STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) — Rescue crews are searching for the bodies of two victims who are believed to have drowned during a family gathering Saturday.

Authorities said a 3-year-old boy wandered into the San Joaquin River near Roberts Road and Howard Road and was swept away by the swift currents.

Another man, reportedly a relative of the boy, jumped into the water and was also swept away.

Emergency personnel searched for the two victims but were unable to locate them Saturday night. The search will resume Sunday morning.

The identities of the victims have not been released.

Comments (7)
  1. camore says:

    How horrible to hear of something so tragic. Out for a day of fun and this happens. My thoughts are with the family.

  2. Codi Preston says:

    Poor little boy!!! And the relative jumping in and getting swept away by the current
    is all too sad too!! 3 year olds have been known to get themselves into dangerous
    situations quickly. The relative just did what anyone who loved the child would
    do. Bless their souls and hopefully the 3 year old and the relative that attempted
    to rescue him will meet each other in Heaven. What a tragic story!!


  3. Sherry says:

    Anyone would have jumped in with-out a thought. So sorry for your lost my heart goes out to the whole family. I will put you in my prays.

  4. CANY says:

    Heart breaking story! What apparently should of been a fun outing, will forever be a living nightmare for this poor family. I’m sure the relative who jumped in after the child, was probably a good swimmer. But the water is still running very cold and it was sunny today, so a warm body in chilly water equals disaster. This would cause a persons whole body to cramp. So tragic !!! Parents, please always put a life vest on your children, It only takes a blink of an eye or a split second, for a small child to get in trouble! At that age they’re very curious and innocent to dangerous situations!! My prayers and condolences to this family. CANY

  5. E says:

    too bad they left the kid unattended. 3 yrs old, they know he can’t swim. Water is high and cold from snow melt, the parents should be arrested for negligence.

  6. kanakasue says:

    Even seasoned boaters and fishermen know about this river’s dangers. Please people, put lifejackets on when recreating at any river.

  7. blah says:

    water and kids are not match…keep kids away from any kind of water big or small just keep them way before is too late..My heart goes the the family that lost a family member..

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