AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) – A student has been stabbed at an Amador County high school and was flown to an area hospital for treatment, according to school officials.

Officials at Amador High School in Sutter Creek say there was an incident on campus this morning involving a knife. One student,  a 16-year-old male, was stabbed.  The teen was taken by helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center with a stab wound to the stomach.

The fight took place between a 16-year-old and 17-year-old who apparently had a long time fued.  The fight escalated today when the older teen brought a small knife to school and stabbed the 16-year-old.

The suspect was taken to Sutter Amador Hospital just to be checked.  He was then taken to Amador County Probation and booked on assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a knife and battery on school grounds. 

The victim’s condition is not known.

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  1. D.Arky says:

    Kids,knives,schools + a victim….doing the math it sounds like a bully incident.

    1. Jay says:

      This was more than likely a drug/gang incident. Bullys are notorious for beating up weaker kids…NOT ASSAULTING THEM WITH A DEADLY WEAPON!

      Bullying is not attempted homicide.

      No…not a bully. Bullys will usually flush the hair of their victim down the toilet, or trip some poor kid in the chow hall line. Bullys like to hurt people to make themselves feel better.

      They typically don’t kill fellow students.

      1. D.Arky says:

        Jay I was referring the the person who got “stabbed” the as in the “bully”…I know it’s hard to follow something that simple but that’s as easy as i can dumb it down for you. Bully stabbed by bullied…got it?

    2. sharpone says:

      The bullied fight back?

      1. Jay says:

        Not unless the bullied was the one who couldn’t produce the dope or was the rival gang member who couldn’t shut his mouth and instigated the entire fight…

        You choose.


    I hope Amador county sheriffs take this very seriously! I moved back to Galt 1 year ago, and this stuff is let go far too often. Children are bullied non-stop, so much so that they are in therapy for suicidal issues all over town! We want our kids out of there asap and we are looking to go back to Amador county asap because we thought they were safer there! But if tis is going to become a problem, I may think twice..

    1. todd says:

      Am,ador County doesn’t need anymore of you transplants….that’s where most of the problems come from

  3. Jay says:

    Hmmmm…a murder at the Days Inn, now a school stabbing??? Sutter Creek PD must have their hands full. Wish there were more details…suspect? weapon found? condition of “victim”? Hmmmmmm…a lot to ponder…

  4. sanitywillprevail says:

    Your speculations are all very amusing, especially in light of them being made with NOTHING to support them. Maybe you should wait for actual facts before weighing in with your imaginative theories.

    1. Peanut says:

      the problem is, we will never get the facts. News stories are never about the facts anymore, its all about which outlet can create the most creative headline. We rarely get the follow up with the facts.

      1. sanitywillprevail says:

        I’m just tired of people making outrageous statemets with noting but active imaginations to back them up. There are facts, a young man was injured, with a knife. due to a standing disagreement. He was flown to UCD Med Center. A suspect was arrested and booked on several charges. Nothing about gangs or drugs or bullies. If anything, an argument for poor parenting skills, or for children with poor coping skills could be made. I pray the injured will make a full recovery and the cause for the dissention will be brought to an end.

    2. Jay says:

      Nah…I like my fantasy world where truth seems to always prevail. Thanks though!

  5. phill says:

    I guess our politicians should pass a bill for knife control. obviously we need control measures to prevent this from happening. maybe a license to carry a concealed knife or an open carry permit for the knife.

  6. ME says:

    Ya that will solve things.. why not just give all the kids CWP DUMB ASS!!!!!

  7. brainsurgeon says:

    i have a hard time trying to figure out why we need the police force anymore you all have it figured out way before they release any thing to the public. ill sleep better knowing theres so many people on here that know so much, thanks

  8. nottobeknown says:

    this wasnt i gang incident i go to amador high school the kid who got stabbed was way bigger then leo leo stabbed him cause he was loosing the fight.. no gang realated things just another stupid fight!!

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