscle guy. He has a lot of energy to burn. It is no surprise he fooled around a bit. But he is much better than Tiger Wood treated women like toys. He felt for this woman stayed and loyalt to his family. If she approached him constantly, I guessed it was hard for him to reject. But he shown up as responsible man he care for this son and bought house for this woman. I think this guy has a heart too. I know it is hard for Maria and family at this time. As a guy myself, I think Maria needs to think through his physical and treat him as a man, husband, and a special man. So, he should be understood. I am not saying cheating is right. Sometimes, situation makes people confuse and go out of line. I can totally understand all the angle.

    1. Mike Carpino says:

      are you one of his gay fans???

  15. Mike Carpino says:

    He was a disaster as governor of California, a failure and letdown as parent and husband and let us not forget timing of the Time magazine expose’ just b4 he ran for Governor to entice the female gay vote. In closing this digusting chapter on this creep he also preyed on gay men with his thousands of layouts in gay magazine as a bodybuilder. which by the way is a gleaming example of the law of diminishing returns ie; large muscles/ small brain missing a morality chip.

  16. Bill says:

    Arnold has been bashed alot and he had it coming. We seem to always blame the man for something like this but there was two people in this little going on and the lady never gets blamed. Some said if he kept his zipper up this wouln’t happen, true but if she kept her legs crossed it would not of happen either. It is over let it go and get on with something else. Please

    1. Mike Carpino says:

      It may take two but one can say no and Arnold did’nt do that.

  17. Judith Schaefer says:

    what you are missing is this. It’s morally wrong. Arnie and Many other ‘famous men are doing this.’ But what about the women who know the men are married and still do this?

    I have a feeling there’s more to this than we are seeing. I feel extortion and blackmail, as today, I heard the ‘love child’ housekeeper’s family is also being paid by Arnie.

    When you cast the stone at Arnie??? go ahead and throw a trash truck full of rocks at the woman in the controversy and her family too.

    As for California, what can you do with a legislative that is run by the democrats and the unions?


  18. The Blogger says:

    What was he thinking? The maid? Are you kidding me?

    Perhaps if prostitution was licensed, legal & taxed in California, none of this would have happened.

    Instead, he has destroyed the lives of his wife & children…..

    Google: Sacramento Blog Uncut


  19. JMHO55 says:

    He acted throughout that affair. He needs a break!

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